Sister's Horny Dog

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Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:49

Sister's Horny Dog

Chapter 1

The beautiful young teenager sprawled wantonly on her bed, her entire
body completely naked. She ran two fingers in and out of her dripping
pussy, moaning with pleasure. Her lust-glazed eyes were fixed on the
handsome German Shepherd who was sitting at the foot of his mistress'
bed, his own eyes riveted on her wet cunt.

"Oooh, you're really turning on now, aren't you, boy?" Babs Nichols
groaned, laughing with delight at the sight of the huge hard-on visibly
throbbing beneath the dog's furry belly.

Babs ran her stiffened fingers in and out of her aching cunt-hole. She
felt hornier than ever before, and the sight of her dog's throbbing
cock only served to inflame her bestial desires.

"Mmmm," Babs moaned as she ran her free hand up over her trim tummy.
She fondled her budding tits, pinching her hard nips.

Her other hand vibrated against her naked cunt as she continued to
plunge her wet fingers in and out of her fuck-hole all the way up to
her cherry. At the same time, she used her thumb to rub her clit.

"Ohhh, Jake," Babs groaned. The dog still sat there watching her with
his tongue lolling out of one side of his saliva-drooling mouth. "I'm
tired of being a virgin! And I love you so much that I want you to be
the one to pop my cherry for me!"

Jake barked excitedly. His prick began to slide out of its furry
sheath, and the aroused animal humped it against the bed.

The young girl had several boyfriends, and any one of them would have
more than welcomed the chance to give Babs her very first fuck. But her
big German Shepherd had been licking the teenager's little pussy for
months now, and he always managed to make her come much harder than any
of her boyfriends could with their own tongues. Babs figured that if
her pet could eat her pussy out much better than any of the boys she
knew, he would also be able to give her a much more exciting fuck than
her boyfriends could.

"Ohhh, this feels so good," Babs moaned. She felt her virginal pussy
sucking and tugging at her fingers. She arched her back as she began to

"Ohhh, Jake, I'm commmiiinnnggg!" she shrieked, more turned on than
ever at the realization that her pet was just as aroused as she was.

As her orgasm swept through her, Babs' pussy released cunt-juice. The
hot girl-cum rained down her quivering thighs.

Jake was whining with excitement as he watched his mistress coming. The
sounds he was making thrilled the young virgin, and her cunt-muscles
clenched hard about her still-fucking fingers.

As her orgasm subsided, Babs stared down between her tits and saw that
her pet's eyes were glazed.

"Ohhhh, Jake, you look so sexy!" Babs gasped as the animal quickly
moved between her splayed thighs. Babs felt the dog's warm breath on
her cunt-mound. Her body trembled with excitement and she tensed.

Sure enough, Jake lowered his head and swirled his long tongue over his
mistress' juicy pussy-lips.

"Yes!" Babs gasped.

The big German Shepherd squatted between the teenager's widely spread
legs. His own strong legs pressed against the insides of her naked
thighs, forcing them even farther apart as he licked her cunt again.

"Ohhh, Jake, you're really turning me on! God, that feels good!"

Jake ran his tongue up and down his mistress swollen pussy-lips,
lapping up the girl-cum that oozed out from between them. The dog
whined with pleasure, and Babs chuckled, knowing from experience how
much her pet loved the taste of her cunt-juice.

Each pussy-lick of her dog's tongue aroused the teenager more, and she
writhed with excitement beneath his drooling mouth. As always, Babs
adored the feel of his rough tongue scraping against her sensitive

Jake whimpered with doggy lust as he began to lick her pussy harder and
faster. Babs' cunt ached with pleasure and desire as the animal's
tongue swiped up and down the length of her wet cunt-slit.

"Keep licking meeeeee, Jake!" she wailed wantonly. "It feels sooooo
good! You're making me come again! I can feel it!"

The young virgin began to hump her wet crotch up against the animal's
licking tongue. Jake whined with excitement and shoved his muzzle up
inside his mistress' pussy.

"Wow! That feels great! Good doggy!" Babs cried, her voice slurred with
bestial lust.

The sudden penetration of her pussy by her pet's muzzle made her
quiver. She felt as if her dog were fucking her with his face, and she
groaned excitedly at the obscene idea.

Jake's cock grew harder and thicker as he continued to lick the girl's
cunt. He made little growling sounds as he thirstily licked all her

"Ungh, God, yessss, Jake, yessss!" Babs shouted, sensing that a mighty
orgasm was only seconds away.

Jake continued to eat his mistress' horny cunt, just as he had done so
many times before during the last few months. His nose bumped lewdly
against her clit as he shoved his muzzle between her cunt-lips, licking
the raw cunt-meat there.

"Oooh!" Babs cried, little tremors of animalistic pleasure washing
through her loins.

The aroused teenager reached down with both hands and gripped the sides
of the dog's head, pushing him deeper inside her cunt. At the same
time, she thrust her steaming crotch up against him. Each stroke of his
nose over her clit and each lick of his long, rough tongue brought Babs
that much closer to orgasm.

"Ahhh, it feels soooo good, soooo fucking good, Jake!" Babs groaned.

She thought again about how much she loved her pet and how much sexual
pleasure he always managed to give her with his hungry mouth, more
sexual pleasure than any of her boyfriends was able to make her
experience. Babs would let Jake pop her cherry with his fat dog-cock.
She had a strong hunch that she would never regret that decision, and
that the big dog would be able to make her first fuck a memorable one.

Jake whined and wiggled his wet nose deeper into his mistress' pussy.

"Oh, Jake!" Babs groaned, feeling him touching her cherry, nudging it
gently with his nose.

Then she felt his rough tongue playing over the surface of her tightly
stretched hymen.

"Yesss!" she gasped. Her head fell back, her long, golden hair sweeping
over her shoulders and back.

Jake lapped his tongue over the girl's clit. She released her hold on
his head, since the animal was pushing his face as deeply into her cunt
as possible. Babs stretched her arms out to her sides while she eagerly
submitted to her pussy-eating pet.

"You're the best, Jake, the very best!" Babs cried. She raised her
knees and spread her thighs wider, opening up her pussy even more to
the growling dog.

It was clear that the dog was growing wilder and more aroused with each
lick of his mistress' quivering pussy.

Babs moved her hips up and down, humping her crotch up eagerly as she
offered her pussy to her pet's hungry mouth. She felt the bedspread
against her naked ass-cheeks and groaned with excitement.

"Hurry, Jake! Lick me faster! Make me come!" she cried sluttishly,
thrusting her cunt up against his face harder with each upward lunge.

The dog whined. His nose and tongue and mouth were stroking every
single inch of his mistress' aroused cunt.

"Make me come, Jake! I have to come now or I'll go mad!" Babs screamed
hysterically, her face flushing.

Suddenly, Jake's sharp fangs scraped against the girl's clit.

"Yessss! That did it! Commmiiinnnggg!" Babs screeched at the top of her

Her ass bounced frantically against the mattress as she came. Her eyes
rolled back in her head and her fingers clutched the bedspread so
tightly that her knuckles turned absolutely white.

"Ohhhh, you're making me come really haaaaard, Jake!" she cried

Her pussy spasmed in orgasm, her virgin fuck-hole convulsing about the
animal's tongue. She continued to hump her crotch up against the dog's
juice-filled mouth as he kept licking her pussy.

"Coming! Coming! Coming!" she shrieked, moving her hands away from the
bedclothes and digging her fingers into her dog's thick coat of fur.
"Ohhh, keep licking me while I come, Jake!"

Intense orgasmic spasms continued to convulse Babs' cunt as her dog's
tongue licked her clit feverishly. She bucked upward, screaming with

"Awwww, Jake," she wailed in disappointment as the dog suddenly took
his tongue away from her pussy.

But then the animal began to rub the fuzzy sheath of his lust-hardened
cock against her naked thigh.

"Oh, yes!" Babs cried excitedly, staring down at the big throbbing dog-

The young virgin licked her lips with anticipation as she stared at the
German Shepherd's prick. She felt her pussy quivering with renewed
lust, and she realized that the time had come - the time for her to let
Jake pop her cherry.

