Twin sister's

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Twin sister's

Postby jay » 21 Jun 2016 19:34

Twin sister's

As he biked home fast after seeing off his parents at the railway station, 18-year-old Ravi kept thinking of his little sister Deepa. He knew Deepa would be awake, waiting for him, because she had promised him that she would let him taste her girlish charms after their parents went to Salem to attend the wedding of a friend's son. He already had a hard-on thinking of his lovely 18-year-old (twin) sister's hot pundai and her soft and shapely breasts. They had been into a newfound incestuous affair for the last few weeks, kissing each other, playing with and tasting each other's privates, hugging, etc., but which has not yet culminated into the 'real sexual intercourse'.

As soon as Ravi entered the house, Deepa grabbed him around the neck, and began ripping his shirt open. She'd really turned into a sex-hungry little nymph ever since her brother had shown her how pleasurable it is to have her breasts fondled and her 18-year-old pundai caressed by her loving and caring twin thambi!

Deepa was sucking on her brother's neck, and lightly pushing her tongue into his ear. Ravi could feel his poolu responding to his sister's onslaught. The blood began pumping into his poolu, and it began to grow, lengthen, pressing against the fabric of his pants.

"Deepa, ennoda poolu perisaayiduchu… nalla puluthikkittu irukku… adhai kaiyile pidichu uruvi vidu. Adhuvarraikkum naan unnoda azhagana, alavana mulaigalai kasakkiyum, nakkiyum, urinjiyum sugam anubavikkiren, unakkum adhu sugamayirukkumnu ninaikkiren."

Ravi pulled his sister around, and started kissing her hot little mouth, his tongue probing deeply. Deepa began to suck on Ravi's tongue, and she couldn't get over how wonderful it felt! If anyone had told her a week ago, that she'd be tongue kissing her own brother, she'd have thought they were crazy!

Deepa felt Ravi's hand unbutton her blouse (she had already taken off her dhaavani), and grab her left breast. He started to knead it, rolling the nipple between his finger and thumb. Ravi squeezed and pulled his twin sister's nipple, and twisted it really hard. He knew Deepa loved it! He couldn't twist or pinch it hard enough. Then Ravi bent his head and took his sister's mulai in his mouth and started sucking it like a child. Deepa's passions started raging as she felt her brother's warm lips engulfing her soft breast.

"Ravi… nalla vaaykulla muzhusa ennoda kaambai thinichikko. Naakala nalla sutthi nakku. Kaambai urinji kadi. Valikkaamma kadi… sappi urinju… aaah… appadithan. Hmm."

While still sucking his sister's breast, Ravi reached down, and pulled his sister's tight young asscheeks apart. He had a handful of her kundi in each hand, and he squeezed these really hard. Deepa could feel her koodhi juice flowing uncontrollably down her legs as her brother aroused her with his fingers.

With a bit of manoeuvring, Ravi could get his fingers into the crack of Deepa's kundi. His fingers ran up and down the crack, playing with his sister's tiny pink kundi oattai. Ravi would insert just a little bit of his finger there, and he could feel Deepa's kundi clenching and opening on his digit. He just loved it! The harder he pulled at his sister's kundi, the more turned on she got! It really turned him on, too!

"Ravi, kundikkulla ennada panre? Viralai medhuva viduda… unnoda echilala viralai eerampanikkoda… illenna… aaah… valikkudhuda… iru, naan konjam ennoda echilai vaikkiren ennoda kundiyile… hmm… ippo unnoda viralai vidu."

Deepa kept getting wetter and wetter. It seemed like everything Ravi did turned her on! She had put her own finger up her kundi before as she masturbated, but it never felt half as good as it felt when her brother stuck his finger in her puckering kundi. Deepa hoped that Ravi would stick his finger further up her kundi, and fuck it. She knew that her brother loved it, too, because he kept doing it over and over. She gasped when Ravi finally slid his middle finger into her kundi, all the way to the second knuckle.

"Yes!" she hissed between her clenched teeth, "Oh, Ravi, romba nalla irukkuda!"

"Enakku theriuymdi! Enakkum romba sugama irukku. Unnoda kundi romba tight… soodagavum irukku! Unnoda irukkamana pundaiya madhiri!"

Deepa began to unfasten Ravi's pants, and finally he helped her get rid of his shirt as well. Then he peeled off his sister's blouse and untied the knot of her pavadai. As the pavadai fell to the floor, Deepa stepped out of it and she was now completely naked in front of her brother. She grasped her brother's rigid rod with both of her hands. She could feel the blood pulse and pump. Ravi's chunni kept getting harder and bigger!

"Unnoda sunni evvalavu perusa irukku, Ravi!" she whispered. "Ivvalu periya sunni eppadida ennoda pundaikkulla pogum? Adhoda innum kooda adhu perusagum polarrukku!"

"Unnala mudiyundi. Unnoda koodhi ennoda sunniya muzhusa ulle vangikkum!" moaned Ravi, sliding two stiff fingers into his sister's slippery little slit. "Aamam… unnoda koodhi nichyama idhay ulle vangikkum! Unnai udanadiya ooakka venum; aana adhukku munnale, unnoda koodhiya nalla nakkaporen. Unnoda pundai vasanaiye thaniya irukku… summa sodhasodhannu eerama irukku… appadiye naakka pottu nalla nakka poren. Nalla nakkinappuramthan unnai naan ooakkaporen!"

Ravi backed his little sister to the bed. She lay on her back, and Ravi laid on top of her. He kissed her, moving his tongue around and around in her mouth. Ravi then began to kiss her behind her ears, and swirled his tongue over her earlobes. He moved to her neck, and felt his sexy little sister tremble! She was almost having an orgasm, and he hadn't really done anything, yet! God, his sister was a sexy lover!

