Sister's Horny Dog

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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:53

Chapter 6

"Yessss!" Babs hissed between clenched teeth as she felt the German
Shepherd's cock thrusting fully into her gaping pussy-hole. "Yessss,
you sexy doggy! Fuck me hard, Jake! Make me come harder than I've ever
come before!"

She trembled as she felt the rock-hard tip of Jake's cock against the
back wall of her pussy.

Jake barked and began to fuck his young mistress as hard and fast as he

"Ohhh, that's good, just the way I need it, Jake! Fuck me! Fuck me
hard!" Babs moaned happily, shaking her ass lewdly.

Babs trembled all over, feeling her pussy filling with the heat of
Jake's cock rushing in and out of her cunt. Juice seeped into the
teenager's pussy, lubricating the fat dog-cock plunging in and out of

She tried to move her ass in sync with the movement of the dog's
haunches. The animal was fucking her so deliciously hard and fast that
it was difficult to keep up with him. She thrilled to the hard-fucking
cock sliding in and out of her.

Babs loved the fact that her pet was able to fuck her faster than any
boy ever could. She clutched her cunt-muscles tightly against the sides
of his reaming prick, moaning with pleasure.

Jake whimpered as he felt his thrusting cock being squeezed by his
mistress' pussy-walls. The young girl felt her clit-sheath sliding
across her blood-engorged clit as the dog continued to hump her from
the rear.

"Ohhh, that feels sooo fuckin' good!"

As she heard Jake whining and whimpering with pleasure, she turned on
even more. She knew that the joy-filled sounds she was making resembled
those from Jake, and again she had that feeling that she was a bitch in

"Aieeee!" Babs cried loudly, feeling his cock-head striking the back
wall of her pussy.

She rested her face on the backs of her hands, tears of joy welling in
her eyes. She could tell from the brutally hard way her pet was fucking
her pussy that he was going to make her come before long.

The teenager felt herself getting a little closer to orgasm each time
the dog rammed his prick inside her feverish fuck-hole. She felt Jake's
cock growing larger and thicker inside her, stretching her walls
painfully but pleasurably. Her cunt was entirely filled with his hot,
hard cockmeat, and she loved the feel of it.

Jake barked excitedly as he shoved his whole cock into his mistress'
cunt with hard, savage strokes. His furry body shuddered against the
girl, his paws digging into her back as he clung to her.

"Ohhhh, Jake, you're fucking me sooo good! Better than ever! And you
were no slouch before!" Babs threw her ass back to capture the dog's
prick inside her.

She could feel his panting doggy breath and dripping saliva between her
shoulder-blades. She was moaning continuously now. Each sound the young
girl made was echoed by a similar sound from the aroused German

Suddenly, the teenager felt her cunt exploding in orgasm. As she came,
Jake continued to piston his prick in and out of her.

"I'm commmiiinnngg!" Babs wailed loudly.

Her cunt-juice poured from her pussy, soaking the dog's rutting prick
and running lewdly down her thighs. She lifted her face away from the
backs of her hands. Her lips pulled back tightly over her even white
teeth. She felt her nipples burning.

"Ohhh, aaaaarghhh, yesss, it feels sooooo good, this is the best cum
ever!" Babs squealed.

Waves of bestial pleasure spread upward from her loins until every part
of her body was consumed with the ecstasy. She felt Jake's dog-cock
buried to the hilt deep inside her, and the feel of it made her orgasm
more intense.

Jake licked out with his long, wet tongue and licked his mistress'
naked back and shoulders, leaving a trail of wet saliva in his tongue's
wake. He whined and drove forward with his cock as hard as possible,
slamming his prick all the way inside her.

"Aieeeee!" Babs shrieked. "Ohhhh, God, you're making my pussy feel
soooo good with your fat cock, Jake!"

Her orgasm had ended but, from the violent way her pet was still
fucking her pussy, Babs had no doubt that he would soon succeed in
giving her another climax. She wriggled her ass back at him and
screamed out her pain and pleasure. She thrust her hips back toward her
pet, helping him to impale her ravaged cunt on his long, thick cock.

"I love it, Jake! I love having my own dog fuck my pussy for me!" the
girl screeched.

Shuddering hard, Babs shoved her ass back to meet the dog's thrusts as
he continued to plug her pussy full of his thick prick-meat. Each
thrust of the dog's cock seemed to send it that much harder and deeper
into the teenager's quivering pussy. And each thrust made his dog-cock
scrape against her clit.

"Ohhhhh!" Babs gasped, writhing with raw, hot bestial pleasure as she
felt her clit throbbing against the dog's cock. Her cunt was pouring
out fuck-juice fast and furiously now. The thick fluid lubricated the
dog's reaming cock, making a wet, sloshing sound each time Jake shoved
his prick through her cunt-sauce into the folds of her pussy.

Babs worked her strong, tight pussy-muscles hard around her pet's
raping prick, thrilling to the obscene sensation of having every single
inch of her cunt completely stuffed with hard dog-cock.

She eagerly thrust her ass backward to meet her pet's deep cock-
thrusts. She felt her pussy completely filling with dog-cock and she
ground her hips against the dog's prick.

"Oh, God, you sure know how to fuck, Jake!" she cried.

As the dog's cock penetrated her deeper with each inward plunge, Babs
trembled. She felt the head of his cock pushing hard against the back
wall of her cunt, and a shiver of bestial excitement shot up her spine.

"Ohhhh, Jake, your cock is soooo big! And so hard! It's filling me all
up so deliciously! I love it!"

With the throbbing meat of her pet's prick deep inside her, Babs moved
back even more, feeling his cock scraping harder against her trembling
clit. The pressure of the dog's cock against her twitching clit sent a
fresh wave of lust racing through the teenager.

She moaned, wiggling her hips from one side to the other. Lewd, cunt-
wetting sensations ripped through her with greater intensity, and her
breathing became harsher and more labored. Jake growled as he felt his
mistress' strong cunt-muscles gripping the sides of his cock-meat and
squeezing it hard. The German Shepherd basked in the warm wetness
surrounding his pulsing prick.

The next time Jake shoved his cock into Babs' aching pussy, she thrust
back to meet it. Then, while Jake remained still for a few seconds, the
teenager pushed herself forward. Her movement made her pussy slide off
of her dog's cock until only his cock-head was still inside her. And,
while Jake whimpered lustfully, still holding still, Babs suddenly
threw herself back as hard as she could.

"Yeeeee!" she screamed as the force of her movement buried the dog's
prick even deeper into her than before. She rocked again on Jake's
cock, letting his huge prick stretch her pussy-walls. Jake remained
still, letting his mistress fuck herself on his meaty cock. Babs was
obviously getting off on shoving her body to and fro, impaling herself
on his thick dog-cock.

"Ohhh, yesss, it's soooo good!" she sighed.

She felt a few drops of pre-cum ooze from her pet's prick-head and
mingle with her cunt-juice. She groaned excitedly, thinking how good it
would feel when her dog came, releasing all of his hot dog-cum right
into her horny cunt-hole.

More juice filled Babs' cunt, and her pussy-meat burned and pulsed
around the German Shepherd's cock, igniting her entire body with a
relentless fiery lust.

"Aaarrrghhh, I love fucking you sooo much, Jake! Your cock is the best!
And you know what to do with it, toooo!" the youngster cried, half out
of her mind with bestial desire for her dog and his hard prick.

The dog barked in response. He continued to hold his body still for her
so she could keep rocking her body back and forth on his hard prick.

Babs moved her body back and forth with a faster motion each time. She
was deliciously fucking herself on her pet's rigid hunk of dog-cock.
Again and again, his cock-shaft scraped over her throbbing clit, making
her moan with pleasure.

As the teenager shoved back onto Jake's cock with more and more force,
she felt overwhelmed with animalistic pleasure, and the lewd, thrilling
sensations only increased as she continued to fuck herself on Jake's
trembling prick.