"I want you to fuck me now, Jake! You get to pop my tight little
cherry! Isn't that great?" Babs squealed.

She scrambled into the classic dog-fucking position, crouching on the
bed on all fours. She wriggled her ass teasingly before her dog's face,
knowing that she was inflaming his bestial lust.

"Come on, Jake, be a good boy and gimme what I need! Fuck me hard,
Jake! Break my cherry for me with your hard fat cock!" Jake whimpered,
his prick throbbing demandingly. His eyes were lewdly fixed on his
mistress' cunt, which was juicily exposed beneath her upturned ass. He
moved forward eagerly now and sniffed at the girl's wet pussy.

"Oooh, Jake, you naughty doggy!" Babs gasped with a little laugh. "I
can feel your breath on my cunt-meat! You're really making me feel
horny! Hurry, Jake! Shove your fat dog-cock into my pussy and fuck the
shit out of me!"

Her pet sprang up and planted his paws over her shoulders. He drove the
full length of his red cock up into her virginal cunt.

"Yeeooowwww! Yesssss! You're popping my cherrrrryyyy!" she screamed,
feeling the dog's prick bursting right through her hymen. "Ohhh, it
hurts like hell! And I love it!"

Jake barked and pulled his prick out of her only to shove it back in,
even deeper this time.

"Yeah! I don't care if it hurts! Fuck meeeee!" Babs shrilled, trembling
all over.

Again, Jake hauled his juice-coated prick out of his mistress' tight
cunt and plunged it back into her. This time, he thrust it so deeply
within her that the bloated tip of his cock struck the back wall of her
cock-starved pussy.

"Ohhhhh God, that's it! That's fantastic! Keep fucking me just like
that, Jake! Haaard!" Babs screeched, feeling more and more pussy-juice
pouring out of her pussy, drenching the dog-cock that was fucking her
so deeply now.

Jake whimpered as he began to fuck the girl in earnest. He fucked her
hard and deep with each plunge while Babs' cunt-muscles squeezed at his
meaty dog-cock, as if reluctant to let it slide out of her juice-soaked

Jake's prick rushed in and out of Babs' cunt, filling her with more
thrilling pleasure than she had ever experienced before. A deep,
animalistic ecstasy filled her loins and she groaned with the sheer
thrill of it as the dog-prick continued to fuck her.

"Ohhh, you're fucking me really good, Jake! I just knew that you were
the man, uh, I mean, the dog for the job! Keep it up, boy! Keep fucking
me until I come!" Babs cried, loving the feel of the animal's hard,
slick cock-shaft spearing in and out of her virgin fuck-hole.

She instinctively began to thrust her ass back to impale her cunt on
the full length of the dog's cock.

"God, this is good! Much better than I'd even dreamed!" Babs gasped,
lifting her little ass up higher to give the horny German Shepherd even
more access to her tight, wet cunt.

Jake panted harshly and whimpered loudly as he fucked his mistress.
Wild bestial sounds filled the girl's bedroom, arousing the teenager
still more. She felt her cunt pouring out more and more cunt-juice,
lubricating her pussy for the lust-bloated prick the animal was ramming
in and out of her.

Her pet's hard, thick cock picked up speed, rapidly fucking in and out
of her. With each inward thrust his dog-cock scraped deliciously
against Babs' bursting clit.

"Yesss!" she cried, shuddering with delight. "Ohhh, God, it feels
great! Keep fucking me like that, Jake! Make me come! Gimme your cum!"

Jake barked and began to fuck his mistress still faster and deeper.
Each time, his cock-head struck the back wall of her pussy. Intense
sensations were building up in Babs' loins, and she knew that she would
come soon. And she also knew that her first cock-caused orgasm would
probably be the biggest and best one of her young life.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she chanted.

Her eyes were unfocused, unseeing. Her mouth gaped open, her tongue
hanging out. There was a red flush covering her body from head to toe.

"Ahhhhh, soooo good!" she sighed, thrusting her ass back toward the
rutting animal as he continued to fuck her hard and fast.

The teenager's nipples ached with lust, and she found herself dragging
them along the rough fabric of the bedspread as she skewered herself on
Jake's dog-cock.

Jake began to pound his prick faster and faster inside Babs' clenching
pussy. The top of his stiff prick smashed down against the girl's clit.
The hard little nub was now twitching violently, about to explode in

"Oh!" Babs suddenly gasped, as if taken by surprise. "I'm coming!
Yessss, I'm commmmmiiinnnggg!"

Girl-cum rushed out of the teenager's cunt as the most thrilling orgasm
of her life coursed through her. Even though Babs had had many, many
orgasms before, this was the very first climax a cock had given her.
And the fact that it was her dog's prick which had made her come just
added a special thrill to the deep pleasure she felt.

Suddenly, she felt Jake's hot cum shooting into her orgasming cunt.

"Yesss! Gimme all your cum, Jake! Fill my little pussy with your hot
jizz!" Babs yelled hysterically, writhing beneath the dog's pounding

The exciting feel of her pet's cum filling her pussy intensified Babs'

"Oh, God, Jake, I'm coming harder now! Keep shooting your spunk into
me, Jake! Shoot it all into my pussy until there isn't one drop left!"

The thick dog-cum completely saturated the girl's orgasming cunt. And
then the hot cum gushed back out of her, spilling lewdly down her

Waves of animalistic ecstasy washed over the young girl as her pet
continued to fuck her deeply with his spurting cock. She felt happier
and more sexually fulfilled than she ever had before in her life. Not
only had she finally had her tight cherry popped, but it was her dog
who had given her her very first fuck.

"Ohhh, yesss, Jake, I was right! I was right to let you be the one to
break my cherry for me!" she wailed.
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Sister's Horny Dog



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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:50

Chapter 2

Madge stood in the doorway of Babs' bedroom, her jaw dropping in shock
as she stared at the obscene sight of her little sister crouched there
with the German Shepherd's prick rushing in and out of her cum-dripping

"My God, Babs!" the older girl cried, moving closer to the bed.

"Madge!" Babs cried in horror as she saw her sister standing there by
the side of the bed.

"Jake! You get out of here right now!" Madge ordered in a no-nonsense
tone of voice.

Jake quickly slid his drained cock out of his mistress' cunt and jumped
down from the bed. His ears were low as he slunk out of the door, as if
afraid of being punished.

Babs turned around and sat down on the bed, facing her sister. She took
a deep breath, deciding that she would just have to face the music.

"Okay, Sis," she said, spreading her legs wide and letting Jake's dog-
cum run out from her fucked-out cunt. "You've caught me in the act. I
was fucking Jake. He popped my cherry for me. He was my first lover!"

But Madge just stood there, continuing to stare at her sister's cum-
filled cunt.

"Okay, look," Babs said, sighing again. "You just chased Jake outta
here 'cause you got all pissed off when you saw him fucking me. So now
you obviously want to let me have it. Go ahead, have your say and then
you can leave. 'Cause frankly, Madge, I don't feel that I've done
anything wrong!"

"You're wrong, Sis," Madge said as, to her little sister's shock and
delight, she began to strip. "I'm not pissed. I chased Jake out of here
because I want to eat his cum out of your sweet little pussy. Seeing
you two going at it that way made me hornier than hell. I've gotta
taste your pussy now!"

"Oh, God, I never expected this of you, Sis!" Babs cried, her eyes
gleaming with renewed desire as she eyed the older girl's naked body.

"Maybe you're not interested," Madge said teasingly, putting one knee
on her sister's bed and leering down at her. "Maybe you just don't want
me to lick your pussy all clean!"

"Are you kidding?" Babs asked in a groan. "I can't wait! Go for it!
Lick my little pussy until all of Jake's cum is gone and make me come!"

"That's more like it," Madge laughed as she reached out and spread her
sister's legs farther apart.

Then, as Babs moaned with happy anticipation of what was about to
happen between her sister and herself, Madge knelt between the younger
girl's legs and eagerly lowered her head.

Babs had never had a girl's tongue in her pussy before, and she longed
to find out what it would feel like.