He let his tongue and lips move from her throat to between her soft breasts. Ravi loved the shape of his sister's mulai! He thought they were just right for sucking on, and moved to the left breast to do just that! He sucked on her nipple for a while, then opened his mouth to swirl his tongue around it, finally clamping the stiff little bud between his teeth and sucked on it hard. As he nibbled her nipples, Ravi felt his sister shudder and moan with pleasure, a sure sigh she was ready for his chunni. He knew his sister was exceptionally horny tonight and he wanted to enjoy her sex to the maximum.

"Ravi, nee ennoda mulaia romba anubavichu sappureda… kaambai unnoda udhattale kavvi urinju… kadi… azhththamma kadida… naakala nakkuda… naay madhiri nakkuda naaye! Appadithaan! Innum vegama urinju!"

Ravi's hungry mouth then went to his sister's other mulai. He sucked and bit on this one, also, slipping his fingers into her pundai and rubbing her clit until she came, whimpering helplessly in orgasm. Her stomach muscles rippled, and she arched her back, so that her brother could get at her mulai and pundai that much easier!

"Ravi, nee mulaiya nakkinadhu podhundaa. Ippo ennoda kundiyayum koodhiyayum konjam gavanida. Koodhiparuppai nalla theyidaa… virala ulle vittu nalla kudainja romba sugama irukkuda… aaah… nallaaa!"

Ravi let go of her tits, and trailed down his sister's flat, heaving belly. He found the sweaty little cavern of her navel, and began licking and sucking on it. His hands found their way to her kundi, and he began pulling her soft young cheeks apart, squeezing and fondling them lovingly. He could feel his sister's virtually hairless young pundai rubbing on his chest. The smell of hot, adolescent pundai penetrating his nostrils, and his chunni lurched against the bed. As any brother who loves his sister, Ravi was getting extremely turned on by the aroma of his little sister's arousal. He lowered his head, and licked up the groove of her slick young pundai. It was sweet-tasting, and he gave her entire slit two more long, slow licks, probing her squirming little pundai-hole with his stiffened tongue. His sister's clit was very hard, and prominent between her tight little pundai-lips. Ravi licked it several times, flipping it back and forth, up and down, with his tongue. Deepa groaned and hunched her skinny hips up off the bed, trying to get her brother to suck her clit.

"Ravi… nalla nakkuda… naakaa ulle thalli poduda… udhattaale ennoda pundaiya nalla urinji thinnuda…"

Ravi knew what she wanted and immediately placed his mouth over the stiff little nubbin and began to suck hard. Deepa almost hit the roof, and he had to hold her down with his free hand across her tits while he vacuumed her little love-bud into his mouth. From time to time, he let his tongue flick across her clit, occasionally nipping the soft erection with his teeth, just the way he knew she liked it.

Sure enough, within seconds, Ravi felt his little sister having another orgasm, and quickly forced his tongue deep into her tight young pundai to taste her salty sweetness. As she squealed and humped her pundai up against his sucking mouth, Ravi wriggled his stiff tongue around and around inside her pundai, feeling her spasming pundai muscles tense and pulse.

"Pundai juice nalla irundadha Ravi?"

Deepa pulled her big brother up, and kissed him, tasting her own juices on his lips and tongue. She licked his face, savouring her own taste mingled with his. Before they had started getting it on, the only way that Deepa had ever tasted herself was when she sucked on her finger, after ramming it into her pundai. She liked her taste much better this way… but, best of all, she loved the taste of her pundai-juice fresh from her brother's big stiff chunni.

She rolled him onto his back and began to kiss his chest. Her mouth, alternating between kissing and sucking, worked its way down Ravi's heaving chest. She sucked hard on his nipples and then began to swirl her tongue around the inside of his navel, exactly as he'd just done to her.

Deepa could feel her brother's rock-hard chunni digging into her belly while she used her mouth on him. It throbbed for attention, and felt hot and ready. Her horny little pundai was getting that tingly, cummy feeling again, and she thought she might even have another orgasm just from sucking on Ravi's navel.

Deepa moved her wet, sucking mouth lower, and took just the head of her brother's huge chunni between her hungry lips. She tried to force her tongue into the little hole in the tip. Then she sucked really hard on the head. Her tongue found the sensitive underside of the circumcision where the skin joined, and massaged it wildly. This drove her big brother wild!

"Oh, Deepa," he moaned, "unnoda vaayale ennoda sunniya eppadi sappure… aah… appadithan… romba sugama irukkudi… nalla ooombudi, Deepa!"

Deepa lifted her mouth from her brother's stiff glistening prick and looked up into his lust-filled eyes.

"Oh Ravi, unnoda chunni taste romba nallave irukkuda. Naan idhuvaraikkum ippadi oru tastaane edhaiyum saappitadhille aaaha… enna taste!"

Deepa lowered her head back to Ravi's prick, and took it into her mouth again, sucking on the long, hard stalk lovingly. Then she licked it up and down like a popsicle, wetting it with her hot, slippery saliva. As her brother moaned in ecstasy, she moved down farther still, and began to lick and suck on his balls.

"Jaakiradhaidi, Deepa! Sunniyum kottaigalum romba menmaiyanavai. Romba vegama nalla kadichidathey. Mellama sappu, naakka suthiyum thadavi nakku… appadiye urinju. Sappu, hmm… appadithan, unnoda kaiyaale ennoda kottaiye leysa amukkividu. Kundiyayum nalla nakkudi… oru viralai ulle vidudi… appadiye sunniya kaile pidichu aattu! Kottaiya sappudi… vaykkulle vittukkodi!"