The animal growled continuously, his body shuddering against hers as he
fucked the full length of his cock into her.

"Yessss, yessss, it feels soooo good!" Babs gasped as her pleasure
mounted still more.

She no longer had to even think about what she was doing. Her
movements were frenzied and almost automatic now. A few minutes later,
she stopped, exhausted and overcome with intense feelings of erotic

Jake felt his mistress' body growing still and, with a loud whine, he
took over. Again, the randy animal began to shove his cock in and out
of Babs' drooling cunt as hard as he could.

Babs felt her pet deep-fucking her with his trembling prick and she
moaned with pleasure. The exciting feel of his cock thrilled her and
she could remain still no longer. And, again, she began to thrust her
hips back and forth, keeping perfect pace with Jake's inward plunges.
So, once more, the teenager and her dog were fucking each other in sync
now, their bodies slapping against each other lewdly.

As the young girl and the German Shepherd fucked each other harder and
faster, their bodies slammed together violently. The jarring impacts
sent Babs' body scooting forward several inches with each brutal lunge
of the animal's prick.

Babs stared down at the sofa cushions as her pet rammed his rock-hard
prick into her cunt. There was a lust-contorted expression on her
lovely face. Her face and tits were flushed a dark red. Roaring blood
pounded in her ears so that she could hear little, although she had no
problem hearing the thrilling sound of her dog's cock sliding wetly in
and out of her juice-drenched cunt.

The teenager felt consumed with bestial pleasure. She needed and wanted
more. The powerful animalistic sensations were building up inside her
loins, and the sexual pressure was becoming almost unbearable. She
needed to come again, and she knew that Jake's expertly thrusting cock
would give her the orgasm she craved so desperately.

Each time Jake's prick slid into Babs' cunt-hole, a fresh surge of
erotic pleasure combined with the pent-up charges of ecstasy already
consuming her.

"Ohhhh, I'm sooo turned on, I can hardly stand it!"

The German Shepherd barked excitedly, his prick shuddering
uncontrollably against the tensed walls of his mistress' cunt. He
barked gain and withdrew his cock until only its flared tip was still
buried inside the girl's pussy-hole.

"Keep fucking meeee!" Babs whimpered hornily, not wanting her dog's
cock to be outside of her pussy for even one second.

Jake shoved the full length of his hard cock into his mistress again.
He growled with pleasure when he felt heir cunt-muscles squeezing him.

"Ohhhh, yesss!" Babs hissed, feeling as if her loins were on fire.

Her inflamed pussy was alive with flames of lust. Suddenly, Babs felt
her muscles tensing, her entire body going absolutely rigid.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" she screamed as her orgasm struck her.

She felt pleasure throughout her body. Her cunt convulsed tightly
around her pet's prick.

"Unnnhhh, yeah, Jake, yeah! I can feel myself coming! I'm coming around
your hard cock, Jake! Ohhh, God, you're making me come sooo goddamned
hard!" the girl wailed as her pussy spasmed almost painfully around the
German Shepherd's thick slab of cock-meat.

Jake barked as he felt his mistress' pussy orgasming against his
jerking prick. He continued to fuck her hard and fast with his
shuddering cock.

"Ohhh, I can't believe how good this is!" Babs groaned.

Her orgasm began to fade, but before she could even catch her breath,
another climax struck her with full force. This cum was even more
intense than the first, and the spasms deep inside her pussy were
strong, too, gripping her pet's prick that much tighter.

"Aaaarrrghh, unnggghhh, God, this is unbelievably good! I love the way
it feeeeeeels!" the teenager cried. "This is what I needed! Ohhh, you
wonderful doggy, you! You're giving me the most thrilling orgasm of my
life! Keep fucking meeee! I love you for the way you're making me come
so goooood!"

She groaned with excitement and ecstasy as yet another climax hit her
in the innermost depths of her pussy. She threw her head back, totally
abandoning herself to the bestial pleasure sweeping through her body.

That orgasm had no sooner faded before another one overwhelmed her.
Orgasm after orgasm struck her, each one more intense and fiery than
the one just before it. Her cunt spasmed uncontrollably and her other
senses dimmed. Her entire world was centered on her cunt and on the
thick dog-prick pistoning in and out of it.

Jake raised his head high and howled loudly as his own orgasm began
with a vengeance. Babs felt his prick growing even harder inside her
convulsing pussy.

"Yesss, come, boy, shoot all your fuck-juice inside me!" she cried

She cried out with more pleasure as she felt a gush of hot dog-cum
shooting into her pussy. Another blistering-hot orgasm struck her, her
pet's thick spunk filled her cunt hotly.
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Re: Sister's Horny Dog



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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:54

Chapter 7

Babs awoke in the middle of the night, feeling a raging horniness in
her loins.

"Oooooh, I need Jake! I need my doggy!" the young girl said with a grin
as she slipped out of bed, completely naked.

She padded barefoot from her bedroom, in search of the big German
Shepherd, the only one who could appease her sexual desires at that

"Jake! There you are!" the youngster sang out happily as she saw her
pet curled up, asleep, next to the sofa.

The dog awoke at the sound of his mistress' lust-charged voice. He
sprang up and bounded to her side, jumping up against her with his

"Ohhhh, Jake, I'm so turned on!" Babs said as she lowered her head and
kissed her dog on the mouth. Jake stood there on his hind-legs, his
forepaws pressed against the front of the girl's body.

She shoved her tongue inside her dog's mouth. The animal whined
excitedly and explored the inside of his mistress' mouth with his

The young blonde groaned, feeling her dog's saliva mingling with her

"God, Jake, I want to give you a blowjob!" she cried, finally pushing
the German Shepherd away from her.

She settled on the livingroom floor and called her dog over to her
side. When Jake reached her, Babs pushed him down toward the floor.

"Good boy. Now roll over so I can get at your cock!" Babs demanded.

With a few gentle shoves from the girl, Jake finally lay down on his
back, his half-hard cock jutting upward.

"Ooooh! You've already got the beginnings of a hard-on, Jake. Good
boy!" Babs said excitedly, her eyes wide with lust. The thought of
sucking the hard dog-cock made her mouth fill with saliva, and she
found that she had to keep swallowing to keep from drooling all over
the floor.

She stared down at her pet's prick. Even though it was only half-hard,
it was already long. And, best of all, it was thicker than her wrist.
She saw that the little cum-slit at the tip of Jake's cock was opening
and closing from spasms of lust.

"Ooooh, Jake, you want this too, don't you?" she said, huskily.

Babs' eyes grew wider as her dog's cock began to harden more and more.
His rising dog-cock was pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Babs
could see the blue veins which lined his cock-stalk and she swallowed
hard again, her mouth filling with more saliva.

She gently stroked the big cock from its base to its purplish head. The
German Shepherd whimpered with pleasure. His cock began to bob up and
down, slapping against his furry belly.

"Ohhh, Jake, you're making me even hotter than I already was!" the
young teenager said thickly, noticing that the animal's balls were big
and swollen with a heavy load of cum. She licked her lips in
anticipation, thinking how delicious that dog-cum was going to taste as
it slid down her hungry throat.

Babs stroked one of Jake's balls and he growled deeply. She caressed
his other ball and he growled again. This time, she saw his entire body

Wow! she thought excitedly. This dog's every bit as turned on as I am!

She fondled and squeezed his loaded balls for a few more minutes,
delighting in the animal's lust-filled reactions to her lewd caresses.

Finally, the horny teenager lowered her head between the German
Shepherd's hind-legs. She could not look at her pet's prick without
thinking that it had been made just for her. To fuck her. To fuck her
cunt, her mouth, and her ass.

Babs parted her full lips and let the tip of her pink tongue dart out.
She concentrated on making her tongue pointy at the tip. Then she
drilled her pointed tongue-tip right into the cum-slit twitching at the
top of the dog's cock-head.

Jake barked and his entire body tensed and jerked.