"Hurry, Madge! Fuck my pussy with your tongue!" she squealed

Madge licked her lips as she stared right into her little sister's
gaping pussy. She could see the German Shepherd's thick cum still
flowing out of Babs' pussy-slit down into the crack of her ass and onto
the bedspread, forming a lewd wet spot. She could also see Babs' juices
mingled with the dog-cum and she licked her lips again.

"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!" Babs cried, squirming about restlessly on the

Her cunt was on fire, and she felt a mounting pressure in her lower
belly. Her clit was throbbing painfully. And she clutched her tits to
try to ease the ache she felt in her stiffening nipples.

Madge began to run the tip of her tongue up and down the insides of her
sister's thighs, all the way from Babs' knees to her blood-engorged

"Mmmmm, yeah," Babs moaned.

Madge placed the tip of her tongue at the base of her sister's cunt-
slit. She pushed the pointy tip between the girl's swollen pussy-lips.
Then she slowly began to push her tongue inside the girl.

Babs felt her sister's wet, stiffened tongue slowly sliding into her
hot pussy.

Babs' muscles tensed as the tip of Madge's tongue moved past the mouth
of her pussy, toward the very back wall of her cunt where only moments
before, Jake's dog-cock had been banging away at her.

Madge moaned, continuing to push her tongue fully into her sister's
cunt-hole. At the same time, she kept Babs' cunt-lips pried apart with
both hands.

"Ohhh, yeah," Babs groaned, feeling the entire length of her sister's
fat tongue probing against the walls of her dripping cunt. "That feels

Suddenly, Madge yanked her tongue out of the younger girl's tiny cunt-
hole and lashed at Babs' stiff clit with her whipping tongue.

"Aieeeee!" Babs screamed as she came.

Madge continued to lick the orgasming girl's clit as she came,
breathing hard with excitement. Her own pussy was drooling with cunt-
juice now.

"Ohhh, I'm commmmiiiinnnngg! You made me come with your tongue, Madge!"
Babs screeched, thrashing about on the bed.

Madge's own pussy twitched with sexual excitement as she felt her
sister's pussy orgasming against her face. Then she fucked her tongue
back into the youngster's tight cunt-hole. She slid her tongue in and
out of Babs' pussy, tongue-fucking her faster and harder with each
plunge of her tongue.

"Ohhhh! I'm commiiinnng again!" Babs shrilled, thrilling to the
sensation of her cunt-hole being expertly fucked by her sister's wet

Madge was now fucking her tongue in and out of her sister's cunt as
hard and fast as she possibly could, much to the younger girl's erotic

"Yessss, Madge, yessss, I had no idea it could feel like this! So good!
Keep doing it, Madge! Keep tongue-fucking my pussy! You're making me
come hard!"

Long moments later, Babs stopped coming and, unable to take any more of
the intense pleasure, she begged her sister to stop. But Madge was so
turned on now that she just continued to fuck her harder and deeper
with her horny tongue.

Babs reached down and pushed her sister's head away from her cunt.
Madge stared up at her little sister, panting hard.

"God, Sis, your face looks so beautiful! It's all covered with my
pussy-juice!" Babs cried excitedly.

Babs groaned when she saw her own juice making her sister's tongue wet
and shiny.

Suddenly, Jake bounded into the bedroom and leaped up onto the bed
between Madge's spread legs.

"Wow, look at Jake! I guess he smelled your pussy, Madge! He's sure
turned on!" Babs laughed, sliding back from her sister.

She sat cross-legged on the bed, beginning to fondle her pussy while
she watched Jake sniffing at Madge's cunt.

Madge squealed when the dog's wet nose nudged against her wet cunt. She
spread her legs wider to make more room for Jake and give him more
access to her horny cunt.

"I've ... never ... made it ... with a dog!" Madge groaned, beginning
to writhe with sexual excitement.

"Well, there's always a first time for everything," Babs said with a
little giggle.

Jake ran his wet nose all the way from Madge's cunt to her asshole and
back to her engorged clit. Madge helped by raising her ass up from the
bed and kneeling, lowering her head to her crossed arms.

"God, this feels great!" Madge sighed happily.

"It looks great too! Really sexy!" Babs said thickly, running her
stiffened middle finger in and out of her fuck-hole.

Babs clutched at her finger with her strong pussy-muscles and groaned
with excitement, her eyes still fixed on her sister's cunt.

Jake whimpered and his long, red tongue shot out. He began to lick
hungrily between Madge's curled-back pussy-lips.

"Yeah, Jake, that feels soooo good!" Madge squealed as she humped her
ass back, grinding her crotch against the animal's tongue.

While the aroused dog continued to lick Madge's juicy cunt, she whined
with pleasure, tossing her head in a frenzy of bestial lust.

"Poor Jake! He's trying to jerk his cock off against the bed!" Babs
said excitedly.

Babs tore her hands away from her own pussy and scooted over to her
pet. She lay on her back and reached beneath the dog's furry belly,
searching for his fat cock.

"Yeah! You jerk him off while he licks my pussy! Great idea!" Madge
cried approvingly.

Madge wished she could see her sister fondling the dog's prick. She
could imagine how excited it must look. Jake's tongue in her pussy was
giving her just about all the pleasure and excitement she could handle
at the moment anyway.

Jake whimpered between Madge's cunt-lips as Babs' fingers closed around
his stiff cockmeat. The younger girl fondled his loaded balls and his
long, thick prick.

Madge whined as the animal began to lick her cunt harder and faster.
Babs moaned with arousal as she watched her sister's cunt being licked
by the dog while she squeezed his prick and balls.

"Mmm, your cock's so big and hard again, Jake!" Babs sighed as she
continued to stroke the animal's prick.

"Way to go, Jake! Lick my pussy deep!" Madge cried, humping back
frantically to capture more of Jake's tongue inside her horny cunt.

The big German Shepherd plunged his wet nose right into Madge's cunt
and began to lick her even deeper with his long, lolling tongue.

Babs felt her pussy growing wet as she stared at her sister's tongue-
stuffed cunt. The older girl's entire pink cunt-slit was gaping open
for the dog. Jake hungrily licked Madge from asshole to clit and back.

Jolts of animalistic ecstasy shot through Madge's loins and a flood of
hot girl-cum poured from her boiling cunt. Jake had licked her right
into an orgasm, the first one a dog had ever given her. But it felt so
good that Madge found herself hoping it wouldn't be the last.

Babs gripped Jake's dog-cock harder and squeezed. Jake whined with
pleasure and continued to bump his nose against Madge's orgasming clit.

"Yeah, make her come hard, boy!" Babs cheered, urging the dog on.

The animal desperately licked Madge's orgasming cunt, digging his
tongue into each and every crevice and fold. Her girl-cum poured out of
her cunt and washed over Jake's tongue.

"Ohhhh, it feels soooo good!" Madge squealed.

"I know, I know," Babs agreed, nodding her head and grinning while she
continued to squeeze the dog's jerking prick.

Jake plunged his wet, juice-smeared nose right into Madge's shuddering
cunt and began to lick her even deeper with his rough tongue.
Meanwhile, his cock was growing harder and fatter in Babs' grip.

"Mmmm, what a sight!" Babs sighed, feeling Jake's cock pulsing against
the palm of her hand.

Madge cried out with pleasure again as the dog's tongue thrust in and
out of her.

"Good boy, Jake! Keep it up! She's still coming!" Babs cried, still
stroking the dog's throbbing cock.

Jake swished his tongue up through the folds of Madge's puffy cunt-

"Aaaarghhhh, yessss" Madge hissed between clenched teeth.

Madge gave herself up to the intense pleasure being given to her pussy
by the dog's rapidly licking tongue. Jake fucked his tongue into her,
licking her cunt-walls and lapping up the streaming cunt-juice.

"Wow!" Babs groaned as she felt Jake's cock lurching in her hand.

"Yessss, keep fucking me! Fuck me with your wonderful long tongue!"
Madge cried, half out of her mind with bestial pleasure now.

"I love it!" Babs said with a husky laugh, her own pussy shooting out
more and more juice.

Babs' eyes were riveted on her sister's pussy and to the fat dog-tongue
snaking in and out of it.

"Don't you love the way Jake can make you come with his tongue, Sis?"

"Yesssss! I love it!"

