Sister's Horny Dog

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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

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Chapter 11

After the thrilling three-way fuck with their dog, Babs and Madge took
another nap, a briefer one this time. A short time later, the ringing
of the telephone awakened Madge. When she answered it, she was
delighted to discover that the caller was a boy she had had a crush on
for a long time. He asked Madge out and she eagerly accepted. She
showered and dressed and left a note for her sister, seeing that Babs
and Jake were still asleep, side by side.

When Babs and Jake awoke later, the young girl read her sister's note.
Then she turned and grinned at her pet.

"Well, I guess it's just you and me now, Jake! Think we can handle it?"
Babs said teasingly, eyeing the dog's hard-on.

Jake barked and thumped his hard-on against the bed.

"Not to worry, Jake. Babs will take good care of you," Babs said
softly, scrambling up onto her knees.

The dog was on his side, and now Babs reached for his massive cock. It
was long and thick and hard. The naked youngster grabbed it, curling
her fingers around the fat, furry base.

Babs' hot little tongue flashed out, hungry and wet, lashing at the
sensitive head of the dog-cock.

Jake panted. He stared up at his mistress with lust-glazed eyes as her
pink tongue swirled around the swelling, purplish head of his prick.

Babs moaned happily. She used her tongue to coat every bit of his
bulbous cock-head with her hot saliva. She licked him over and over,
feeling his prick growing in her fist, pushing her fingers wider and
wider apart. His dog-cock grew longer and more swollen, throbbing
lustily in her hand.

Jake's entire body shuddered with bestial ecstasy.

The young girl saw thick globs of dog-cum oozing from his twitching
piss-slit, and she went for them hungrily. She lapped them up with her
tongue, gobbling them down greedily. She drooled all over his taut
prick-head as she swallowed his creamy spunk.

She glanced down at her pet and saw his nostrils flaring and his eyes
hot and glassy with excitement. She opened her pink lips very wide now,
and started moving them down around the gigantic purple knob of cock-
meat. Her lips were stretched by the dog's huge cock. She inched more
of his cock inside, and Jake gave a powerful shudder.

Babs stuffed about half of the dog's cock into her horny mouth. Then
she drew her cheeks inward and started sucking. It made an obscene wet
sound that echoed through the room.

Jake's eyes rolled back and then closed. He slumped back against the
bed and panted hard. His cock throbbed wantonly on his mistress'

Babs could tell that she had her pet right where she wanted him, half
out of his mind with horniness and ready to try anything she wanted.
She sucked sensuously on his wildly pulsating prick, arousing the
German Shepherd to a fever pitch. She sucked the delicious pre-cum out
of his piss-hole and swallowed it with a greedy groan. She felt, as
usual, as if she could go on sucking his dog-cock all day.

As Jake whimpered and writhed beneath her, Babs sucked his cock faster,
more greedily, drawing the delicious pre-cum from his prick-head and
gobbling it down.

Babs groaned, going into high gear now. She sucked his dog-cock fast
and hard, pumping her little fist up and down his violently throbbing
cock-shaft. She knew that her dog was close to coming, and she drooled
over his cock-meat as she anticipated a whole steaming mouthful of his
thick jism.

Her little pussy twitched and jerked wildly, spurring her on. She gave
a long hard suck on Jake's cock.

The animal yelped and began to come.

Babs gurgled blissfully as the dog pumped her mouth full of his thick,
tasty cum. She let his cum collect in her mouth, savoring it, until her
cheeks threatened to burst. Then she gulped it down eagerly as the
animal sank back against the bed.

"I made you come, boy. Now it's my turn to come."

She stretched out on her back, bent her knees, and opened her thighs
wide, showing Jake the moist pinkness of her pussy. She shivered with
erotic excitement.

Jake sprang to his feet at the sight of her naked, exposed cunt. He
scooted between her spread thighs.

"Ahhh, yesss!" Babs sighed when she felt her dog's hot breath on her
pulsing pussy-slit.

She dug her fingertips into the bed-clothes as she felt the dog's nose
prodding the lips of her pussy open more, exposing the juicy red bud of
her clit.

Jake's head dipped down.

"Ohhhhh, yessss!" Babs hissed as she felt the electric contact of her
dog's tongue on her sensitive clit.

Jake flicked his tongue over the girl's clit, giving her little stabs
of pleasure.

"Ohhh, that feels soooo good, boy!" she groaned. "Keep doing that to
me, Jake, yes, just like that, don't stop, don't ever stop licking my
clit like that!"

She kept her legs wide open, offering the dog her entire creamy slit.
Jake swirled his tough tongue over every bit of her exposed cunt-meat.
But he always returned to Babs' clit, more than any other part of her
pussy. He lashed her stiff clit with his wet tongue, bringing the
blonde teen closer to orgasm.

Babs moaned, her young face twisted into a grimace of lust. She clawed
at the bed with her fingertips.