"Mmmmmmm," Babs moaned with pleasure, tasting the tangy flavor of his
pre-cum. "Just got a couple of drops this time, but I know that there's
a lot more where that came from!" Babs lowered her head and licked
Jake's balls until they were completely coated with a fine sheen of her
saliva. Jake whimpered and bucked his loins upward. Babs took the head
of her dog's prick between her lips with a tight grip.

She lowered her lips on the shaft of his thick prick and paused. She
could feel the blood coursing through the animal's cock, and the lewd
sensation aroused her beyond belief.

She savored the tangy taste and musky aroma of the German Shepherd's
cock-meat, and her little pussy drooled with more and more cunt-juice.
She tightened her lips around his hard prick-shaft. Then, she pulled
her wet mouth up on his hard cock, licking out at the flared head at
the same time.

Jake whined and rolled his body from side to side in a fit of passion.
Babs had to grip his cock even tighter with her clasping lips so that
the dog would not pull his cock from her mouth with his jerking

She slipped her lips still farther down on the throbbing cock, taking
as much of his cock as she could into her mouth. When she felt his
pulsing cock-tip bump against the back of her throat, she moaned and
slid her mouth upward again. She groaned, feeling his broad cock-head
pulsing obscenely between her lips. She closed her eyes with pleasure
and slid her mouth downward, taking his cock into her mouth once more.

She moved her mouth up and down her dog's cock, feeling his meaty prick
hardening and throbbing inside her mouth. Her cunt shot out more and
more cunt-juice.

As Jake whined and whimpered louder, his mistress moved her mouth more
rapidly along the length of his cock. Her lips slid smoothly over his
prick and she sucked harder, hollowing her cheeks inward to increase
the suction on Jake's pulsing prick.

As she continued to suck her dog off, the teenager moved one hand to
his balls. She ran the tips of her fingers over the nuts, feeling them
churning with cum. Babs pressed her hand into the dog's furry balls, so
that they were flattened out against the base of his cock.

Jake howled with pleasure.

"Unh!" Babs groaned around the thickness of the fat dog-cock inside her

She moved up and down his prick faster, sucking for all she was worth.
She wanted to make Jake come soon so she could swallow all of his
delicious cum. Her saliva was gushing out now, completely filling her

The teenager's pussy-hole began to ache. And Babs knew what that ache
meant. First, she would come soon. And second, it meant that she needed
something deep inside her pussy. Something like her dog's cock.

Babs' clit stood up rigidly now, throbbing with lust. The harder she
sucked on her dog's cock, the wetter her pussy became.

She felt Jake's fat cock jerking wildly inside her mouth and she
moaned, knowing that he would come soon. Thick juices poured from her
aching cunt-hole. She pressed her thighs together and rubbed them back
and forth, making the silken outer folds of her cunt slide slickly

"Ungh!" she groaned, continuing to suck Jake's dog-cock. Her stiff clit
scraped against the slippery folds of its protective sheath, sending
jolts of obscene pleasure blasting through her loins.

Babs sucked the entire length of the animal's cock into her mouth,
until her nose was buried in the fur around the root of his trembling
prick. Her mouth vibrated lewdly as his huge cock throbbed relentlessly
against her inner, hollowed cheeks.

Babs felt her pet's balls churning more. She pressed her palm into them
more forcefully, making the German Shepherd writhe about even more
wildly, his furry paws pawing at the air.

He growled so deeply that the young girl hardly recognized his voice.
The dog arched his hips higher off the floor, and Babs felt the head of
his cock force its way past her tonsils and down her throat. She gagged
at first, but swiftly recovered, pulling her mouth upward on the hard

A huge, wet orgasm shot through her loins, and her cunt-hole shot out
even more juice. The dog's cock grew still fatter inside her mouth.
Babs sucked his prick even harder, moving her mouth incredibly fast up
and down his long, thick cock.

Babs continued to suck her dog's prick. The animal lifted his haunches
up from the floor and thrust his cock-meat in and out of his mistress'
mouth at a rapid pace. He fucked the teenager's face with hard, even
brutal strokes.

"Ummmfff!" Babs groaned, sucking hard on his tasty prick as she felt a
heavy blast of dog-cum jet out of the end of his cock and splash
against the back of her throat. More and more spurts followed, and she
swallowed the delicious, familiar-tasting cock-sauce as fast as it
poured into her mouth.

Sucking her dog to orgasm thrilled the teenager so powerfully that she
came again.

Obscene waves of bestial pleasure washed over her, and she shuddered
with ecstasy as she continued to swallow her pet's heavy load of dog-

Babs slid her mouth off Jake's still-hard cock. Both she and the German
Shepherd were panting hard from her thrilling blowjob.

"You know what I want now, Jake?" Babs asked with a grin.

Jake looked at his mistress quizzically, his wet tongue lolling out of
his drooling mouth.

"I've never had my little ass fucked before, and I've always been
afraid to ... the pain, you know ..." Babs explained, as if talking to
a person instead of a dog, "... but I'm so fucking turned on I know I'm
ready for it now! And I can't think of anyone I'd rather do the honors
than you! Fuck my asshole, Jake!"

The youngster turned and got up on all fours, keeping her ass lower
than she usually did in this position. She wanted to be sure that her
dog fucked her in the ass this time and not her pussy.

"Hurry, Jake! Fuck me! I know it's gonna hurt like hell ... my asshole
is so tiny and your cock is so huge and thick! But I don't care, I just
don't care! I need it! I want it! I'm ready for my first ass-fuck now,
Jake! Do it!"

It worked. Jake stared at his mistress' ass and he whined with
excitement. His cock grew harder and thicker. He sprang up and mounted
the teenager, digging into her shoulders with his forelegs. Babs felt
the furry underside of her dog's body pressing against her naked back,
and she shivered with anticipation.

She felt the dog's prick nudging against her cunt, trying to find
entry. But he was having trouble this time because the girl was keeping
her ass so low to the floor.

"No, Jake! Not my pussy this time! My ass! Here, I'll help you," Babs
said thickly.

She reached behind herself with both hands, gripped her ass-cheeks
tightly, and hauled them as far apart as she possibly could.

"See, Jake? See that sexy tiny hole? Doesn't that look tempting, Jake?
Wouldn't you love to shove your big hard cock right up that little
hole? Just think how good it will feel to you, doggy. Just think how
tightly it will grip your prick. It'll probably be the tightest fuck
you've ever had!"

Jake again tried to push his prick against his mistress' pussy-lips. He
whined in frustration, obviously wondering why the young girl was
suddenly not letting him fuck into her pussy.

"Oh, Jake, I can see that you need more help," Babs sighed.

She took one hand away from her ass-cheeks. With that hand, she gripped
the base of Jake's quivering cock and guided the throbbing cock-head
toward her asshole.

The instant that Jake felt the tip of his cock pulsing against his
mistress' asshole, he got the idea. With a loud bark, he thrust his
hard cock into her.

"See, Jake? This is my little asshole and I want you to fuck it! It'll
feel so good for both of us! All you have to do is - aieeeee! Oh
fucking God! It hurts soooo much!" Babs cried, her words abruptly cut
off by the painful entry of her dog's cock into her virgin asshole.

She screamed in pain and shock as Jake paused, letting his thick prick
rest inside the girl's tiny asshole. Babs' virginal asshole was forced
apart painfully around his invading cock.

"Ohhhhh, it hurts even more than I thought it would!" Babs whimpered,
tears of agony filling her wide, unfocused eyes.

Jake growled excitedly as he pulled his prick almost all the way out of
his mistress' asshole and then rammed it back into her.

"Yeeeooowww! It hurts! But I love it! I know the pain'll fade and it'll
feel really good! Keep it up, Jake! You're doing the right thing! Fuck

Jake continued to fuck her ass, thrusting his cock hard and deep into
her asshole with each inward lunge. Babs moaned and groaned with pain.
Her little ass was on fire from her dog's savage fucking.