Babs' face twisted with animalistic lust as she continued to stroke the
dog's hard-on. She watched excitedly as the animal's tongue disappeared
into her sister's wriggling cunt.

The younger girl groaned again and again. She frantically rubbed Jake's
fat cock as she watched the lust-maddened dog fucking his tongue in and
out of Madge's juicy cunt. Madge's eyes rolled back in her head as she
continued to come. Her tongue continually darted in and out between her
slack lips.

Jake withdrew his tongue from the depths of Madge's tasty cunt. He
began to lick the quivering bud of her clit again.

"God! I can't stop coming!" Madge squealed.

"Some problem," Babs murmured, still fondling and squeezing her pet's

Jake licked Madge's shuddering clit again and again, making the older
girl shake with ecstasy.

"Can't ... take ... anymore ... make him ... stop," Madge moaned weakly
a few minutes later.

Babs laughed as she pushed the dog's face away from Madge's sore pussy.

"He's got a hard-on fit to break a plate! What do you say you let him
fuck you with it now?" Babs asked eagerly.

"Yesssss! I want Jake to fuck me now!"
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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:51

Chapter 3

Madge rose up onto her hands and knees, wriggling her ass in front of
the German Shepherd's furry face.

"Fuck me, Jake! Fuck me now!" she panted.

"You heard her, boy!" Babs said with a little laugh as she reached out
and slapped the big dog on his furry ass to urge him forward. "Fuck
Madge! Fuck her good and hard just the way she needs it!"

"Yeah! That's how I need it all right ... I need to feel that fat dog-
cock fucking my horny little pussy hard and fast until I come!"

"Now, now, Sis, don't be selfish," Babs teased. "Jake needs to come
too, you know!"

"Oh, I know!" Madge cried excitedly. "That'll be at least half the fun
... feeling his thick cum gushing up into my pussy!"

Jake whined, as if he understood exactly what was being said. He whined
again and the girls laughed, thinking that his whine sounded very much
like a sound of agreement.

Jake barked and quickly mounted Madge, throwing his furry paws up over
her quivering shoulders.

"Good boy!" Babs cried approvingly. "Fuck her! She's acting like a
bitch in heat, so that's the way you gotta fuck her ... hard and fast
the same way you'd fuck a bitch dog!"

Babs groaned, aroused both by her sister's widely gaping cunt and the
fact that she was about to experience the joy of watching her pet fuck
the horny girl.

Babs fondled her pussy with one hand and her tits with her other hand,
preparing to watch the exciting fuck action between her sister and the
randy German Shepherd.

"Hurry! Stick your fat cock deep inside me, Jake!" Madge screamed,
wriggling her ass wantonly. Her big tits hung down lewdly, their
stiffened nipples brushing deliciously against the bed.

Jake whined again as he wrapped his furry forelegs about Madge's
quivering body.

"Hurry, Jake!" Madge screeched again. "Fuck me with your huge hard

Babs grinned, still stroking her pussy with one hand and her tits with
the other. She felt her pussy-juice seeping out onto her hand and she
moaned with excitement. Her eyes were still locked on her sister's
streaming pussy and the hard dog-cock nudging against it obscenely.

"Ohhh, yesss, Jake!" Madge gasped as she felt the animal's hard cock-
head probing against her horny pussy.

"Fuck her, Jake!" Babs suddenly cried, as impatient as Madge was to
have the big dog's cock thrusting into the older girl's pussy ...

Jake slammed the full length of his hard prick into Madge's gaping,
tight cunt.

"At last!" Madge cried joyfully, feeling the dog's prick filling her
pussy. "I've got your huge cock inside me at last, Jake!"

Jake whined as he felt his aching prick being tightly embraced by the
teenager's hot, clasping cunt. He jerked his hips wildly, obviously
trying to fuck her even deeper.

"Yes! Fuck me haaaaard!" Madge screeched.

"Wow! I love seeing this," Babs gurgled, rubbing her pussy and tits

Jake clung to Madge with his forelegs as he began to fuck into her with
hard, brutal thrusts. He panted and growled, his hips jerking back and
forth with amazing speed. His large prick reamed out Madge's juicy
little cunt.

"How does it feel, Sis?" Babs asked with a grin, her own pussy
throbbing against her stroking hand.

"You know how it feels! It feels ... it feels fantastic!"

"You heard her, Jake!" Babs cried excitedly. "Madge loves the way your
prick feels deep inside her pussy. She loves the way you're fucking
her, Jake! Keep it up! Fuck her good and hard!"

"Yes, yes, keep it up, Jake ... good and hard!" Madge moaned weakly,
overcome with intense sensations of lust.

While Babs continued to fondle her pussy with one hand, she slipped her
other hand off of her tits. She used her free hand to stroke her
sister's dangling tits. The older girl's big tits were swinging lewdly
from the jarring impact of Jake's deep-fucking cock.

"Oooh!" Madge gasped. "That feels good, Sis! Do it! Touch my tits and
squeeze them! You can even hurt me if you want!"

Babs grinned at her sister's wanton cry. She eagerly squeezed Madge's
big tits. At the same time, she continued to play with her own dripping

"Pinch! Pinch my nips!" Madge demanded thickly.

Babs squeezed one of her sister's nipples as hard as she could - she
felt the pinched nip pulsing violently against her thumb and finger.

"Owwwww!" Madge shouted, tears of pain filling her eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Sis!" Babs cried, removing her pinching fingers at
once. "I'll stop."

"Nooooo! Don't stop! Didn't you hear me? I said you could hurt me!"

"You don't care if I hurt your tits?" Babs asked.

"Yes, I care! I want you to hurt me! I love the way it feels! It feels

"Yeah, I know," Babs said, thinking with delight how much alike she and
her sister were. If there was one thing that Babs had discovered while
fucking her German Shepherd, it was that sexual pain only enhanced the

"Do it again!" Madge begged. "Pinch my nipples!"

"You got it, Sis," Babs murmured, eagerly reaching out and pinching her
sister's aching nip again.

"Yeow! Yesss!"

Babs released Madge's aching nipple and went for the other one. She
caught the little nip between her thumb and forefinger, and pinched it
even harder than she had squeezed the first nipple.

"Aieeeee!" Madge cried, thrusting her ass back to meet Jake's cock-

Babs continued to play with her sister's tits while she also played
with her own pussy. She ran her free hand all over Madge's tits,
stroking, fondling, squeezing, pinching. At the same time, she ran her
fingers across her clit, feeling the stiff nub throbbing hard against
her pleasure-filled touch.

"God! God! I love it!" Madge gasped, referring both to her sister's
tit-fondling hand and Jake's fat prick.

Babs twisted her sister's nipples, one at a time, making her sister
gasp with pain and pleasure.

"Yes!" Madge cried, her mouth gaping open.

Jake grunted and growled. His hips worked back and forth powerfully as
he drilled his long, thick cock in and out of Madge's snug pussy.

Babs released her sister's tits a few minutes later. Still playing with
her own pussy, the younger girl moved behind her pet, wanting to get a
good look as he continued to fuck Madge.

Babs groaned as she saw Madge's bloated cunt-lips stretched out widely
over the animal's huge prick.

The German Shepherd continued to deep-fuck the older teenager. He
shoved the full length of his turgid prick in and out of her with fast,
savage strokes.

"Fuck me harder, Jake! More! Deeper! God, you're making me feel soooo
good! Make me come with your big fat cock!"

Babs moaned with excitement still rubbing her clit as she watched her
big sister being deep-fucked by Jake's fat dog-cock.

Madge slammed her ass back to meet each of the dog's savage cock-
thrusts. Her thick cunt-juice flowed from her cock-stuffed cunt-hole,
coating Jake's prick lewdly.

"Ohhh, your cunt-sauce looks so yummy!" Babs groaned, licking her lips
excitedly. "Can I taste it, Sis?"

"Yes! For God's sake, Yes! Touch my pussy! Taste my cunt-juice!" Madge

Babs moaned as she touched her sister's pussy.