Deepa rubbed her soft fist up and down her brother's chunni while she sucked on his balls. This seemed to really get him hard, and Deepa decided to become more daring. Her tongue dipped lower and licked the area between his asshole, and his balls. Ravi couldn't believe he could feel this good. He moved his feet, and lifted a bit off the bed, giving her better access. Just as he'd hoped, his sister's tongue instantly found his asshole.
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Re: Twin sister's

Postby jay » 21 Jun 2016 19:35

Deepa darted her tongue in for a moment, hoping it did not taste foul. It didn't. In fact, it turned her on even more! She shifted her position a bit, and spread Ravi's asscheeks with both her hands, and stuck her tongue as far up her brother's tight anal orifice as she could get. She could feel his ass contracting and opening on her tongue. She left it in his tight hole, and moved it around. Then she fucked his ass with her tongue. She was so hot, she was almost cumming. Deepa tried to get her tongue up farther into Ravi's asshole. Soon, her lips were nestled in the crack, and her tongue could get no farther. She licked and sucked very hard. She couldn't get enough.

"Aaah… kundikkulla virali vittu vittu aattu… nalla ooombu… hmmm… aiyoooo… enakku kottidum pola irukkudi… vaadi, ooakkalam! Kaalai virichu unnoda attahasamana koodhiya kaattudi ennoda pundamavale!"

"Vaada Ravi, seekirama unnoda poolai ennoda koodhi kinathukkulle vittu neerai paichu. Nalla adi aazham varaikkum vittu kutthuda… unnoda kottai ennoda kundiyila idikkira madhiri ullavaraikkum vittu kutthuda mayiraandi… nalla vegama ozhuda… okkalaozhi!"

Ravi couldn't take it anymore. He reached down, and pulled his little sister up, getting on top of her. Then he guided his chunni into her wet, hot pundai. Deepa felt it sink into her. He felt so big! It seemed as if she'd never had her brother's prick this far into her tight little pundai before. She felt that she was in heaven.

Ravi began to move in and out of his little sister's pundai, speeding up, then going slow, moving almost all the way out, then sinking in to the hilt. His mouth found her tits, and he began to suck on them. His hand reached under her ass, and he shoved his middle finger up her hot little shitter till his palm rested on her tight little buns. Then he began to knead her soft young butt as he finger-fucked her asshole and reamed out her upthrust little pundai with his chunni.

"Ravi, kundikkulla viralai vittu attuda… unnoda poolu ennoda koodhiya ooakkira maadhiri, unnoda viralale ennoda kundiya oakkanumda… innoru viralayum ulle viduda… naan unnoda kundikkulla viralai vittu aaatava?"

Within seconds, his sister had another climax. She trembled and shook and moaned as she pummelled both her tight little holes. He was also getting very close himself.

"Ravi, nee ennoda vaayile ozhuthudu; nalla ennoda vaaya koodhi pola ninachu ozhu; vaaykulle unnoda poolu kanjiyai kottattum. Aamaam ennoda vaayile koduda unnoda sunniya… sunniyaaandi! enakku unnoda kanjiya nakki kudikkanum. Soodana unnoda kanjiyai kudikka enakku romba pidikkum. Ravi, seekkirama vaayila unnoda kanjiya kottuda, poolaandi. Please, Ravi. Nalla vaayila vegama ozhuthuttu kanjiya ooothuda," begged his sister.

Just talking about sucking his chunni was enough to finish her off and he felt his sister's soft pundai ripple around his chunni and her tight little ass grip his deeply-probing finger. Needing no more encouragement, Ravi pulled his rock-hard prick from her pulsing pundai, and directed it toward his sister's open, hot, panting mouth. He felt the head pass through her lips. He felt her tongue slashing his dick from all sides.

Deepa loved the taste of her pundai on her brother's chunni. It was the greatest. She couldn't get enough. She sucked and licked and swallowed as Ravi pounded his prick into her mouth. His whole length was in her and she felt him tighten. Seconds later, he moved his chunni so only the head was in her mouth, and torrents of sperm began filling her cheeks. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful, and still his jism was coming. She couldn't swallow it all, but she tried anyway. Deepa took her hand and began milking Ravi's chunni, trying to get every last drop. As he pulled his prick from her lips, a large white, gooey strand of jism looped from his prick to her lips. "Oh, Ravi hmm unnoda poolu nalla irukkuda! Unnoda sunniya oombaradhum kooda romba sugamave irukku. Unnoda ooakkaradhai vida oombaradhaithan enakku romba pidichirukku. Unnoda poolkanji romba taste!"

"Enakkukooda pundaiya nakka, unnoda koodhijuicethandi romba pidichirukku. Enakkum unnoda vaayila ennoda kanjiya ootharadhai parka pidichirukku! Aaanal unnoda pundaila ooakkiradhu oru vidhamana thani sugamthandi, yenna unnoda koodhi irukke adhu unnoda vaayavida tightaa irukku addhudhan karanam…" sighed her brother.

"Amaanda Ravi! Ennala vayala avvallavu tightaa oomba mudiyaradhillai. Vaay valikkudhu. Aana, koodhi valikkiradheyillai!" said Deepa, kissing him on the lips. "Ennoda koodhi juice ippo eppadiyirundhathu? Thenaattam inippa irundhathunnu poi solladhey. Yenna, enakku theriyum, adhu lesa oru madhiri pulippum uppum kalandha sollatheriya tasteuda! Pdichirundhatha? Ennoda 'dhooram' adutha vaaramthan varum. Adhuvaraikkum nee konjam poruthukkanum. Adhukkappuram, oru vaaram varaikkum nee ennoda koodhikkulla unnoda ishtam pola ookkalam, pundaikinarai unnoda sudu kanjiyala roppalam. Illenna nee ippo ennoda pundaiya ozhuthu kanjiya kottitiyana, naan garppamayiduven. Appuram ammavum appavum ooraikkooti nammalai kevalappaduthiduvanga. Adhanala oru vaaram varaikkum naan unakku ennoda vaaayalaye oombi sugam kodukkiren. Sariyaa? Ille, unakku tightaana oattaidhaan venunna, kundiadicchikko!"