A few minutes later, the sharpest of the pains subsided and Babs began
to turn on to her first ass-fuck. Jake's huge, hard prick was still
ripping her ass apart with a brutal intensity, and it still hurt. The
difference was that now Babs was enjoying it.

"Ohhhhh, yessss!" she moaned happily.

Her little pussy began to gush juice out between her swollen pussy-
lips. Streams of her thick cunt-sauce dribbled into her ass-crack,
nicely and wetly lubricating her cock-stuffed asshole.

"Fuck me!" she shrieked.

Her asshole grabbed hold of his reaming dog-cock as it fucked smoothly
in and out of her shit-chute. The dog whimpered and whined with bestial
pleasure as he felt her strong ass-muscles tugging at his prick,
pulling it deep inside her tiny asshole.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Babs screamed.

She began to thrust her ass-cheeks up and back to meet the delicious
fuck-thrusts of the Shepherd's thick, reaming cock. As the animal
continued to fuck her, Babs felt the electrical jolts of animalistic
pleasure shooting through her asshole. Her loins vibrated with

"I love it! It feels even better than I - more! More! Fuck my ass hard,
boy! Fuck it good and haaard!" Babs yelled as she thrust her ass back
toward the beast's pistoning prick.

She heard her pet's lust-filled whimpers and growls, and she could tell
that he was more turned on than ever before. She knew it was because
her ass was the tiniest hole he had ever fucked into. Her ass-walls
were clutching his prick tightly, and he loved it.

She shook her ass in a frenzy of bestial lust as Jake growled and fed
her asshole his long, thick prick. He shoved his cock into her shit-
chute until it was buried balls-deep between her firm ass-cheeks. The
tender walls of the girl's virginal asshole were stretched to the limit
around her pet's prick, and she loved the painful but pleasurable

"Ahhhhh, yesss, that's it, Jake! That's the way to fuck my ass for me!
It feels great! Fuck me haaaard!" she yelled, more aroused now than she
had ever thought possible.

Jake whimpered excitedly. He had never before fucked his prick into
such a tiny, gripping hole, and his entire furry body throbbed with the
sheer pleasure of it.

The German Shepherd slid his prick almost all the way out of his
mistress' asshole. Then, he fucked it in again to the hilt, his large
furry balls slapping lewdly against her ass-cheeks.

"Ungh, yessss, that's it, Jake! Ohhh, God, that feels soooo fuckin'
good! It's just what I neeeed!" the young blonde teenager cried,
frantically shoving her ass back and forth to keep pace with her pet's
violent fucking motions. Each time the dog rammed his cock home, Babs'
tiny asshole was right there to meet it, letting him fuck her shit-
chute deeply. She writhed and moaned in pleasure, knowing that her
orgasm was not far away.

"Yesssss, fuck my ass good and hard, Jake! Just like that! Yes! Just
like that! Fuck my ass for me! Fill it with your cum! I want to feel
your dog-cum shooting up inside my ass, lover!"

She groaned loudly, thrilling to the feel of her dog's huge, hard cock
obscenely filling her little asshole. Her ass-walls were forced to
expand with a mingled sensation of pain and pleasure.

"Yes!" She gasped with excitement as the lust-maddened dog continued to
thrust his hard prick in and out of her. She could feel the raging heat
from his cock.

The young girl clenched her strong, virginal ass-muscles around the
beast's cock. Then she unclenched them, letting the big dog-cock pull
out of her before plunging back inside her tiny asshole.

The teenager's cunt was pouring cunt-juice into her ass so fast that it
completely soaked her dog's prick and trickled down her naked thighs.
Jake's cock was swelling against the tensed walls of Babs' ass.

"Yesssss! Shove that big dog-cock of yours up my ass! Bury it to the
hilt each time!" Babs shrieked at the top of her lungs. "It feels sooo
sinfully good, Jake!"

She could feel her dog fucking powerfully all the way up into her guts,
and she shuddered with ecstasy. She squeezed the animal's fat prick
with the tight walls of her ass, expertly clenching and unclenching

Feeling his orgasm building, Jake began to ass-fuck his mistress even
harder now. He increased the pace of his thrusts, plunging his prick
hard and fast into Babs' quivering asshole.

"Ohhhhh, pleeease shoot your juice now, Jake! Shoot! Shoot! I can't
wait to feel you coming inside meeeee!"

Jake thrust his cock all the way up Babs' asshole, and ground it in a
little circle inside her.

Babs moaned with excitement as she felt her dog fucking her ass. She
moaned and groaned with pleasure, hardly able to bear the incredibly
intense sensations sweeping over her body.

Suddenly, the dog's loaded balls tightened up painfully against the
root of his cock, and she knew he was about to come.

"Ohhhhh, yesss, Jake!" the young girl cried, feeling his prick jerk
wildly against the clenching walls of her ass.

She could tell that her dog was about to reward her stretched-out
asshole with a delicious load of cum, and she could hardly wait to feel
it gushing inside her.

She tightened her ass-muscles even harder about his prick. Her ass-
walls crushed down hard on his dog-cock. Babs could feel her pet's
prick-meat throbbing deep inside her.

Suddenly, a large, hot wad of dog-cum spurted from the tip of Jake's
cock and shot up the teenager's trembling asshole. It was rapidly
followed by another wad, until spurt after spurt of the thick dog-spunk
was filling Babs' asshole.

"Ohhhhh, yesss! I feel it! All that cum! God, there's sooo much! I love

The thrillingly lewd sensation of her dog shooting his creamy load of
jism up her virgin asshole triggered the girl's own orgasm. She gasped
as she felt a huge climax crash down on her. As she came, her pet
continued to shoot his tremendous load of creamy cum into her.

"Aieeee! Yessss! Commiiinnngg! It feels sooo good, Jake! So does your
cum! Ohhhh, God, it's filling me all up! Keep shooting your cum while I

Her bestial orgasm rocketed through her body with incredible force,
leaving the teenager breathless and panting hard. But still she wanted
more. She thrust her ass back and forth wildly, savoring every erotic
feeling as it ripped through her loins. She sobbed with joy as her
orgasm continued to pound through her, filling her pussy and asshole
with more and more girl-cum. Her cunt-sauce mingled obscenely with
Jake's still-shooting dog-cum.

"Ohhhh, soooo good!" Babs moaned weakly, sinking forward onto the

Just before she passed out, she was aware that her dog's cock was still
shooting off inside her ass.
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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:55

Chapter 8

The next day, Babs told her sister Madge all about her late-night sex
session with their German Shepherd.

"Then what did you do after you sucked him off and swallowed his cum?"
Madge asked thickly.

"I got him to fuck my ass for me!" Babs said with a gleam in her eye.

"I guess what you mean is that you got him to fuck your pussy from
behind," Madge said, not sure that she had correctly understood her

"No, Sis, I meant just what I said," Babs said with a grin, enjoying
the idea of shocking her big sister. "I got Jake to fuck me right up my
ass! It was my first time, too!"

"Good God!" Madge gasped, feeling her little pussy beginning to moisten
with her cunt-juices. "Didn't it hurt?"

As she asked the question, she glanced across her bedroom toward the
doorway. Jake sat there, looking eagerly from one girl to the other.
Madge could see the dog's cock beneath his furry belly. It was hard. It
was throbbing. The sight of it made Madge's mouth water and she
trembled, wondering how in the world that fat cock could ever fit into
her sister's tiny asshole.

"Oh, yes, it hurt like hell!" Babs giggled, following her sister's

"Didn't you mind the pain?" Madge asked eagerly.

"Hell, no, Sis! You know how it is ... the pain just makes it more fun
when it has to do with sex," Babs explained patiently.

"Yeah, you're right," Madge said, smiling. "I know how it is."

"Talking about this has made me so horny!" Babs sighed, still eyeing
Jake's cock.