"Oh!" Madge cried when she felt her sister's hand on her well-fucked

Still playing with her own pussy with one hand, Babs stroked her
sister's cunt with her other hand. She was careful to keep her fingers
out of the way of Jake's thrusting cock. But she could still feel the
jarring vibrations of Madge's pussy each time the beast slammed into

Babs now scooped up some of Madge's creamy cunt-sauce and brought her
hand up to her open mouth. She darted her pink tongue out and hungrily
licked the tangy cunt-juice into her mouth, cleaning her fingers

"Oh, it's so good!" she cried.

Madge groaned with excitement, hearing her sister's lust-thickened
words. She tightened her cunt-muscles around the massive dog-prick that
was so deliciously fucking her hungry cunt.

Jake whimpered excitedly as he continued to relentlessly shove his
entire cock in and out of Madge's cunt. He felt her cunt-muscles
clasping his cock. Madge shivered when she felt the dog's saliva
drooling down onto her neck and shoulders.

"Ohhh, yeah, Jake, you're fucking me really hard now! Keep doing it
just like that, boy! I love it!" Madge gasped, thrusting her crotch
back to gobble up the animal's pistoning prick.

Babs moaned and moved around in front of her sister again. Unable to
restrain herself any longer from being a part of the thrilling bestial
fuck session, she threw herself down onto her back. Her pussy was
directly below her sister's mouth now.

"Ohhh, Babs, your pussy is so wet! Does it feel all hot?" Madge asked

"Yes! It's burning up! It's on fire! Lick it, Sis! Lick my pussy and
put the fire out with your tongue!" Babs begged, gripping her own tits.

"Yessss!" Madge hissed as she quickly lowered her head and ran her wet
tongue all over Babs' cunt-mound.

Jake knifed his hard cock into Madge's pussy still harder, and the girl
groaned when she felt the dog's cock-tip banging against the back wall
of her cunt.

"Oh!" Babs gasped as she felt her sister's groan vibrating against her
pussy-mound. "Inside, Madge! Stick your tongue inside me!" Madge slid
her tongue between her little sister's puffy cunt-lips, searching for
the girl's clit.

"Yes!" Babs cried loudly when the tip of Madge's tongue lashed against
her horny clit.

Madge thrilled to the dual excitement of licking her sister's clit
while the German Shepherd's cock continued to fuck in and out of her
deeply. She wrapped her lips around Babs' nub of clit-flesh and sucked

"Ohhh, yeah, that's it! That's great!" Babs cried, writhing about on
the bed beneath her sister's sucking mouth. She could hear Jake's fat
cock sloshing through Madge's hot cunt-juices.

Jake's dog-cock slammed into Madge's cunt, and Babs' clit pulsed
obscenely between her lips. She had never experienced anything so
exciting in all her life. She felt as if she were caught up in a three-
way act which was totally wanton and depraved. And she loved every
clit-licking and dog-fucking second of it.

She sucked and licked Babs' quivering clit while the German Shepherd
continued to savagely fuck her aching cunt. She felt the fat dog-cock
throbbing against her cunt-walls and she moaned with pleasure. She
tightened her lips about Babs' long, thick clit, loving the feel of it
inside her mouth.

"God, that feels good! You're making my clit get so hard and stiff,
Sis!" Babs grunted.

As Jake's fat cock drove brutally into Madge's steaming pussy, the
older girl sucked and licked Babs' clit harder. She delighted in the
delicious, tangy flavor of Babs' cunt-juice, and she swallowed down as
much of it as she could. She could hardly wait until Babs came, so she
would be able to eat all her thick girl-cum.

Maybe we can all come together, Madge thought with a rising sense of
excitement. She thought what a super turn-on that would be. She sensed
that her own pussy was only moments away from a gigantic climax, and
from the way that the German Shepherd was frenziedly ramming his thick
cock into her, she was sure that he would be coming soon too.

Madge caught Babs' clit between her teeth, nibbling on the tender
little bud gently. She felt as if she were totally lost in a private
world of lust.

As Jake continued to pound his dog-prick in and out of the older girl's
pussy, Babs humped her crotch up against Madge's face. The dog-fucking
teenager moaned and mewled into her little sister's pussy as she felt
her pussy growing wetter and hotter with each slamming thrust of Jake's

"Ohhh, unnhhh, yeah, Sis, yeah!" Babs groaned, squeezing her own
nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. "Suck and bite my clit
while that big-cocked dog fucks your brains out!"

The bedroom was filled with the smells and sounds of hard, savage
fucking. Jake's dog-cock made a wet, gurgling noise as it slid in and
out of Madge's juice-filled cunt. Jake growled and whined. Dabs groaned
and cried out with delight. The sounds each of the bestial lovers was
making only served to turn the other on more.

The handsome German Shepherd began to speed up the tempo of his fuck-
thrusts. He drove his prick deeper than ever into Madge's cunt-hole,
whining as he felt her cunt-muscles squeezing it hard.

"Ohhhh, unnhhh!" Madge moaned, shaking her ass against the dog's
plunging prick. Her wet cunt continually grabbed at his rigid cock,
squeezing it, hugging it.

She gurgled around the blood-engorged clit between her teeth. Babs'
clit was thrillingly stiff and she felt it swelling even more inside
her mouth.

"Yessss!" Babs hissed with pleasure.

Madge's ass rhythmically thrust back and forth, eagerly impaling her
cunt on Jake's cock. At the same time, her head bobbed up and down in a
steady pace, keeping time with the animal's cock-thrusts.

"Ohhhh, you're licking my pussy sooo good! My clit has never felt so
big or stiff before! I'm gonna come soon, Sis! Keep eating my pussy
with your mouth! Make me come!" Babs begged.

Desperate for her sister's girl-cum, Madge began to suck Babs' clit
again, clawing at her pussy-mound with one raised hand at the same

"Aaaarghhhhh! I'm gonna come!" Babs squealed, humping her crotch up
harder against her sister's sucking mouth.

"Mmmfff," Madge gurgled as she suddenly felt a flood of hot girl-cum
gushing into her mouth. She sucked the young girl's clit harder,
sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing, eagerly drinking down
every drop of her little sister's cum.

Babs groaned with pleasure. She reached up and forced Madge's mouth
down harder against her orgasming cunt.

Madge moaned again as she felt her sister's wet cunt-meat filling up
her nostrils and mouth. She struggled to breathe, but she wasn't
complaining. She loved the lust-filled way Babs was responding to her

As she continued to suck on Babs' clit, Madge could feel the girl's
orgasming cunt vibrating powerfully against her mouth. Her own pussy
quivered in response. Babs pumped her hips up and down, face-fucking
her sister with her pussy.

Finally, Babs stopped coming and she pushed her sister's juice-smeared
face gently away from her aching cunt. Then, she eagerly crawled around
behind Madge so she could once more watch Jake fucking the older girl.
She hoped she would be in time to see the dog shooting his load of cum
into Madge's pussy.

"Make me come now, Jake!" Madge begged hornily. "God, how I need to
come! And I need you to come too, Jake! I wanna feel your hot cum
inside meeeee!"

She shoved her ass back harder, lifting it higher into the air with the
same erotic move. She was offering even more of her gaping pussy to the
animal's battering prick.

"Yeah! Make her come, Jake! She needs to come now! And you should come
now too!" Babs cried, reaching out and fondling her pet's loaded balls.

Jake pounded his throbbing cock deeper into Madge's wide-open cunt-
hole. With his forepaws still locked tightly about her, he drilled his
bursting prick ever deeper into her boiling pussy.

"Oh God! I have to come! Or I'll go mad! I swear it! Do it now, Jake!
Make me come! Shoot your spunk!" Madge screamed.

Babs groaned, thrilled by the lewd spectacle taking place before her
eyes. She squeezed Jake's balls harder, hoping to make the animal come.

Jake barked and thrust his whole cock deeper than ever into Madge's
seething pussy. The girl felt the flared cock-tip striking the back
wall of her pussy and a mingled sensation of pain and pleasure cascaded
through her, triggering her much-needed orgasm.

"Commmiiinnnggg! Finally! I'm coming sooooo good!" Madge yelped, her
naked body jerking and twitching wildly beneath the rutting animal as
she came.

Her thick pussy-juice spurted out of her cunt-hole, drenching the
German Shepherd's prick even more.