"Ammandi adhudhan sariyinnu ninaikkiren," said Ravi sadly. "Deepa, namma appa ammakitte namma vishayathai sollidalamannu parkiren. Neeyum nanum oruthara oruthar kadhalikkiradhay sollittu nama kalyanam pannikkalam. Appurama naama nallaa dhinamum etththanai dhadavai vennumnaalum ooakkalam, oombalaam, nakkalaam. Naan unnai kalyanam pannikka aaasaipadurendi Deepa. Kundi adikkiradhu enakkum pidikkum, naalaikku naama kundi adippom. Sariya?"

"Aamaanda Ravi. Enakkumkooda idhu sarinnudhan paduthu. Naama edhavadhu oru vazhiya kandupidikkanum naama kalyanam pannindu ooakkaradhuku. Adhaippathi appurama yosikkalam. Appavum ammavum ooorulerndhu varra varaikkum naan unakku pondaatti, nee enakku purushan. Namma ishtappadi irukkalam. Adhu sari, naalaikku varaikkum edhukku kaathukkittu irukkanum? Ippove kundi adikkalama?"

"Aamandi, Deepa, ennoda azhagana, anbana pondaatiiye, unnai enakku romba pidichirukku, vaa innoru thadavai naan unnoda koodhiya nakkuren, nee ennoda sunniya ooombi nalla viraikka vai. Appurama naan unnoda kundiya nalla aazhama uzhaporren" said Ravi, kissing his beautiful sister passionately.

"Ravi, unnoda poolai oombaradhukku enakku romba pidikkudhuda… nee innoruvaati ooombunnu sollave vendaam. Un poolai viraikkavachu unnoda kottaiya kaiyaala pisainju, un poolai ennoda thondai varaikkum vittukkiren paar. Un kanjidhan enakku ippo thaagam thanikkira juice. Aana, kanjiya thondaiyiledhaan vidanum, kundiyile ille, sariya?" And she started sucking him.

"Deepa, nee oombinaa mattum podhuma? Enakku unnoda koodhiya kodudi… naama rendu perum ore samayathile vaayala sugam anubhavikkalam… thalai maathi paduthukko. Unnoda koodhiya en vaaykku nera konduvaadi… appadiye ennoda moonjiyile vachu theyyi. Naan unnoda azhagaana kundiya pidichi nakki unnoda koodhikkulle ennoda naakai vittu thoor vaarren. Nee ennoda poolai vaaykkulle pottu nalla kudhappi, kottaiya kayyale ammukkivitu poolai thondai varaikkum vaangi oombudi… oombi rani!"

"Ravi, nalllaaa… appadithhan… ennala pesa mudiyala… un saaman ennoda thondai varaikkum poyi varudhu!"

"Mudiyalainna solludi, naan en poolai eduthurattuma?"

"Ille venundaa… hmmm, hmmm… nee naakku velaya paaru. Naan un poolai nalla oombaren. Nee en kundikkulla viralai vittu aaatuda… kundiyayum nakkuda… ennala oombikitte pesamudiyadhu. En vaaya vegama oombaradha veche un naakaiyum adhukku ethapadi neeyum nalla ulle thalli pottu nakku. Paruppai nalla chappu. Urinjuda…"

"hmm… appadithaandi… ooombu… kundikkulle viralai vidudi… un kundikkulle viralai vidumbodhu valikkudha? Virale pogalenna ennoda sunni eppadidi pogum?"

"Illeda, valikkale… nalla vegama uttu aaatu… unnoda sunni kanjiya kottita, thirumba viraikka veikka neramagume? Kundiadichittu, appurama unnoda sunni thanniye kottumbodhu enakku vaaykku kodukkariya?"

"Saridi, ezhundhiru, nalla kavundhu padutthukko, naai madhiri kundiya thookki kaamidi… iru, unnoda kundiyila konjam ennaiya viduren… ennoda sunniyilayum nalla ennaya thadavi vittu, konjam uruvi vidu. Aaaha, enna sugamadi. Nee readya? Kundikkulla sunniya erakkattuma?"

"Pesama kundiyadikkiradhai paruda. Innum nalla kaala virichikkattuma? Mellama ulle sorugu. Unnoda vegathai nee kaamikkadhe… enakku valikkama sugam tharadhai mattum yosikkanum… aaaah… appadithaan… niruthu… mellamaaa… pudungi… innoru kaiyaa vachukkitu enna pundunguria? Moodhi… koodhiya thadavuda… mulaiaya nalla kasakkitte irukken… sugama irukkuda… innum konjam ulle azhuthu… aaaahhhhh… aaammaa… appaaadi… hmmm… innum ullle thallu… nalla 'full'aa ulle thallu… veliye edukkaadheyda… appadiye iru…"

"Konjam thirumbi ennoda udhattule muththam kodudi en kannukuttiye… hmm… naakkai nalla urinju… hmmm… mmm… mmmcccccccch… ippo unnoda koodhi paruppai naan ennoda kaiyyale theychi vidattuma? Nee unnoda mulaiya gavani. Naan unnoda koodhiya thadavuren. Nee eppo sariyinnu sollriyo, appo ennoda sunniya munnum pinnum aaataren…"

