My dad & Me

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My dad & Me

Post by Jemsbond » 18 Jun 2016 22:56

My dad & Me

My Mom & Dad have always been party people, and have always been very
sexually active... actually, they're just plain horny-as-hell. I had
seen my Mom & Dad fucking, Mom giving Daddy head, and was used to
hearing things like: "Suck that big cock - you horny slut!", or "Fuck me
harder, or I'll have to fuck all your friends!". When I was 9 years old,
my 1st REAL introduction to sex happened.

It was a Saturday night and Mom was passed-out cold in bed from
drinking, and my Daddy was getting drunk with 2 of his friends and
watching XXX porn tapes. Daddy, Tom and Eddie were getting loud & lewd
(as usual), and I could hear them talking about how nice it would be to
gang-bang a virgin. I was playing with my Ken & Barbie dolls when I
heard Daddy call out "Jenny, come on in here with Daddy, Sweetie!", so I
went in and he pulled me onto his lap. As soon as my ass hit his lap - I
could feel his huge hard-on underneath me, and I knew he was
horny-as-hell. Daddy looked at his 2 buddies and said "This little
sex-kitten is going to be even hotter, hornier and dirtier than her
Momma... aren't ya, sweet-thing?", and I nodded my head as he carressed
my thighs and told me to watch the movie & learn.

As I observed the woman on-screen hungrily devouring 2 men at once, Tom
& Eddie remarked about how sexy I was and how they would like to see me
naked on all-4's. My Daddy kept carressing my thighs higher & higher
until he was rubbing my crotch, and I remember feeling good about what
was happening - I was the center of their attention, and I was loving
it. Daddy told his friends that my body felt just about ripe for sexual
plucking. They laughed and told him to strip me down and "pluck-me", and
they kept ranting about how much they would love to see me get "plucked"
right then & there. My body tingled nicely as Daddy stroked my crotch
and I watched the woman in the movie slurping-up cum from a man's cock
like she was dying of thirst, I thought about how good it must feel to
have a man cum in my mouth and how great it must taste.

Daddy began kissing my neck and as I got lost in the sensual pleasure,
he pulled my shirt off in one quick move and tossed it across the room,
saying "There now, let's see how beautiful & sexy my baby girl is. Stand
up so we can admire you." I was stunned as I nervously stood in front of
them wearing only a pair of short-shorts, but as they praised my body as
sexy & irresistable; I began feeling very good about showing my body.
Daddy had me turn slowly for them as all 3 men talked about my pretty
face and sexy ass, etc. I began to really enjoy making them happy &
horny, and soon Daddy said "Take it all off, huney. Show us that sexy
ass & pretty little pussy!" My adrenaline was going through the roof
from the excitement, and I slowly eased my shorts & panties off for the
3 men that stared at me and stroked their crotches.

Daddy let his friends feel me all over, and my head was reeling from
excitement as big adult hands were roaming all over my tits, ass &
pussy. Tom & Eddie told me how bad they wanted to fuck me and how much
they wanted me to suck their dicks, and all of a sudden, Daddy picked me
up into his arms and said "Well guys, yall need to find a little girl of
your own. We're going to bed, and you 2 need to lock the door on your
way out", Tom & Eddie cussed & grumbled at Daddy as he carried me to my
bedroom. I could hear the door slam loadly as Daddy laid me on my bed,
turned-on my nightlight, and stripped in front of me. I was convinced
that he was going to rip my pussy wide-open when I saw his enormous cock
spring out of his pants as he slid them off. Daddy climbed on top of me
and told me how much he loved and that he needed me. He french-kissed me
for the 1st time and rubbed his cock all over me, and said "Spread your
legs apart for Daddy, Baby. I'd love to fuck you but young too young &
small for that, so Daddy's gonna give you some REALLY GOOD feelings
between your legs", and I spread my legs wide apart for him.

Daddy began licking my pussy & asshole, and I couldn't believe how
incredibly GREAT it made me feel. He began inserting his tongue into my
virgin pussy and making "Mmmm" sounds that vibrated through my body and
almost made me convulse. He eventually licked his way up to my tits and
sucked my nipples, and he told me that I tasted as good as I looked, and
there was nothing I wouldn't have done for him at that point. He got up
and stood at the edge of my bed with his massive cock pointing at me and
said "Come and sit on the edge of the bed and enjoy Daddy's dick. Just
feel my dick and my balls at first, and then I'll let you suck it". I
did as he said (without hesitation) and I loved getting to see & feel a
man's cock up close for myself. He then instructed me to lick his cock &
balls and feel his ass, and once again, I wasted no time following his
requests. Soon Daddy was rubbing his cock all over my face and telling
me how good I looked with his cock in my face, and then he gave me the
instruction I was waiting for.

My Daddy tilted my head back so I could look at him and he said "Open
your mouth real wide and stick out your tongue, and I'll let you suck my
dick now", and I quickly accomodated my mouth for my Daddy's cock. He
laid the head of his huge cock onto my tongue and pushed it forward into
my mouth, and I remember feeling the warm & tender flesh of his hard-on
fill my mouth with wonder & joy, and my body tingled all over. I felt
like this was the moment that I had always lived for, and I gagged
slightly as he slid his shaft into my mouth. I was upset that I couldn't
get more of his cock in my mouth without gagging - so I kept trying to
deep-throat like the woman in the porn movie. Daddy said "Take it slow &
easy baby, and don't scrape your teeth against it. Just relax your
throat muscles and let Daddy's cock fuck your pretty mouth". Before too
long Daddy was sliding half of his cock in & out of my mouth, and
jacking-off the other half. He kept telling me how good I sucked cock
and that he has been wanting to cum in my mouth for a long time.

My jaws began to ache from being stretched and I could feel Daddy's cock
begin to throb & pulsate in my mouth, and he told me that he was going
to shoot-off in my mouth soon and that he wanted to see me swallow his
cum. I was more excited than I had ever been as he panted, grunted and
moaned out "Yeah, suck it baby! Suck Daddy's big, hard cock and swallow
my cum!", and then it happened. Daddy's 1st spurt went straight down my
throat before I knew what happened, and then the other spurts began
filling my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could - but it was difficult
to swallow with my mouth wide open. Daddy yelled out "I'm cumming,
swallow baby - swallow! Daddy's cumming in his little girl's mouth!". I
choked a few times and cum ran from the corners of my mouth as he just
kept pumping more & more of his thick, hot sperm into my mouth. He
finished and rubbed my cum-coated cock all over my face as I panted, and
he told me what a great cocksucker I was going to be.

Daddy finally laid back into my bed beside me and thanked me for a
wonderful feeling, and he told me that he was still dying to get his
dick into my tight little virgin pussy. He assured me that when he
thought I was ready - he would fuck me good & hard, and he also told me
that until that day came; we could keep on doing what we just did, as
long as I didn't let Mommy know. We made a secret pact together that
night and we kept taking opportunities to go down on each other whenever
we could. Mom never found out, and on the night of my 11th birthday -
Daddy finally busted my cherry for me. When I was 12 Mom caught me &
Daddy fucking in the livingroom floor, and although she was mad at
first, Daddy talked to her for a long time and then she was okay with
it. They have let me have supervised sex, and even let Tom & Eddie
gang-bang me on a few different occasions.
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My dad & Me



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