Jake felt the girl's pussy orgasming against his cock and he barked and
howled, finally beginning to come himself. He continued to pound his
shuddering cock into Madge's convulsing cunt as he came.

"He's coming! He's coming!" Babs gasped excitedly, still squeezing the
dog's furry balls. "Do you feel his cum, Sis?"

"Ohhhhh, yessss, I feel it! God, there's so much of it! I can't believe
how much there is and how good it feeeeels!" Madge wailed.

Jake howled again as he shot wads of thick, white dog-cum into the
girl's fucked-out cunt. More and more spunk spewed from his puckering
cum-slit and showered Madge's cunt-walls, completely filling up her
tiny pussy to overflowing.

"Yes! Yes! Come! Come inside me! I want every drop of your dog-cum
inside me!" Madge yelled at the top of her lungs, feeling the peak of
her bestial orgasm strike her with full force.

"Oh, wow, I love this!" Babs squealed, watching her dog pouring his
white-hot spunk into her sister's orgasming pussy. The lewd sight
thrilled the younger girl to the core and she felt her own pussy
exploding in another orgasm.

"Ahhh," she sighed, throwing herself onto her back and surrendering
fully to the pleasure that shot through her loins as she came. Cunt-
juice poured down her thighs from her climaxing cunt, and she continued
to watch Jake's pistoning prick shooting off inside Madge's orgasming
pussy as she came herself.

Jake whined, and his furry body shuddered violently on top of Madge's
back as he shot every last drop of cum into her sucking pussy. Then, he
whimpered and pulled his soft cock out of her, his eyes already fixed
on Babs' orgasming pussy.

"That was great!" Madge cried, turning around and collapsing onto her
back on the bed. She ran her fingers idly up and down her fucked-out

"I know ... watching you and Jake ... getting it on ... that was a real
turn-on!" Babs panted weakly, still coming.

Suddenly, the younger girl felt the familiar touch of her dog's rough
tongue licking over her cunt-mound and she groaned with renewed lust.

"God!" Madge laughed, watching Jake and Babs with wide eyes. "Doesn't
that beast ever get enough?"

"No!" Babs gurgled as she felt Jake's tongue licking up and down her
wet thighs and all over her pussy, lapping up her tasty cunt-sauce.
"And neither do I!"
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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:52

Chapter 4

A few days later, Babs' parents left town for a few days to visit some
relatives, leaving Babs and her sister, Madge, alone in the house with
their German Shepherd.

That afternoon, while Madge was at the movies with a friend, Babs sat
naked on the couch in the livingroom. She leaned back and spread her
legs apart.

"Oh, I'm so horny!" she cried, her breaths growing steadily shorter and
closer together.

Babs spread her legs wider, loving the way her pet was watching her.
His gaze seemed to burn right into her pussy, making it feel hotter
than ever. She felt her budding tits throbbing in synchrony with the
pulsing sensation deep in her cunt.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, running her fingertips over her nipples, which
stiffened at once beneath her lewd touch.

The young teenager shivered and her lips parted, her lips moist and
red. She closed them for a moment, feeling her nipples growing larger
and harder against the soft tips of her fingers.

Still watching his mistress, Jake whined and humped his hardening prick
against the carpeted floor.

Babs gripped her stiff nips and pinched them, lightly at first. She
moaned with excitement and then pinched them harder.

"Yeah!" she cried, feeling ripples of obscene pleasure rolling up and
down the length of her spine.

She felt her cunt-juice dribbling slowly from the base of her pussy,
running into her ass-crack. The young girl spread her legs even wider
now, loving the feeling of her cunt becoming wet with her pussy-sauce.

Babs saw that her dog had moved closer to her.

"Oh, Jake!" she groaned, lusting for the fat cock that was pulsing
beneath his furry belly.

She knew that she could call out for him to fuck her right there and
her pet would respond at once, sinking his cock into her horny pussy.
But she knew from happy experience that it was that much more fun to
delay things a bit and so she continued to stroke herself while the
aroused German Shepherd eyed her hungrily.

The teenager pulled at her nipples, still gripping them between her
thumbs and forefingers. She pulled them out as far as possible, making
her nipples even pointier and longer than usual. She released her
nipple-grip and placed her palms over her tit-mounds. She spread her
fingers far apart so she could clutch her tits entirely.

Jake barked and wagged his tail excitedly.

"Just give me a little longer, Jake. I wanna be as hot as possible
before you fuck me!" Babs said, seeing her pet's impatience.

Babs could smell the scent of her aroused pussy wafting up to her
nostrils. She moaned softly, loving the aroma of her own pussy. She saw
Jake raising his black nose up into the air, sniffing hard, and she
knew that he loved the smell of her pussy too.

Jake's prick grew harder and he humped it against the floor again, as
he breathed in the aroma of his mistress' naked, juicing pussy.

Babs grinned, knowing that the smell of her pussy was arousing her pet
just as much as the sight of his throbbing hard-on was turning her on.
She cupped her tits in both hands, gently squeezing the medium-sized
tit-mounds. She moaned, feeling her long, pink nipples throbbing
against the centers of her palms. She pressed her tits together,
creating a deep valley between them. She moaned again, feeling her clit
swelling more. She could feel more juice seeping into her pussy and she
trembled, savoring the anticipation of the dog-fuck she knew was going
to happen soon.

She released her tits and slid her hands eagerly down her tummy toward
her crotch. She stroked her cunt-lips several times, feeling her
fingertips growing wetter as cunt-juice flowed from between her puffy

Jake moved a little closer, his prick throbbing painfully against the
floor. Babs had her eyes closed, and was unaware that her dog was
inching closer to her.

"Ahhhh, yesss!" Babs hissed between clenched teeth. She began to rock
on the sofa as she stroked her pussy-lips, her eyes still closed.

Babs opened her eyes and saw that the dog had moved closer to her. She
also saw that his cock, which she could see under his belly, had grown
much larger and thicker in just the last few minutes.

"You're really turned on, aren't you, boy?"

Jake barked.

Babs closed her eyes again and continued to stroke her cunt. It felt so

Her tits bounced as she rocked back and forth, breathing harder and
faster. She could feel her face growing red and hot as her passion
spiraled upward. She knew she was twisting with lust now and she
wondered briefly if she looked different to her dog.

Now, Babs began to stroke the sides of her clit. The little nub of
clit-flesh felt as if it was going to pop right out of her pussy at any
second. Her moans grew steadily louder and higher in pitch as her lust
and pleasure grew.

She shuddered violently, feeling her entire body becoming covered with
a thick layer of gooseflesh. At the same time, she could feel warm
sexual sweat oozing out of her pores. In a matter of minutes, the rest
of her body had become as slick and wet as her cunt-flesh.

She pushed her finger into her fuck-hole.

"Yes!" she cried and Jake barked.

She clenched her teeth together and felt the muscles of her jaw
beginning to protrude. The veins in her temples dilated and began to
throb. Babs pushed her finger deeper inside her cunt-hole, thinking how
much better it would feel when Jake's cock was fucking into her.

"Ohhhh, good," she sighed, running her finger in and out of her pussy-
hole for a few minutes.

Then, she withdrew her wet finger and held it up before her face,
staring at it. She saw that her finger was now covered with juice.

"Ahhh," she cooed, sniffing at the wet finger. "Smells good. Want to
smell it, Jake?"

The dog whined and moved forward as his mistress held her juice-soaked
finger out for him to smell. The animal flared his nostrils and
sniffed. Then he barked again and his entire body quivered. But when he
stuck his tongue out, Babs laughed and pulled her finger away.

"You naughty doggy! You don't get to lick it! Not yet anyway!" Babs
said as she stuck her own tongue out and licked a bit of her pussy-
juice into her mouth. "Ohhhh, it tastes soooo good! But then you know
all about how my juice tastes, don't you, boy?"

Jake barked again and leaned forward with his head, desperate to lick
the girl's wet finger.

"Oh, okay, Jake, I guess it would be mean to not let you lick my
finger. Here, boy, I left most of my juice on it just for you!"

Jake's tongue shot from his mouth and he whined continually as he
lapped his mistress' juice-soaked finger.