"Hmm… sarida, ippo vali kurainjidichu… medhuva medhuva veliye edutthu ulle vidu… aaah… appadithaan… innum… ahaaaa… aaah… aah… aaamaaanda… appadithaan… innum vegama… vegama… koodhiyile innum oru viralai, rendu, moonu viralai vittu vegama aaatikkite kundiyadi… aaaha… un poolu evvalvu ganama, sooda irukkuda… ammmmmma aiyyyyooo ennala thaanga mudiyalada… vegama adidaaaa innum vegama… aaahaha…"

"Hmm… unnoda koodhiyilerndhu thanni kottura madhiri irukke… aaaahhh"

"Aaamanda… koodhi pongirucchu… Onnada poolu thanni kottumbodhu… aaah… vaaayile… aaaah…"

"aaama kotta pogudhu…"

Immediately, Ravi withdrew his cock and moved at the hed of the bed and thrust his sunni into Deepa's mouth. But Deepa wanted Ravi to eat her pundai as well. So, she lied on her back and pulled Ravi's head towards her flooding pundai. They lied on each other on a classical '69' and started eating out each other. Ravi extended his tongue on her clit and to the entire crack, reaching the asshole. Deepa deep-throated him and sucked his sunni with all her might. There was no sound other than the slurping noise emanating from each other's mouth.

"Aah… Deepa, urinjudi… nalla urinju… appadithaan… sunni kottappogudhu… aah…" with all his might thrust his sunni into the mouth and spurted his kanji into her mouth. At the same time, he realised that Deepa's pundai also squirted its juices and his mouth was filled with the sweet cream that came in a stream.

"hmmmghhh.. slurp… slurp… hmmmghlllgh…" was the only sound that was heard for a few more moments. When his sunni stopped dripping, and went limp, he slowly withdrew it from her mouth, still licking her pundai. Her hips were still humping his mouth and he wildly attacked her clit. "Ravi… aaah.. nalla nakkuda… ennoda thenattama irukkura juice-ai nalla thagam theera kudi. Unnoda sunni kanji enn thaagathai thanichcha maadhiri en koodhineerala unnoda thaagathai thanichchikoda… aaah… innum kooda vegama nakku… urinju… eduththukkodaa… aaah…" and squirted one more load of her sweet cuntcream into his mouth.

Lying exhausted side-by-side, Deepa grasped Ravi's kundi with her hands and planted a passionate kiss on his limp sunni and sucked it once more before getting up. Standing on her knees, she slowly turned to face him, and smiled seductively. "Eppadida irundhathu? Enakku ennavo engoyo poyitta maadhiri irundhadhu… Oru naalaikku moonu dharma saapidara maadhiri, oru nallukku aaru dharam, korainjadhu aaru dharam un pool kanjiyai kudikkanumpola irukkuda. Enna oru taste, enna oru anubhavam… naan ninaikkiren ammavukkum indha maadhiri poolkanji romba pidikkumnu… adhudhaan ennoda 'gene'leyum adhu irukku." And she hugged him and they passionately kissed each other on their lips.

Ravi's hands slowly wandered to her tits and he twisted her nipples in a state of ecstasy.

Part 2 A week passed by…

Deepa was desperately waiting for her periods to start and it duly started. In the last week, when her parents were away, Ravi and Deepa enjoyed their lovelife without any hindrance. She let him eat her cunt almost every hour when they were at home; and, of course, when he was busy eating her cunt, she kept her mouth busy sucking his tasty sunni. Ravi was always horny and he was ever ready to service Deepa's pundai with his tongue and her kundi with his sunni. He made her use his creamy sunnithani or poolkanji as a body lotion and a facial cream and he consumed her koodhineer as a health tonic. They were frantically waiting for her periods to begin and once she finishes her monthly cycle, she would let him break her cherry by him much before the marriage. And they were also eagerly waiting for their parents to return from Salem. Sunday morning around 9.00 a.m., when they had enough time to clean themselves to look presentable, their parents returned. After usual enquiries, Ratna (their mother) asked Deepa whether they faced any trouble during their tour to which Deepa replied that there were none and the duo spent the whole week happily 'looking after' each another well. Ratna and Mani (their father) were pleased to hear this, however, as they did not know the hidden meaning in their statement. The day passed uneventful.

In fact, Deepa stressed to Ravi that they disclosed their affection and their incestuous relationship to their parents immediately on return, latest before lunch. Ravi somehow succeeded in putting it off till dinner. At the dinner table, they were about to take dinner. Ravi entered the dining room deeply engrossed in his thoughts how to bring up the topic before his parents. Deepa was still in her room, fingers crossed, and rehearsing for the turn of events.

Ravi heard some giggles from the dining room; his father and mother were sitting side by side and he wanted to know what's going on there. Silently, he waited outside and lent his ear to their discussion.

"Suma, Salem friend veetile irunddha iththanai naala orey kaduppa irundhadhudi… unnai konjakkooda mudiyale. At least oru muttham kooda kodukkaama naan nalla kainju poyitten. Seekirama sappittutu, pasangala avanga roomukku anuppittu bedroomukku vaa. Keezhe mayirellam eduththitte ille? Sollikitte irundhe veetukku ponavudan keezhayum, akkullayum irukkara mayira edukkanum nu, eduthittiya? Naan indha oru vaarathile naalu dhadavai anga bathroomile kaiadichchen. Nee eppadi?"

'Summa irunga… pasanga kaadhile uzhundhudapogudhu. Enna avvalavu avasaram? Kaiya vachchukkittu gammunnu irungalen. Raviyo Deepuvo vandhudapporanga. Avanga roomle light erinjikkiturukku. Eppo venunnalum avanga vandhuduvaanga… aaah…. Ennanga… ippadi kilreenga. Appa enna avasaram?"