The German Shepherd was bringing her swiftly toward orgasm. Greedily,
she tried to prolong the pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, that feels sooo fuckin' good, lover!" she howled hornily. "I
just love it!"

She honestly didn't believe that the feelings her dog's tongue was
giving her could possibly get any better, but they did. Jake tongue-
lashed her super-sensitive clit until she was whimpering incessantly,
on the very brink of orgasm.

Then, just as she was about to come, the dog took his tongue off her
clit, trailing his wet tongue deeper between her legs, probing into the
very depths of her pussy.

"Ohhhhh God, Jake, you're driving me crazy!" she moaned, her voice
hoarse with sexual excitement.

The dog glided his tongue inside her cunt, stuffing the starved little
cunt with his juicy hot meat.

"Aieeeee!" Babs screamed in ecstasy, her body almost flying off the
bed. "Yessss, fuck me with your tongue, boy! Fuck me hard until come!"

The big dog hammered his tongue into his mistress' slick cunt, fucking
her with it.

"Ohhhh, unnhhh!" Babs whimpered. "Aaarghh, that's it, boy, that's it,
you're making me come now!"

Jake continued to tongue-fuck her through her wracking orgasm. She came
powerfully, soaking her dog's furry face with cunt-juice. Long moments
later, she flopped back, sighing.

Jake raised his juice-smeared snout from his mistress' pussy and licked
all of the delicious cum from his mouth.

Babs scrambled up onto her hands and knees, wriggling her ass before
the panting German Shepherd.

"Time to fuck me now, Jake! Fuck me haaaard!"

Jake moved up behind her. Then he leaped up, planting his furry
forepaws on her shoulders. Babs grinned and rubbed her naked ass
against the animal's stiff cock. She could feel his hot, sticky pre-cum
smearing her ass.

With a horny cry, she reached back, grabbing his dog-cock, and stuck it
between her legs. She glanced down and groaned when she saw the swollen
purple head peeking out under her golden cunt-bush. Still groaning, she
rubbed her creamy pussy back and forth over his prick-flesh.

Jake's eyes glazed over as he felt his mistress' cunt creaming heavily
against his throbbing cock. He drew back a little, popping the engorged
head of his cock into her cunt-hole.

"Yessss, Jake," Babs gurgled, "get into me, lover! Give me every single
inch of your hard cock!"

The animal fucked his prick slowly into her from behind. Babs kept her
thighs parted widely, glancing down to see his fat cock entering her.

The German Shepherd's fat cock spread the girl's golden-furred pussy-
lips wide, then sank steadily into her steaming depths. His thick prick
forced out her cunt-juice, and the wet liquid trickled down her thighs.

"Yeah! Gimme all of it!"

Her features were twisting into a lusty grimace. Her large nipples
hardened into long, stiff nubs as her arousal grew. At last she felt
the head of her pet's prick butting up against the back wall of her
pussy, and more cunt-juice ran down her inner thighs.

"Ohhhhh, yesss, Jake! You're all the way inside me now! I love it!"

Jake growled. He started pistoning his cock in her boiling pussy. Babs
lowered her head as much as possible and looked beneath her body. It
gave her a special lewd thrill to watch herself being fucked. Her eyes
were focused eagerly on the animal's pistoning prick.

"Ahhhhhh, Yesss, Yesss, for God's sake, keep fucking me, Jake! Hard!

The German Shepherd was just as savagely aroused as his mistress. He
plowed his rock-hard cock deep into her sizzling pussy. As his
excitement mounted, Jake fucked into Babs' cunt faster and harder. Her
body shook from the hard blows. And her big tits wobbled and bounced
below her chest.

"Ohhhhh, this is too much! I'm gonna come soon!"

She squeezed the dog's cock hard with her pussy-muscles. The animal
fucked into her even deeper. The teenager's tits were shaking lewdly.
Hot cunt-juice poured down her thighs.

"Ohhhhh, fuck it to me, lover! Make me come! Your big dog-cock feels
soooo fuckin' good in my pussy, Jake!"

Babs knew that she was about to come. She could feel Jake's cock
jerking about wildly inside her pussy, and she knew he was going to
come too. She wanted them to come together.

Sensing that Jake was just a little bit ahead of her, she lowered one
hand between her legs. She found her clit at once, took it between her
fingers, and squeezed it.

Babs moaned, feeling little sparks of pleasure from her clit. She
moaned again, her eyes rolling as she hurtled toward orgasm along with
her dog. But she kept her eyes open so she could look down between her
legs and watch her dog and herself as they came together.

She didn't have long to wait. But to her surprise, she began to come
before Jake. The double stimulation of her cunt and clit caused a
gigantic orgasm to crash through her. Hard spasms of erotic pleasure
shook her body violently. Thick cunt-juice spurted out around Jake's
plowing prick.

"You're making me come! I'm coming hard, Jake!" she gasped. "Unngghhhh,
it feels sooo damn good!"

The German Shepherd howled when he felt the girl's pussy shuddering in
orgasm against his prick. He hammered his prick all the way into her
and unloaded.