"Me too. Why don't we do something about it?" Madge said, licking her

"Good idea! Come here, boy! Let's all three of us get it on! Come here,
Jake!" Babs cried.

"Yeah, come here, Jake!"

The teenagers quickly stripped as Jake bounced toward them. Babs saw
the lust-filled expression in her dog's eyes. She and Madge were both
naked now and their tits were firm, their nipples already swollen with

Babs lay back on the bed and thrust her naked cunt upward, shoving her
plump pussy-mound up and out in an obvious invitation.

"Mmmmmm, I need my pussy licked!" she groaned.

Madge ran her moist tongue over her lips again as she glanced at her
sister's juicy pussy and then at Jake's jutting cock.

"Great idea! Lick her pussy for her, Jake!" the older girl cried.

Babs grinned and spread her legs. Her older sister dropped to her knees
beside her and leaned forward, beginning to lick Babs' tits. Her wet
tongue slid around the long, swollen nips with a deliberate, teasing
slowness. Babs groaned, feeling the sharp ache of lust sweep through
her. She lifted her crotch impatiently.

"Come on, Jake! My little pussy's so hot and wet! Lick it for me!"

As the German Shepherd moved between his mistress' legs, she drew her
knees up, lifting her pussy still higher by digging her heels into the
mattress. Jake lowered his hungry mouth.

"Yes, Jake," Babs hissed at the first touch of the dog's tongue.

She felt his tongue slide slowly up the parted lips of her cunt with a
light, feathery touch. Her entire body shivered with bestial pleasure,
and she spread her thighs even farther apart.

The animal's tongue moved downward, parting the girl's outer cunt-lips
with his probing tongue until it found her pulsing inner cunt-lips.
With a hard, relentless pressure, Jake's dog-tongue invaded his
mistress' cunt, boring into it.

Jake slowly stroked his tongue in and out of the girl's pussy, making
her ass jerk on the bed in ecstatic response. Then, he licked her clit,
his tongue lashing all over the girl's exposed cunt-meat.

"God, that feels soooo good, Jake! Eat meeee!"

Her hips thrust up and back in time with her pet's tongue-flicks. Her
lust-filled cries turned into moans and gurgles of pleasure as the
feelings grew more intense.

She felt her dog's tongue in her cunt and on her clit. She felt her
sister's tongue on her aching nipples. The combined sensation took the
girl closer to orgasm.

Madge wrapped her lips around one of her little sister's nipples,
sucking it hard. Then, she moved her wet mouth to the other pulsing tit
and sucked her nipple.

"Ohhhh!" Babs groaned, feeling the pressure of an orgasm building
inside her.

Her cunt-walls were throbbing and spilling out a steady flow of thick
pussy-sauce which Jake eagerly lapped up with his long, pink dog-

"Let me lick your pussy while Jake licks mine, Sis!" Babs gurgled a few
minutes later.

Madge quickly straddled her sister's head. She lowered her blonde cunt
down onto Babs waiting tongue. She ground her twitching pussy around
the teenager's stiffened tongue.

Babs felt powerful jolts of pleasure as her dog's tongue continued to
lick and fuck her pussy. She hornily tongued out her sister's cunt.

While her little sister ate her pussy, Madge used both hands to squeeze
and stroke Babs' tits. She groaned with the delightful sensation she
felt from Babs' hot tongue, which was now buried deeply up her pussy.

Jake had his snout buried in his mistress' cunt, ramming his tongue in
and out of it. He licked up all the juice which was steadily trickling
from Babs' pussy-hole. He growled as he felt the quick shudders of the
girl's pussy against his nose and mouth, sensing that she was about to

"Come, Sis! Hurry!" Madge panted, her head thrown back and her face
flushed. "I'm gonna come! Let's come together!"

"Unhhhhh, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna come too!" Babs squealed, humping her
crotch violently up against her dog's licking tongue.

The animal felt the furious churning of his mistress' hips, and the
rhythmic clenching of her pussy-muscles about his tongue. He licked the
teenager's clit as her pussy spasmed more.

"Ohhhhh, I'm coming!" Babs cried into her sister's gaping pussy,
continuing to eat out Madge's shuddering cunt.

"Ah! I'm coming now tooooo!" Madge squealed. "See? We're coming
together! That's great!"

Babs gurgled and moaned into her sister's orgasming pussy as the two
sisters came together.

"Suck my coming cunt! Suck it hard, you sexy bitch!" Madge cried

Babs sucked her sister's cunt for long orgasm-filled moments as the two
females came hard.

"I'm taking my pussy away from your mouth now, Sis." Madge said as she
slid off of her sister's face. "But now your mouth looks so sad and
empty. You need something in it. Close your eyes and I'll bring you a

Babs grinned and closed her eyes, wondering what her sister was up to.
She heard Madge whispering to their dog. Then, she felt Jake's tongue
withdrawing from her pussy. The next thing she knew, she felt the
animal's hard cock pushing insistently against the closed lips of her

"Oh, Madge!" she cried, her eyes flying open. "This is a real treat!
You brought Jake around to my face so I can suck his cock!" Babs
eagerly opened her mouth to receive her dog's prick. She whimpered with
fuck-lust as she felt the big dog-cock slipping between her teeth. She
gently nibbled the fat prick as it slid into her mouth. Then the
younger girl felt her sister's tongue thrusting hard into her pussy.

Madge had backed the German Shepherd up over her sister's face so that
his lower body was directly above her mouth. Now the dog shoved his
hips downward and growled as he felt the girl's palate slide
deliciously over his prick.

Babs groaned with pleasure as she sucked her dog's cock farther into
her mouth, tugging at it with her lips and cheeks.

Meanwhile, Madge stroked her sister's cunt with her long, thick tongue.
Her face was twisted with incestuous passion as she swallowed Babs'
delicious cunt-juice.

"Aaarghhh!" Babs groaned, thrilling to the dual pleasure of her dog's
cock in her mouth and her sister's tongue in her pussy.

She moaned, giving herself over to the complete enjoyment of the
perverse three-way act taking place. Her lips tightened around her
dog's prick as it slid in and out of her mouth. Her tongue swirled
around the retreating cock-head, sliding and licking as she sucked him
with hollowed cheeks. Then, Jake whimpered and drove his hard-on back
into her hungry mouth, full length, his heavy balls pressing against
her flaring nostrils.

Babs urged the animal on, her fingers digging into his flanks. He
steadily pumped his cock in and out of her mouth as she sucked him.

Babs moved one hand to the dog's balls. She cupped the twin globes and
rolled them about with gentle, caressing fingers. She felt the heavy
load of cum that she knew would soon be shooting into her mouth.

Jake increased the speed of his mouth-fucking, ramming his bloated cock
into his mistress' mouth at a furious pace now.

Babs groaned around his pistoning prick. Her cunt was about to orgasm
from Madge's steadily fucking tongue. Babs hoped they would all come

The young teenager worked her ass in quick, jerking motions, urging her
sister to shove her tongue still deeper into her juicy cunt-hole. At
the same time, she trapped Jake's dog-cock with just the head between
her teeth. She sucked him with hard, fast tugs.

"Ungh!" Babs groaned, feeling his big prick swelling and throbbing in
her mouth. She sucked still harder.

Just as Bobs' own orgasm forced her ass into a writhing frenzy of fuck-
lust, she caught the first thick blast of Jake's dog-cum shooting deep
into her throat.

She moaned, swallowing it, savoring the delicious taste and texture of
the hot dog-spunk.

While Madge fucked her tongue deeply into her sister's convulsing
pussy, Babs milked Jake's prick with her greedy lips, letting him drive
his cock all the way down her throat. Jake howled and one last spurt of
the tasty jizz spilled into Babs' cum-coated mouth.

The thrill of being sucked off while she herself was sucking a big hard
dog-cock overwhelmed the young girl. Her orgasm peaked and struck her
with intensity.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhhh, unngghhh, yehhhh!" she moaned, trembling all over with
the savagely powerful feelings of pleasure sweeping over her.