"Suma, unnai paatha rendu pasangalukku ammava, adhuvum 17-16 vayasu pasangalukku ammava theriyave illaidi. Ippodhan vayasukku vandha kuttiyaaatam 'chik'nnu irukke. Adhuve paadhi enakku aasaiya kilappi vidudhu. Adhoda, oru vaarama unnoda 'pu'ya paarkalaiya, 'ku'va thadavalaiya, enakku vegam thaangamudiyalaidi. Eppo nee ennoda 'su'vai chappuvennu kaathittuirukken. Nee yen ennai purinjika maatengarey?"

Though they were talking as if whispering to each other, Ravi could hear every syllable clearly and was shocked to note that their parents are equally horny as the siblings. Ravi remembered what Deepa told about 'gene', and smiled to himself. He tiptoed to Deepa's room and silently signalled her to follow him on tiptoes to the dining room. On the way, he told her to be silent and watch their parents from behind the screen. Exactly at that moment, Suma let Mani kiss her lips passionately while her hands were hugging him tightly against her, crushing her big boobs on his chest. Ravi and Deepa did not wait for a moment and they just went back a little and with some loud noises and talking something they started walking towards the dining room. When they entered the dining room, they found their parents a bit nervous and were trying to hide their embarrassment. Deepa asked her mom what is being served for dinner. Her father told her, "Pona vaaram poora unnoda ammavoda saapadu illaama naan romba thindaadi poyitten, Deepa. Innaikkudhaan nalla saapadu kidaikkapogudhu." And Ravi noticed that his dad smiled wickedly towards his mother and winked at her. His mother suppressed her embarrassed smile and started arranging the platters.

Deepa being the elder, she took the cue to open the topic. She slowly asked her mom, "Amma, naan oru vishayam solla poren. Neeyum appavum idhuku eppadi 'react' pannuveengannu ninaichale konjam sangadamathaan irukku. Irundhalum, 'reality'nnu onne irukke. Adhunala naan solla poradhai konjam ennoda & Raviyoda mana nilailerndhu parkanum. Kobappadama naan solradha konjam ketkanum."

Mani trying to avoid any interruption in his programme with his wife said, "Innaikku romba 'tired'a irukkuda kannamma… adhoda journeyla sariya thoongaama vandhoma, innaikku endha vishayamum discuss pandra moodle naan illa. Ammavum appadithaannu ninaikkiren. Adhanala naalaikku adhappatthi yosippome…"

But Ratna was somewhat alarmed at this opening statement and asked "ennadi nadanthadhu? Edhavadhu thirttu poyidhutha? Yaaravadhu vandhangala? Enna asambavidham nadandhadhu? Dhideernu ennadi sollare?"

"Nee konjam avasarappadadheydi. Yenna, ella porulum irukku. Edhuvum thiruttupogale. Ivanga rendu perum nalladhaan irukkanga. Adhanala bayappadumbadiyaa ille adhirchiyadayara maadhiri edhuvum irukkadhunnu naan ninaikkiren. Deepu, nee sollumma."

"Adhu ellam illamma, edhuvum thiruttu pogale; thappa edhuvum nadakkale. Aaana, amma, naan yenna solla vandhennu therinja…"

Ratna was about to ask her to out with it; but seeing that Mani was getting restless in continuing with this any more, she immediately said, "Chellam, adhu edhuva irundhalum nee naalaikkuvaraikkum poruththiru… naanum konjam 'tired'aathaan feel pandren. Kettu oru mudivum udane edukka mudiyathu. Enakku nalla thoonganum, rest edukkanum. Adhanala naalaikku pesikkalameda kannu."

"Sarimma, naalaikku enakku konjam time odhukki kodu. Naan pesa vandha vishayam romba mukkiyamanadhu. Adhu romba sikkalana vishamunkooda. Good night, amma. Nalla thoongi rest edu."

Ravi immediately understood what is in his parents' mind… they want to go to their bedroom as early as possible to make up for the loss of the last week's abstinence. But, as Deepa had not overheard the passionate dialogue between her parents, she started to bring up the topic. But, as her father stopped her once again and shot an indifferent look at her, she started having her dinner. After dinner, Mani went to the balcony for a cigarette and Ravi left for his room and switched on the TV. Deepu helped her mom in cleaning the table and clearing the dishes. When she too moved to her room, she noticed her mom was somewhat suspicious of her idea. She told her,

Deepu left for her room; on her way, she peeped into Ravi's room. Ravi was watching some sports channel in the TV and had a magazine on his lap. He was wearing a lungi and a munda banian. She went to her dad's room where he saw him removing his banian and was lying bare chested on the cot. He too was wearing a lungi; she was aware that he was not wearing anything underneath. She bid him goodnight and entered her room. She felt highly embarrassed to bring up the topic to her parents. She wanted desperately to be with Ravi. She slowly came out of her room and went to the kitchen to fetch a bottle of cold water from the fridge; but exactly to check whether her mom had gone to the bedroom or not. She did not find her mom there; she took a bottle of cold water and while returning to her room, she saw her mother entering their bedroom with a glass of warm milk for her dad. She had changed into a cotton nightie; though it was not so flimsy, she could notice that there was not petticoat under it nor was she wearing any bra. She wanted badly to be in the embrace of Ravi when she realised what is about to happen in her parents' bedroom in another few minutes. She silently walked to her room and closed the door and locked the latch. She listened quietly and heard her parents' bedroom being closed and locked. After a few moments silence, she slowly opened the door, tiptoed to their bedroom and stood near the door. She listened intently to hear any noice or any dialogue. There was none but the gentle tingling noise of bangles and rustling of clothes. She could understand that her impatient father has started fondling his dear wife. She turned away and tiptoed to Ravi's room; to her astonishment, his door was not open. She gently pushed it and it opened a little. The sound from the TV was just a whisper and the sports channel has been switched to some English movie channel where a couple were lying on the bed and talking something. Ravi had removed the banian too and was sitting on the cot, with his lungi moved well above his knees, showing almost his entire thighs. She slowly pushed the door open and called "Ravi" with as little noise as she could make. Ravi jumped from the cot, and lowered his lungi down. "What's the matter, Deepu?"
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Re: Twin sister's