"Oooh, your tongue really turns me on!" Babs cooed as her pet licked
her finger clean.

Jake licked his chops. Babs put her fingertip back into her pussy and
peeled her clit-sheath up and away from her bursting clit. Her aroused
clit was entirely exposed and Babs groaned. She whimpered as she
stroked her hard clit gently. Erotic pleasure consumed her body. Her
crotch bucked convulsively.

Jake moved still closer to his mistress, his head almost between her
legs now. The smell of musky, teenaged cunt was rich in the air around
them, and the dog trembled all over.

Babs stroked her clit again and again, knowing that her cunt-juice was
making a wet spot on the sofa. She felt every muscle in her body
tensing up on her and she arched her back, lifting her tensed ass-
cheeks up from the couch. She felt her glazed eyes filling with tears
as she strained toward orgasm.

She thrashed her head from side to side, still pumping her loins
upward. She pressed the tip of her finger directly down against the top
of her fiery clit.

"Oh, God, that's good!" she cried.

She pressed still harder against her clit-head. Then she began to roll
her clit in a little sensuous circle. She was glad that she was alone
in the house, except for her dog, so that she would not have to worry
about stifling her cries of erotic pleasure. She could scream just as
loudly as she wanted to.

She steadily increased the pressure of her finger against her clit. And
in a matter of seconds, she was making herself come.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" she shrieked loudly, her cry of orgasm blasting
through the house.

Jake barked loudly, further aroused by his mistress' scream of orgasm.
His cock grew larger and thicker. And he leaned forward more, his eyes
fixed on Babs' finger, stroking her shuddering clit. Her clit-sheath
moved up and down as she came. Finally, her orgasm ended and she fell
back against the sofa cushions. Her intense orgasmic ecstasy began to
fade, and in its place the youngster felt a warm, contented afterglow
flooding her body.

She took her wet finger out of her cunt and opened her eyes again,
chuckling with delight when she saw her horny dog leaning toward her.

"Here, boy, you can clean my finger for me again," she purred, holding
her finger out toward his mouth.

Jake whimpered and lashed out his long, pink tongue.

"Mmmm, nice," Babs murmured, feeling the animal's sloppy tongue washing
her finger. She saw a gleam of pleasure in his big brown eyes as he
swallowed her cunt-juice.

Then, the German Shepherd licked his chops again and sat back, panting
hard. His hard-on throbbed against the floor. Babs gasped when she saw
how red her pet's prick was now.

"Oh, wow, what a cock you've got, Jake!" she cried excitedly, feeling
her pussy begin to throb with renewed lust as she eyed the huge hard-

Jake whimpered as if agreeing with his mistress.

"Okay, boy, I've kept you waiting long enough! Come on up here and lick
me with that long, sexy tongue of yours!" the young teenager cried,
lying back on the couch.

Jake leaped up onto the couch, standing between his mistress' legs. He
growled as he licked her flat belly. He moved his tongue up to her
tits, sucking his wet tongue over her reddish nipples.

"Oooooh, good," Babs groaned, stroking the sides of the dog's furry
face. "Unngghhh, that was good! But now I need you to lick my pussy!"

Jake had long ago learned the word, pussy, and he whined excitedly. He
licked his way down the girl's body to her naked cunt, which was gaping
openly before him. He licked all over her wet cunt-mound.

"Yeah!" Babs cried as she shoved her cunt up against her pet's mouth,
hoping that he would make her come again.

The teenager could feel her cunt-juice mingling obscenely with the
German Shepherd's saliva as he continued to lick her pussy. The
sensation made her tremble with bestial lust.

The big dog licked eagerly all the way from the base of his mistress'
pussy to the top of her pink cunt-slit with each tongue-stroke. Then,
he worked his tongue in between her trembling cunt-lips.

Babs gasped as she felt his rough tongue scraping against the inner
walls of her cunt. She tightened her pussy-muscles against his tongue
and heard Jake whimper with pleasure.

The super-long tongue of the dog was able to reach deeper inside Babs'
pussy than any tongue ever had before.

Sure, she thought now, humping her crotch up against his drooling
mouth, he can't do some things that human lovers can do to my pussy and
my tits. But then, there are things that he can do that they can't do
... with his naturally long tongue, he just happens to be better
equipped to pussy-lick me than my boyfriends are!

Jake fucked his tongue in and out of the pussy while she writhed
beneath him on the sofa. She felt lust-filled sensations of bestial
pleasure filling every fiber of her body.

A few minutes later, the big German Shepherd pulled his tongue all the
way out of Babs' cunt-hole. He licked her clit.

"Yes! My clit! Lick it hard, Jake!" Babs gasped, her eyes rolling back
in her head.

She could already tell that her dog was going to give her a great big
orgasm any minute now. She thrashed her head from side to side as she
felt his incredibly long dog-tongue sliding across her quivering clit.

"Harder! Lick me harder now, Jake!" she demanded huskily.

Jake didn't need his mistress' commands to start licking her clit
harder and faster. The animal had come to learn how to give the
teenager sexual pleasure. And, if nothing else, all the many times he
had licked her pussy before had taught him at just what point the girl
needed a harder lick of his tongue.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" the girl shrieked only seconds later, and Jake
whimpered with pleasure as he drank her girl-cum down.
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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:52

Chapter 5

"Now, it's time for you to fuck me, Jake!" Babs sang out the instant
her orgasm ended.

Jake took his juice-smeared snout away from the girl's crotch and
stared up at her, panting hard.

"Come on, boy, fuck me!" Babs commanded, spreading her wet thighs still

The handsome German Shepherd straddled his mistress' body. The broad
head of his cock pried Babs' cunt-lips apart, and he inched his pulsing
prick into her.

He growled and nudged his cock-head deeper into her. He wriggled his
haunches and shoved his prick into her with a lewd screwing motion.

"Oh, it feels good, Jake! I love it!" the teenager whimpered, her long,
golden hair flying about her young face.

The dog growled again. He leaned back and withdrew his cock, pulling it
almost all the way out of her pussy. Then he savagely fucked forward,
sending his entire long, thick cock into her.

"Yessss!" Babs hissed as she savored the delicious sensation of her
pussy being filled with hot, hard cock-meat.

She shouted with happiness, hugging the beast's cock with her tight

"Oh God, Jake, I can feel your huge prick all the way up my pussy!
Ooohhh, it feels sooo good!" Babs cried, feeling wanton as she began to
fuck the dog's cock with her wet pussy.

Jake howled. He heard the lust in his mistress' voice, and it inflamed
his desires. He loved the feel of the teenager's tight pussy squeezing
his big hard prick. He shuddered all over with excitement.

Babs was flushed and sweating profusely now. Her eyes were totally
glazed over with animalistic lust. Her tits were throbbing, their nips
stiff and thrusting up.

The animal began to fuck the teenager slowly, moving his cock steadily
in and out of her.

"Ahhh, yessss, just right!" Babs sighed, knowing that her dog was going
to fuck her slowly at first and build up from there, and that he would
be fucking her hard and fast toward the end.

The exquisite feel of his huge cock fucking in and out of her cunt
filled the youngster with desire. She felt his loaded, furry balls
slapping against her ass-crack and moaned ... "Your dog-cock feels
soooo fucking good inside my pussy, Jake! I'm so glad that we're lovers
now!" Babs cried out loudly.

She felt not only lust for him and for his huge, satisfying cock, but
also a warm rush of affection for him.

The German Shepherd whined as he continued to fuck his big hard cock in
and out of his mistress' pussy. The girl's cunt was well lubricated,
drooling out thick streams of hot cunt-juice.

As her pet fucked her, Babs raised her hands to her tits and fondled
them. She stroked them over and over again, trying desperately to ease
the aching desire that filled her entire body, making her nips stiffer.

"Keep fucking me just like that, Jake, it feels sooooo good! Soooo
fuckin' good!"

She clenched her pussy-muscles hard around her pet's cock and he
growled gratefully, shaking with pleasure. Then, Babs unclenched her
cunt-muscles, releasing Jake's dog-cock so he could pull it almost all
the way out before plunging it back into her.

"Ungh, yeah, fuck me harder now, Jake, yeah, hard!" Babs demanded,
arching her back sharply.