"Ohhhh, yesss!" Babs whimpered as she felt the dog's cum overflowing
from her cunt, wetting her thighs.

She looked down between her quivering legs and saw his thick dog-cum
raining down her thighs, wetting the sheets below.

"Ohhhh, it's sooo good, Jake!" she howled.

At about the same time that Babs finished coming, she felt his dog-cock
stop spurting cum into her pussy. She sighed, thinking that this fuck
session was over.

But, as she began to pull forward to slip her pussy off of her pet's
prick, Jake growled savagely and dug his claws into her naked

"Jake! What's gotten into you?" Babs asked in surprise.

But then she felt his cock stirring inside her and she realized that,
even though he had just shot a huge creamy load into her, his dog-prick
was still hard. "You're still hard! You're not finished fucking, are

Jake barked excitedly.

"Okay, boy, if you wanna fuck me some more, I'm all for it! Do it,
Jake! Fuck me again and shoot another load of dog-cum into my pussy!
And you can make me come again too!"

Jake whimpered as his steel-hard prick hammered in and out of the
girl's slippery pussy-flesh. His hugely swollen cock stretched her
pussy-walls wide.

"Unnnhh, yeah, yeah, you're amazing, Jake, really amazing!" the
teenager gurgled with delight. Her cunt-sauce soaked into his rutting

As the horny dog plowed his stiff cock into her, Babs writhed hornily
beneath him, eagerly taking his cock as deeply into her pussy as she
could get it. She was filled with admiration for the lusty animal who
was already fucking her with a rock-hard cock again after shooting so
much cum inside her.

Babs gasped hoarsely as she felt her entire pussy being completely
stuffed with his hard cock-meat.

She tightened her pussy-muscles around his pistoning prick, moaning in
ecstasy all the while. Her pussy was gaping open, fully accessible to
his dog-cock.

"Yes, Jake! Fuck it to me, lover! Fuck me good and hard until we both
come again!"

Jake continued to plow his prick in and out of his mistress' seething
pussy, fucking her harder with each plunge of his cock.

Babs' slender hips jerked back to meet each fuck-stroke. The animal was
fucking her so hard now that her entire body shuddered with the violent
impact. She loved the way her dog was fucking her. She felt his prick-
shaft rubbing against her clit as he fucked into her.

"Ohhh, shit, it feels sooo delicious!"

Jake panted as he continued to plunge the full length of his hard prick
in and out of the girl's juice-filled cunt-hole.

Suddenly, Babs rose up, lifting the upper half of her body from the
bed. She let her head loll back, but kept her body arched up against
Jake's. She felt lewd blasts of erotic pleasure in her cunt, and her
clit trembled violently.

She saw her pet's big head hovering over her shoulder. With a little
moan, Babs turned her head and met the animal's lust-filled gaze.

"Kiss me, Jake!" she panted, sticking her tongue out. The dog whined
and licked his mistress' tongue with his own.

Babs moaned with pleasure. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth
when their bestial kiss ended. She felt Jake's doggy claws digging
hornily into her shoulders and she quivered with excitement. She could
feel the furry underside of the German Shepherd's body press harder
against her back.

"Unghhh, you're making me feel so horny! So good! Keep it up, Jake!
Keep fucking my little pussy for meeeee!"

Her cunt threw out more cunt-juice as the dog fucked her harder and

"Yeah, that's it, Jake! Fuck me harder! I'm almost there! Fuck me soooo
haaard!" the teenager whimpered.

The German Shepherd fucked the girl faster and harder now. His prick
slid in and out of Babs' pussy-hole with violence.

"I love it! I love it! More! More! Keep fucking me hard!"

As the randy animal continued to fuck her hard, just the way she loved
it, Babs clasped his prick-meat with her strong pussy-muscles, holding
it tightly against her tensed cunt-walls.

The dog was fucking his mistress with lightning speed. His cock blurred
as it raced in and out of the depths of the teenager's squeezing pussy-
hole. Each time his big cock slid into her, Babs felt it rubbing
deliciously over her clit.

"Aieee! That's great! I'm gonna come in a minute, Jake! I want you to
come with meeee!" the youngster whimpered hornily, feeling the very
beginnings of a powerful orgasm.

She closed her eyes and thrust her ass back hard to meet Jake's dog-

"Yessss! This is it! I'm commmiiinnngg!"

The dog's cock continued to jackhammer into her as she came just
seconds later, the animal exploded an enormous load of dog-cum into her
spasming pussy.

"Unhhhhhh! You did it, Jake! Now we're coming together!"

This was the most and intense orgasm yet. Her entire body responded,
shuddering uncontrollably as more and more dog-cum splashed into the
depths of her quivering pussy.

"Ohhhh, Jake, I'm glad Madge left us alone! It's you and me from now
on, Jake! You're all I need to be happy! You and your big fat cock!"
Babs shrilled as she came again.

The End
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