Thick hot cunt-juice shot out of Babs' tongue-fucked cunt-hole, and
Madge swallowed it eagerly. The older girl groaned happily as her own
orgasm crashed through her. Madge thrilled to the lewd sensation of her
little sister's cunt-meat spasming in orgasm around her tongue.

"Nooooo, Jake, noooo!" Babs groaned disappointedly as she felt the
German Shepherd pulling his cock from her mouth.

There was no more dog-cum for the girl to swallow, and when she opened
her eyes, she fully expected to see that her pet's prick had gone soft.
She looked at it and gasped. Then, she grinned, delighted to discover
that Jake's cock was still rock-hard and obviously more than ready for
a fuck.

"Oh, look, Madge! Jake's got another hard-on! God, just looking at his
fat cock turns me on all over again!"
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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

Post by jay » 16 Jun 2016 22:56

Chapter 9

Madge raised her juice-stained face from between Babs' splayed legs and
grinned at her sister. She smacked her lips, relishing the last traces
of the younger girl's cum.

"You're right. Jake's cock is still hard! Guess we'll have to do
something about that, won't we?"

While Babs watched excitedly, Madge lay on her back, her legs drawn up
and parted widely. Jake responded to Babs' push on his haunches, and he
immediately trotted over to the older girl.

"Fuck her, Jake! She needs it bad! Fuck your cock into her pussy!" Babs

The big German Shepherd caught the arousing scent of Madge's musky
pussy in his flaring nostrils and he whimpered wildly. Then he hovered
over her and drilled his hard cock into her waiting pussy.

Babs shifted her position to watch her pet's prick fuck her sister's
pussy. Her pussy was drooling with fresh cunt-juice as her dog's
swollen cock parted her sister's slick cunt-lips and slid into her
eager cunt.

"Whew!" Babs whistled, watching the folds of reddish cunt-flesh being
pulled inward by the pleasure of the mighty dog-cock.

Jake eased his cock deeper into Madge's clasping pussy-hole.

"Ohhhh, yeah, yeah, Jake, you got it! That feels great!" the older girl
squealed as she slowly rotated her juicing crotch. Her erotic movement
urged the dog-cock to enter her cunt even deeper.

Her tight pussy gripped his gigantic prick with a convulsive shuddering
of her cunt-muscles. It made Jake growl with excitement as he thrust
his cock deeper into the older girl.

Babs watched it all, licking her lips excitedly.

She felt her own pussy responding to the lewd sight, almost as if it
were the one being so deliciously fucked by Jake's cock. She moaned and
stroked her own tits as she watched her dog hunching his hips and
stroking his prick in and out of Madge's seething pussy.

The rutting animal withdrew his prick from the girl's wet pussy until
only its tip remained in her cunt-lips. Then, with a loud bark, Jake
plunged forward again, his furry loins slapping against Madge's crotch.

"God, I love watching this!" Babs gasped, lowering one hand to her own
crotch and starting to finger-fuck her aching cunt with two fingers.

Madge clutched the German Shepherd's flanks, pulling him downward as
her own ass wriggled upward. Her cunt eagerly embraced his hard cock
with a thrilling wet suction.

Babs saw that her sister was panting harshly now, and she guessed that
the older girl was going to come soon. Her own pussy was trembling
violently about her reaming fingers, and she knew she would soon feel
another powerful orgasm.

The younger girl thrust her fingers deeply into her cunt-hole,
squeezing them hard with her cunt-muscles. She moaned with excitement,
feeling cunt-juice seeping from her cunt. Watching her dog fuck her
sister turned the youngster on incredibly.

"Fuck me haaard!" Madge screeched, writhing erotically on the bed.

Babs saw her dog's prick slam hard into her sister's cunt, burrowing
deeper. And she saw it withdraw only an inch or so before ramming into
Madge again, hard and fast. Madge's hips quivered and jerked.

"God, I'm gonna come now!" Madge screamed, her face twisted with lust.
"Here it comes! Yeah! Commmiiinnnggg! Aaaaaah, sooooo good!"

Jake barked and pumped into the orgasming girl hard and deep as he came
with her.

"Wow! You're both coming now! I can see it!" Babs squealed, watching
the foamy dog-cum backing up out of Madge's cunt and running down the
girl's quaking thighs. Babs could also see her sister's pussy-juice
pouring from her well-fucked pussy with the dog-spunk.

Jake finished shooting his load and he backed up, withdrawing his prick
from Madge's cum-running cunt.

"Ohhhh, that felt good!" the older girl groaned, closing her eyes and
struggling to catch her breath.

"Awwww shit, I'm so frustrated! I didn't come!" Babs wailed. "I was
going to, but then Jake came and stopped fucking you. And I didn't get
that extra thrill I needed to push me over the edge!"

Madge propped herself up on both elbows and gazed down at the dog who
had just fucked her. Then she grinned.

"Looks like Jake's got just what you need to give you that extra thrill
so you'll come."

"What? What do you mean?" Babs asked, looking at her sister with a
puzzled expression.

"Look at his cock!"

"His cock is still hard! This dog is amazing!" Babs cried excitedly.
"Now he can fuck my ass and make me come."

"You're gonna let Jake fuck your ass?" Madge asked dazedly, beginning
to sit up now with renewed sexual interest.

"I'm not just gonna let him ass-fuck me, Sis," Babs said thickly. "I'd
beg him to do it for me! You have no idea how good it feels to have
that fat dog-cock up your ass! Now, you can help me get ready for that
dog's cock."

Babs lay face down on the bed and spreading her legs wide. She felt her
little asshole puckering between her trembling ass-cheeks as she
thought about being fucked in the ass.

"What do you mean? How can I help?" Madge asked, eyeing her sister's
asshole hungrily.

"I need you to get my little asshole all nice and wet for Jake's cock.
That way, he'll be able to fuck into me faster and easier and it won't
hurt so much either."

"But what should I use to get your ass wet? Should I get the jar of
Vaseline from the bathroom?" Madge asked naively.

"Well, we could do it that way. Or you could use your tongue," Babs
said, grinning.

"Oh wow! I hadn't thought of that! Yeah, let's do it that way!" Madge
said, kneeling behind her sister's ass.

Her head lowered and her little sister whimpered with pleasure as she
felt Madge's wet tongue beginning to bore into her tight asshole. It
wriggled and twisted its way in.

Babs felt the wetness of her sister's saliva soaking her asshole. The
tongue in her ass grew more demanding, moving deeper inside and
wriggling and circling about lewdly, arousing Babs powerfully.

Instinctively, Babs' hips pushed back, lifting her ass to receive the
girl's probing tongue. Every nerve of her sensitive ass-walls responded
excitedly to her sister's deep tongue-thrusting.

"Okay, I guess that's enough. I've got your asshole soaking wet now,"
Madge groaned, lifting her face from between her sister's ass-cheeks.

"Thanks, Sis," Babs said, laughing softly at the note of disappointment
in the older girl's voice.

Madge reluctantly moved away from her sister's ass and sprawled next to
her on the bed, stroking her wet pussy while she prepared to watch the
German Shepherd ass-fucking the younger girl.

"Okay, Jake!" Madge said thickly. "She's all yours now. Fuck her ass!"

Jake barked and moved rapidly between his mistress' widely spread legs.
Babs reached behind her with a little moan and gripped her ass-cheeks
in both hands, opening them up lewdly to the dog's cock.

Jake moved forward until the slitted tip of his prick was pressed
against the little circle in the cleft of the girl's trembling ass.
Then he pressed down, whining at the same time.

"Ohhhh, yessss, Jake, fuck my tight little asshole!" the young teenager

Her body jerked and her legs stiffened as she felt the big, throbbing
head of the animal's cock popping past her outer ass-muscles. The huge
prick slipped easily on into her asshole.