Postby jay » 21 Jun 2016 19:35

"Ravi, I'm really very apprehensive about this issue. How to bring this up, without hurting anyone's sentiments? Dhairiyama aarambichutten… eppadi merkondu sollaradhu endha vagaiyile puriyavaikkaradhunnudhaan theriyalle. Nee edhavadhu idea koduda… adhaan ketkalammnu inge vandhen. Nee ennadanna…" and slowly she moved her vision towards the TV. The lady in the film was now over the man, and was kissing passionately and licking all over his face. It was an adult movie (late-night) showed by the Cable Operator (of course, illegally). Both were naked and only the quilt covered them, though their thighs and their groins rubbing against each other were clearly visible. Ravi too saw this and smiled at her.

"Deepu, adhellam nallapadiya mudiyumnu ninaichikitte nee thoongapodi. Kavalaipadaathey. Naalaikku ammakitte oru vazhiya sollidalaam. Nimmadhiya thoongudi, chellam."

"Engada thoongaradhu… avanga rendu perum roomile enna pandraangannu yosikkumpodhey thookkam poyidum; adhoda nee inga TV paathukitte kaiadichittu thoongiduve. Naan enna seiyaradhu? Enakku kaiyadikka pidikkale…"

"Deepu… appavum ammavum ippo roomile irukkaanga. Avanga 'velai' mudinjathum, amma bathroom povanga… appo dhideernu sandhegapattu unnoda roomukko ille en roomukko vandhaanga, veede rendayidum. Adhanaala, nee un room kadhavai lesa saathikittu thoongu. Naan konja neram kazhichu un roomukku varen… po."

Deepa went near him, and caressed his cock under the tent formed in his lungi… and kissed him lightly on his lips and said, "seekirama vaada… kaathukkittu iruppen."

Deepu again tiptoed to her room, closed the door gently and fell on her cot. She did not have a TV in her room. Another TV was on the drawing hall, one in their parents' bedroom and Ravi had a portable TV on which he was just watching that porno flick. Her mind was totally blank. She was absolutely confused; what will her parents do when they come to know of their 'affair'? Will they accept? If not, what would be their reaction? How will they be punished? And so on. She drank water from the bottle and kept it aside. She changed into a nightgown (of course, nothing underneath) and silently fell on the bed. She shut her eyes tightly and tried to embrace sleep.

Suddenly, she felt someone walking outside. She waited and thought it must be Ravi trying to enter into her room. There was no sound for some time. She slowly got up and opened her door gently. She peeped out. She saw Ravi standing outside their parents' bedroom, showing his back to her. And he slowly knelt down and tried to steal a peep inside through the keyhole. He got up, hurriedly walked and saw her standing at her door. He signalled her to go in and joined her soon.

"Avanga innum ooakkarangadi… Naan paarthadhu ennannu theriyuma? Amma appa moonjiyile ukkandhu irukkaanga… appa ammavoda mulaingala pisainjukkittey koodhiya nalla nakkararudi… amma appadiye pinnale saynjukittu appa moonjiyile avanga pundaiya azhuththi theykkiraanga. Appa nalla nakkararu…"

"Iruda, naanum paarthuttu vandhurren…" Deepa tiptoed as fast as she can and she too knelt down and peeped through the keyhole. She could not believe her eyes. They were 69-ing each other… her mother on top… and her father licking her pundai and kundi and caressing her kundi.

She immediately returned to her room, told her brother to switch off the lights in his room and close the door and return to her room soon. He did so and when he entered, he saw Deepa lying on the bed, with her nighty moved up to her stomach… fingering her cunt. "seekirama vaada madaya… vandhu en koodhiya nakku… unnoda poolai enn vayila vachu oombakodu… seekiram… avanga rendu perum 'vai' velai mudichuttu, 'keezh' velai aarambikkardhukkulle naama rendu perum oru dhadavai seekirama namma velaia mudichiruvom… vvvaaada"

And immediately no further words were spoken and the siblings attacked each other's genitals with lust. When his cock finished spurting, his mouth was filled with her cream. "Hmmm… appaada… poda, konja neram thoongu… naanum thoonga try pandren… naalaikku idhapaththi naan ammakitte eppadiyavadhu pesidaren." She kissed his cock once again, and they kissed passionately tasting each other's cum. Ravi returned to his room. Deepu laid on her cot, with satisfaction.

I will continue on feedback... Please send me your comments on how to proceed further... my e-mail is in the link below.

Next day things went on normally… Ravi went to his coaching class; and Deepa helped her mother in her daily chores. The topic was never discussed even when Ratna wanted it desperately to be discussed with Deepa. Deepa was quite disturbed even to imagine what would happen when the topic was raised again at dinnertime. When Mani left for office, he seemed to be very happy, Deepa thought to herself, may be because of the wild fuck session he had last night with his wife. And even Ratna was radiating some freshness and Deepa noticed that she had bathed early in the morning which was clearly an indication that last night she had had sex.

The day wore off uneventfully. In the evening when her father returned from office, he brought a large packet of sweets which he mentioned that it was a gift from his Director in appreciation of winning a contract. In all, he was in a jubilant mood. Sensing this, Deepa thought it would be better to let the cat out of the bag.