She thrust her crotch up against the dog's cock, meeting it eagerly
with her hungry pussy. She arched her back again and thrust upward
violently. Her sexy movement completely opened up her little cunt-hole
to the animal's rutting prick. She felt the full length of his fat cock
thrusting all the way up her tight cunt-hole.

"Oh, yessss, this is what it's all about!" she chirped happily.

Babs continued to fuck back at her dog. She longed to come. She also
longed to feel the dog's thick cum shooting into her little pussy. She
stroked the animal's furry back and head, loving the feel of his
muscles rippling beneath her touch.

Jake whined with pleasure as he continued to slide his cock in and out
of his mistress' clenching pussy. He lowered his head and licked every
part of her body which he could reach with his long, wet tongue.

Babs writhed hornily on the couch as her pet fed her pussy his prick-
meat. His big cock raked deliciously over her twitching clit, making
each of the burning nerves in her cunt come throbbing to life.

The teenager thrilled to the sensation of having her pussy filled with
hot, hard prick-meat. The idea that it was her own dog's cock filling
her cunt just added to her bestial thrills.

She contracted and loosened her strong pussy-muscles, hugging Jake's
cock tightly to her pussy-walls, then releasing him again so he could
slide out of her and shove his fat cock back into her cunt, deeper with
each thrust.

"You're fucking me better than ever, Jake! You great big beautiful,
wonderful doggy, you!"

She could feel every hard inch of the dog's prick inside her.

Jake began to fuck his mistress harder and faster. He cork-screwed his
fat cock in and out of her sucking pussy. The teenager's strong cunt-
muscles grabbed his cock, holding it in place, squeezing down on it
greedily. Then she loosened her lewd hold, and he pulled his prick
free, only to thrust it back into her with a deeper, stronger lunge.

The teenager and the German Shepherd continued to fuck each other, each
of the dog's downward fuck-strokes wantonly met by his mistress' upward
swing of her hips and crotch.

Jake growled, fucking her harder now.

Suddenly, the youngster came hard. Her cunt spasmed violently and Jake
barked excitedly as he felt her wet pussy convulsing about his hard

"Oh, I'm commmiiinnnggg soooo goood!" the teen cried, crying out with
deep, pounding, animalistic pleasure. Her pussy-muscles clamped around
her dog's cock, and she bounced her ass off the sofa in a frenzied

Jake whimpered, loving the feel of the girl's cunt orgasming so hard
against his prick. The big dog was moving his prick in and out of his
mistress' cunt as rapidly as possible, desperately needing to come

"Aieeeeee!" Babs screeched as the peak of her mighty orgasm raged
through her trembling body.

She felt her pet's prick raking over her spasming clit and she cried
out. Every inch of her twitching cunt throbbed, burning hotly. Her
entire body glistened with a fine sheen of sexual sweat. The sound of
her dog's prick sliding in and out of her wet, orgasming pussy filled
her with even more excitement, and she humped her cunt up against him
with frantic lunges of her hips.

Suddenly, Jake's furry body tensed and his cock lurched wildly against
the walls of his mistress' cunt.

"Ohhh, yesss, that's what I neeeed!" Babs wailed happily, coming again
as she felt the exquisite rush of dog-cum flooding into her spasming

She arched her back to capture every drop of dog-cum up her horny
pussy. Wad after wad of the thick cum shot from the dog's twitching
prick and splashed lewdly inside the teenager's cunt. The thrill of her
dog's cum filling her all up so excited the youngster that she came yet

"Commmiinnngg!" she shrieked as heavy waves of bestial orgasm thundered
through her.

Finally, the animal shot the last of his jizz into his mistress'
sopping pussy and he moved back, slowly withdrawing his still-hard cock
out of her.

"Ooooh!" Babs gasped as she glanced down. "Your cock is still hard!
Goody! Now I can suck you off!"

She quickly coaxed her pet into lying down on his back, his legs
sticking up in the air. Then, the horny teenager squatted next to him
there on the sofa. She lowered her head and began to kiss and lick the
animal's furry belly.

Jake whimpered, delighted by his mistress' tongue-caresses.

As she continued to lick her dog's belly, Babs eyed his red cock out of
the corner of one eye and she whimpered herself. The dog-cock was big,
and looking at it made Babs feel like a bitch in heat all over again.

She could see his big cock bulging from its furry sheath, bouncing on
his furry belly.

Babs moved the tip of her tongue to the dog's balls. She licked them
all over.

Jake began to buck up and down on his haunches.

The teen licked and sucked her pet's balls for a long time. At the same
time, she stroked the animal's furry crotch with her fingertips and
fingernails. Then, she began to lick on the underside of his cock,
feeling it becoming harder against her aroused tastebuds.

She fondled Jake's balls while she sucked them again. Then, she
returned her attention to his throbbing cock. She lifted the tip of his
hard prick from his belly, forming a gentle support under his cock with
her fingers. The upward bucking of his furry haunches became more

Babs ran the tip of her tongue up and down the entire length of the
dog's prick. She was delighted to feel his dog-cock growing still
fatter against her tongue. It grew thicker and longer until it was
fully engorged.

While her pet whined and whimpered beneath her, Babs took the head of
his cock in her mouth and began to suck. She moaned as she slid her wet
lips up and down the shaft of his dog-cock, moving her mouth all the
way from the base to the tip. As she continued to suck Jake's prick,
she kept her tongue lashing out at his aroused cock-meat.

Jake rammed upward with his haunches. His entire body stiffened for a
moment. Then Babs felt the squirting of his hot dog-cum as it flowed
into her waiting mouth. But she did not swallow the dog-jism down right
away. She waited, wanting the canine fuck-juice to linger on her
tingling tastebuds. She loved its tangy flavor! Jake thrust his cock
farther into his mistress' mouth as he continued to shoot his load.

"Ummmfff," Babs groaned, sucking on his dog-cock until all the cum was
drained from his balls. As Jake relaxed, Babs began to swallow.

She sighed, releasing Jake's softening prick. She closed her eyes and
gave herself up completely to the thrill of eating her pet's cum. All
of the hot dog cum slid down her throat, coating its walls, before
spilling into her belly.

When she had swallowed the last of her pet's cum, Babs glanced down at
the dog's prick.

"Oh, wow!" she gasped, seeing that Jake's prick was half-hard again.

Babs lowered her head again and began to kiss the animal's balls. Then,
she licked up and down his trembling cock and made his cock completely
hard again.

"Time to fuck me again, Jake! But this time I want it doggy-style!"
Babs squealed as she sprang up onto her hands and knees, her ass waving
in Jake's face.

She arched her back and a curve formed at the small of her back,
leading upward to the twin globes of her ass. She moved her knees far
apart, feeling her pussy-lips and ass-cheeks parting.

The girl's pussy was completely open and visible from the rear now, and
Jake sprang up on all fours, eyeing his mistress' cunt hungrily. His
cock throbbed with renewed desire.

Babs shivered with anticipation as she felt her dog's warm breath
against her cunt. He was sniffing her pussy, and he whined when he
smelled the musky aroma of her arousal. She felt his cold, wet nose
against her exposed pussy-meat. Babs moaned, feeling her cunt-juices
running down the insides of her naked thighs.

Her pet's front paws were resting on Babs' back. His claws felt rough
between her shoulder-blades. And she could feel the tip of his wet cock
against the back of her right thigh.

Jake was panting loudly now. Babs could feel his saliva dripping from
his tongue onto the nape of her neck. Her cunt was on fire with bestial

"Give me your big fat cock now, Jake!" she demanded huskily. "Stick
your hard prick up inside my hungry cunt!"

The German Shepherd stood on his hind-legs, nudging his fat cock
against his mistress' cunt-lips, whining with doggy desire.

Babs reached back and placed the tips of her fingers along the sides of
her bloated cunt-lips. She pulled her pussy-lips far apart. She could
feel the tip of her pet's cock pausing at the mouth of her fuck-hole.
She writhed with lust, unable to wait any longer to be fucked by her

"Do it! Do it now, Jake! Fuck meeeee!" she wailed.

Jake rammed forward and drove the length of his cock inside the girl's
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