"Lucky dog!" Madge said, flicking her lips excitedly as she watched the
thrilling bestial action wide-eyed. "Your little ass is just made for

Suddenly, unable to stay out of the wanton act taking place before her,
Madge scrambled to her knees and crawled over behind the big German
Shepherd. As Jake shoved his prick into Babs' trembling asshole, Madge
shoved her tongue into the crack of his doggy ass, finding his asshole
with one skillful lick. She bored the tip of her tongue into the
animal's asshole, and Jake growled with pleasure as he finally shoved
his cock full-length into Babs' horny asshole.

"Yesssss! Aieeeee!" Babs screamed.

She squeezed her strong ass-muscles around her pet's invading prick.
The big dog-cock felt as large and thick as a battering ram inside her
ass. It was hot and thick, and pulsing with animalistic desire.

Jake whimpered as he began to fuck the young girl. He withdrew his cock
from her hot, lewd ass-grip, until only his bloated cock-head was
trapped in Babs' spasming clutch. Then he eased his fat prick in again,
creating friction against her tightening ass-walls and sending thrills
through the teenager's body.

Babs moaned excitedly. Her ass responded to the steady pistoning of her
dog's prick with increasing pleasure. She felt a hand moving beneath
her belly.

"Yeah, go for it, Madge!" she cried, lifting her hips and allowing the
older girl's fingers to find Babs' pussy-slit. Madge dipped her fingers
into Babs' pussy, stroking it hard from the first moment.

"Ohhh, yesss, it feels soooo good! Fuck my ass, Jake! Rub and squeeze
my pussy, Madge!" Babs squealed.

Jake rammed his cock home and began to fuck his mistress with a steady
pumping movement. His cock slid in and out of her asshole with
increasing pressure, each pumping fuck-stroke harder and deeper than
the one just before it.

Meanwhile, Madge was massaging her little sister's clit. She thrust two
fingers into the wet fuck-hole of Babs' pussy. At the same time, Madge
continued to lick and suck on Jake's exposed asshole. Hearing the lewd
wet sounds, Babs turned on even more.

Jake barked excitedly as he continued to fuck his mistress' ass. He
felt Madge's tongue shoving in and out of his ass, and his entire body

"Ohhhhh, God, this feels sooo fuckin' good!" Babs cried.

The big dog-cock moving in and out of her ass seemed to blend with the
caressing and thrusting fingers in her pussy. She moaned, her pussy
spewing out a steady stream of cunt-juice. The thick cunt-sauce ran
into the crack of her ass, too, where it soaked the animal's rutting

Babs worked her ass up and back to meet her dog's steady cock-thrusts.
She tightened her ass-muscles before letting him withdraw, only to
drive inward again, hard and deep.

"Unnggghhh, yesss, fuck me haaard, Jake! You're fucking my little ass
soooo goddamned good!" she cried lustily.

Jake barked, as thrilled by the sound of lust and pleasure in his
mistress' voice as by the obscene ecstasy of her tightly squeezing ass-
muscles around his prick.

"Yeah, keep fucking me hard and fast until we both come, Jake!" Babs
hissed between clenched teeth. "Ooooh! And your fingers are fucking my
cunt so fantastically, Madge! Keep doing that! And rub my clit harder!
Both of you - make me come!"

Jake bent the top part of his body over the girl's naked ass. His hips
pounded his engorged cock into her clutching ass.

Madge continued to strum the younger girl's clit with one finger while
thrusting two fingers in and out of Babs' clenching pussy-hole.

Jake's prick suddenly lurched wildly against the walls of his mistress'

"He's gonna come!" Madge cried excitedly, her mouth still pressed
against the dog's asshole.

"Yes! I know! I feel his cock jerking all over inside my ass! I can't
wait! I want to feel his dog-cum shooting up my asshole!"

As the dog's thick cum exploded into his mistress' ass, Babs' own
orgasm blended with his in a climax which left the girl gasping with
pleasure. As waves of bestial orgasm crashed down on her, Babs felt her
pet's jism continuing to spurt deeply into her convulsing ass.

Madge groaned against the dog's asshole. She stabbed the full length of
her tongue deeply into his asshole, feeling it shudder uncontrollably
against her mouth as the animal continued to come.

Suddenly, Madge felt her own pussy explode in orgasm. She wrenched her
mouth away from Jake's quivering ass so she could scream loudly as she
came, her fingers still fucking in and out of her sister's climaxing

A short while later, Jake was asleep, his cock finally having gone
soft. He was curled up in a ball in the middle of the big bed, with the
two teenagers on either side of him.

"Well, looks like he's out of commission for now," Madge said sadly.

"Yeah, guess so," Babs sighed. "But Jake's entitled to a rest after
everything we put him through. Let's take a little nap ourselves. Then,
by the time we wake up, maybe his cock will be hard again, and we can
have some more fun!"
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Re: Sister's Horny Dog

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Chapter 10

Babs and Madge slept almost two hours. When they awoke, they saw that
the big dog was awake, his tail slapping vigorously against the bed.
Babs moaned softly when she recognized the sex-hungry look in her pet's
eyes. She knew without a doubt that the handsome German Shepherd was
ready for more action with the two girls.

"Hey, you were right, Sis!" the older girl squealed. "Jake's got
another hard-on!"

"Yeah, so I see," Babs said softly, feeling her cunt growing moist with
renewed bestial lust.

"I've got a great idea! Be right back!" Madge suddenly cried, springing
up from the bed and dashing naked from the bedroom.

Babs fondled Jake's dog-cock while she waited for her sister to come
back. She stroked the entire length of the animal's stiff prick,
feeling it pulse beneath her touch.

"Oh, Jake, you're really horny now, aren't you?"

Jake whined in response. He had awakened a short time before the girls
had. Now he was filled with fresh energy and a raging desire to fuck.

Babs spread her legs wide, feeling an erotic heat escaping from her

"You look so sexy like that, Sis!" Madge said with a grin, returning to
the bedroom with a carton of milk in one hand and a container of
whipped cream in the other.

"Thanks," Babs responded, her eyes on the objects in her sister's
hands. "What are those things for?"

"You know Jake," Madge laughed. "He's always trying to get some of our
dessert after dinner."

"Yeah, he's got a real sweet tooth, all right!"

"Right. And you know how much he loves milk," Madge said, still

"Oh, yeah, he loves milk, but we don't let him have it too often. Dad
says it isn't good for him."

"Right. So if he could have some milk now, it would be a real treat for
him," Madge said, putting the milk and whipped cream down on the table
next to the bed.

Then, she sprawled naked on the bed next to the German Shepherd. Babs
was still fondling his cock and balls.

"Yeah, it would be a treat all right," Babs said. "But why worry about
food now? I mean, I thought we were gonna fuck with him!"

"Oh, Sis," Madge said with a little laugh, "sometimes you are so naive!
Don't you get it? We're gonna use this milk and whipped cream to really
turn this dog on! We're gonna fuck all right! And these things are just
gonna make it more fun!"

"You mean - "

"Yes. After all, if Jake likes to suck pussy, and you know he does -
and if he likes to eat milk and whipped cream - just think how much
he'll get off on eating that milk and whipped cream off of our bodies!"

"Wow!" Babs said huskily as she took in the full meaning of her
sister's words.

She felt her pussy quivering with excitement.

"Lay back on the bed now, Sis," Madge ordered, reaching for the whipped

Babs obeyed at once, eager to find out all about this new way of making
it with her dog. She spread her legs and arms wide in a gesture
symbolizing her complete surrender to the lust that pounded through her

Madge giggled as she sprayed a small glob of the thick cream on one of
her sister's nipples.

"Ooooh! Cold!" Babs said with a little giggle of her own.

Jake watched the two girls with a great deal of interest.

Madge sprayed another dollop of whipped cream on her sister's other
nipple. Then, while Babs moaned and whimpered softly, the older girl
sprayed some of the whipped cream down from Babs' tits, over her flat
tummy, and down to her crotch.

Babs gasped, feeling the sweet cream on her pussy-mound, coating her
pussy-fur. She moved one hand down to her cunt, beginning to stroke her

Her sister continued to spray the whipped cream over her body, now on
her naked thighs. Babs moaned, thinking that those spurts were like the
spurts of pussy-juice pouring out from her aroused cunt.

She continued to pull and stroke her clit, feeling her pussy grow
wetter with her own cunt-juices. She spread her legs wider, lost in
lust. She heard Jake's excited whimpers and her own moans, and she
rubbed her clit harder.

Madge sprayed a glob of whipped cream directly onto her sister's pussy-
slit. Then she put the container back on the stand and knelt beside
Babs, panting hard with her own lust.

"Go on, boy!" she called to Jake, whose entire body was trembling with
sexual anticipation. "Eat!"

Jake moved forward and Babs groaned as she felt the dog's mouth on her,
beginning to eat the sweet, delicious cream. Jake started with his
mistress' tits. He moved his lips and tongue over one of her nips and
licked up the tasty cream, swallowing it eagerly.

Babs heard the dog slurping and licking and swallowing loudly, and the
lewd sounds aroused her. Even after her nipple was clean, the horny
German Shepherd continued to lick it, his rough tongue scraping it raw.

"Yeow!" Babs squealed but then she laughed, loving the mix of pain and

Still kneeling next to her sister, Madge laughed too. She moved one
hand down between her legs and began to fondle her own pussy while she
watched the erotic action between her sister and the dog.

Now, Jake moved his mouth and tongue to the girl's other nip, starting
to lick up the whipped cream there. Jake whined with excitement and
pleasure as he lapped up the sweet cream. And, again, he continued to
lick the sensitive nip even long after there was no more cream on it.

"Ohhhhh, yesss," Babs hissed between clenched teeth, again feeling the
lewd sensation of her pet's dog-tongue scraping her nipple raw.

Jake moved his head down, working his tongue over the younger girl's
tummy, lapping up every trace of the thick, sweet cream. As his mouth
moved closer to Babs' cunt-mound, to the pussy hair that was thick with
whipped cream, she sighed, trembling with anticipation.

"He's almost there, Sis! Just hang on! He'll be licking your pussy in a
few seconds now!" Madge groaned, stroking her clit and knowing that she
would be coming very soon.

Her body tensed as she tugged on her clit, feeling her own pussy-juices
flooding into her pussy.

"Oh, Sis, this was a great ideal! It feels so good!" Babs moaned,
writhing beneath her pet's licking tongue.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll just bet it does!" Madge responded eagerly.

The older girl decided that if not that day, then some time soon, she
would be the one lying there naked, covered with whipped cream, while
the big dog licked it off of her.

"Oh! He's touching my pussy with his tongue now!" Babs squealed as she
felt her pet's tongue on her pussy-mound, eagerly scooping up all the
whipped cream and swallowing it.

Babs heard her dog whimpering with lust. She knew that her pussy tasted
even sweeter than usual, thanks to the thick cream, and she felt glad
that she was able to give her loving pet such a special sweet treat.

Jake's tongue was running up and down the length of Babs' pussy-slit
now. Babs gasped, feeling his rough tongue against her pussy-flesh. He
licked up all the cream and then moved down her thighs. When every
trace of whipped cream was gone, Jake sat back on his haunches,
smacking his chops.

"You didn't get to come, did you?" Madge asked with concern.

"Nooooo, and Jake stopped licking meeee!" Babs whined woefully. "Do
something! I've gotta come!"

"Don't worry, Sis. I'll take care of it!" Madge said with a sudden
grin. "Hold your pussy-lips open as wide as you can!"

"What?" Babs asked dazedly, not understanding what her sister had in

"Don't ask questions, not if you want to come! Just do what I say! Grab
your pussy-lips with both hands and spread them wide!"

Madge reached for the container of whipped cream again.

"Okay, okay," Babs said, a little offended by her sister's impatient

But she did what she was told, knowing that she could count on her
sister to help her come. She gripped her pussy-lips, her fingers
slipping on the slick pussy-juice that coated them. Then she spread
them far apart.

"Good girl," Madge murmured, squirting a big glob of whipped cream
directly on her sister's clit.

"Yeegawwwdd!" Babs squealed, feeling the cold cream coating her clit.

"Now we'll just see what happens when Jake gets a whiff of that whipped
cream. Keep your pussy-lips open so he can smell it, Sis!" Madge said,
returning the whipped cream container to the bedside stand.

Jake sniffed the air, trying to determine where the tempting aroma was
coming from.

"Here, boy, right here!" Babs cried, hauling her pussy-lips even wider

Jake lowered his head and his tongue shot out. He licked the whipped
cream all up from Babs' clit and then, just as he had done with her
nipples, he continued to lick her hard.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" Babs screeched, gasping with pleasure.

Her entire body tossed on the bed as she came, her pussy-juice flooding
her pussy and running down her legs. Jake licked all of that up, too,
his tongue moving from her clit down to her thighs, and then back up to
her pussy again.

Madge started to play with her own pussy again until she came, too.

"I'm commmimnnggg toooo, Sis!" she yelled, waves of orgasm sweeping
through her body.

Jake whimpered lustily, continuing to lick his mistress' cunt. He felt
her spasming in orgasm against his tongue and lips, and he whined
hornily, his cock growing harder and thicker.

Babs squealed with excitement and humped her pussy up high, arching her
back at the same time. He continued to lap at her pussy while the
teenager thrust her crotch up against his, her pussy-juices coating his
long, pink tongue. Babs wrapped her legs around the animal's furry

Jake made wet, lewd slurping sounds as he licked the youngster all
through her orgasm. Babs squealed and trembled. Madge watched the whole
thing, her own orgasm leaving her breathless.

The instant Jake pulled his mouth away from Babs' pussy, Babs sprang
up. She pushed her sister down onto the bed, making her sprawl onto her
back, as she reached for the carton of milk.

"Your turn, Sis!" Babs cried.

"What are you - "

"No questions! Just lie there and enjoy!" Babs said with a grin,
knowing that Jake was sporting a delicious-looking hard-on beneath his
furry belly.

Babs raised the opened carton of milk high above Madge's body. She
tipped the carton and poured some of the milk onto her sister's tits,
then her tummy, and finally her pussy. She poured an especially large
amount of the creamy milk directly on Madge's pussy. At the same time,
the older girl spread her pussy-lips wide with both hands so that the
milk coated her inner cunt-meat and her clit.

"Ooooh! That feels so obscene! I love it!" Madge squealed, tossing and
jerking on the bed.

"Do it, boy!" Babs cried, moving back from her sister. "Lick the milk
all up, Jake!" Jake's nose quivered with excitement as the dog smelled
the milk. He barked once and then moved in between the older girl's
legs, swirling his tongue all over her milk-coated nipples.

"Yesssss!" Madge hissed. "That's sooo good!"

"It looks good," Babs murmured, thinking how sexy her sister looked
with the rivulets of milk flowing down her naked body.

Babs sat back on her heels, stroking her pussy with both hands while
she watched her dog licking the tasty milk off her sister's body.

Jake whimpered with pleasure as his tongue moved from the older girl's
tits down to her tummy and finally to her cunt. He lapped up all of the
milk covering her cunt-mound. Then, while Madge continued to keep her
pussy-lips wide open for him, Jake swished his tongue all over her
inner cunt-meat, focusing on her milky clit.

"Yeeeeooowww! I'm coming!" Madge squealed, lifting her ass up from the
bed and humping her orgasming crotch up against the German Shepherd's
mouth and tongue.

Babs watched her sister orgasming beneath the animal's obscenely
licking tongue. She fingered her clit and felt her entire pussy shudder
uncontrollably as her own orgasm crashed through her.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" Babs cried loudly as she collapsed forward, across
her sister's shaking body.
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