At the dinner table, Deepa slowly started to talk. "Appa, I'm in love with…" and she could not finish.

"Appa, Amma, naan oruttharai konja naala virumbaren. Kalyaanam pannikkavum aasaipaduren."

"Ada, en ponnukku 'love' vandhuducha? Yaramma andha lucky 'guy'?"

"Summa irunga, vilayadurala? Kaadhalavadhu kaththirikkai avadhu? Indha vayasuleya kaadhala?"

"Suma, yen ivvalavu avasarapadare? Ippo enna ayidichu? Kaadhalnudhaane sollara. Keetupoyittennu sollaliye. Kobappadaame kelu. Nee sollumma Deepu. Yaara nee kaadhalikkire? Kooda padikkiravanaiya?"

"Summa irunga… Ponnu kaadhalikkiralam, appa paarattarar! Kandikka thuppillaama. Yaarudi adhu? Kooda padikkiravana ille…"

"Adhu vandhummaa, kooda padikkiravan ille, aana kooda… kooda…"

"Sooli tholaiyendi… yenn mennu muzhungarey? Yaar andha paiyyan? Yethanai naalaga pazhakkam?"

"Sumi, romba adhattaama pakkuvama kelu. Nee sollumma Deepu, andha paiyyan yaaru? Naano, un ammavo ille Raviyo paarthirukkoma? Yendha kudumbathu paiyyan? Yenna pandran? Kooda padichchavana?"

"Appa, avan nalla kudumbathu paiyyanthaan. Ungalukkum ammavukkum avanai rombavum pidikkum. Nalla azhaga sivappa ungala madhiriye iruppan. Kittathatta unga uyaram, niram, personality, yeann?, achchu asal ungalattama iruppan adhoda… ennoda kooda padichchavan illennalum, koodave… koodave…"

"Solli tholaiyendi mundam? Koodave bussile varravana? Ille kooda paritchai ezhudhinavana? Summa 'koodave…' koodave…' nnu izhukkiraye?"

"Deepa irumma… Ravi unakku theriyuma avanai? Nee avanai eppavavadhu paarthiya?"

Ravi started now, "Appa, naan sollaren…"

"Vendaam, Deepu neeye solludiyamma… enakku konjam kooda bayam kurayaile… Neenga enna samadhaanam sonnalum enakku ennaova maadhiri irukkunga… Deepu nee enna…"

Mani interfered… "Summa valavalannu pesittu. Sollumma Deepu."

"Illeppa… kooda padikkiravanthaan… aana collegele ille."

Ratna immediately, "ennadi sollare… kooda padikkira payyandhaan, anaa collegele illengiriye? Pinna vera enga padikkiravan?"

"Kooda padikkiravan mattum illamma… kooda… kooda… en kooda…" Deepa could not finish what she wanted to tell.

"Solli tholayendi… ennadhu kooda… kooda… nnnnu mennu muzhungarey?"

"kooda pirandhavanumthaan." And with this, she let out a great sigh. Ravi felt his muscles stiffen in anticipation.

"What! Yennadhu… kooda pirandhavanoda kaadhala? Ravi idhu nijamada?"

"Aamaamppa, Deepu sollradhu nijamdhaan. Enakkum ippo dhaan indha oru vaaramadhaan therinjadhu… enakkum avalukkum edho oru bandham adhu ennannu theiryale… aaana enga rendu per manasum orey maadhiri othupoyi romba naalachungra maadhiri irukku. Enakku Deepuvoda pazhagarapodhu, akka maadhiri theriyale… enakkagave pirandhava maadhiri irukku."

There was a silence hanging in the air. Mani slowly shook his head and he started talking.

"Deepu, Ravi, neenga rendu perum ippadiyoru gundai thooki poduveengannu naan kanavulakooda ninaichadu ille. Idhu… idhu eppadi indha maadhiri oru ennam ungalukku vandhadhu? Unga rendu peraiyum naan innum cchinna pasangannudhan ninaichirundhen… adhu thappunnu 'prove' pannitteengale… aiyoo, naanga idha eppadi jeeranikkiradhunnudhaan theriyale. Sari, nichayama idhu ungalukkulle 'infatuation'onnu kooda naa ninaikkiren. Edhai vechhu Deepa unakku Ravi mela kaadhalnu nee sollarey?" Mani asked so softly.

"Neenga onnu… valaavalannu pesikkittu… kazhudhainga rendu peraiyum katti vechhu udhaikkaama, vilaavaariya upadesham pandreengala? Edukkarendi thodappathai, unnai pinni edutha dhaan enakku kobam adangum…" Ratna was trembling with anger.

"Ratna… indha vishayathile kobapadaame, pakkuvamathan nadandhukkanum… adhuvum neeyum naanum idhule konjam 'positive'aa paakkanumnu naan ninaikkiren… adhanale konjam

porumaiya iru, mudhalle avangalukkule irukkira 'relationship' ennannu therinjippom. Solluppa Ravi, Deepu sollradhellam nijama? Unakku ava mela kaadhala? Ille, 'just infatuation'aa? Enakku theriyum, kaadhal varradhukku kaaranam thevaiyillai… aanaa edhu unga rendu peraiyum 'attract' panniththu? Verum udambuthanna, ille adhu manasu sambandhapatta vishayama eppadinnu konjam yosichu paatheengala? Deepa, enakkum puriyumbadiya sollumma." Thus approached Mani to his children.

"Deepa mela enakku irukkiradhu 'just infatuation'aa enakku theriyalappa. Deepavoda naan pesumbodhum, koodave nadakkirabodhum ennavo enakkey puriayadha oru maadhiri irukku. Enakkulleye naan paladhadavi yosichchen… idhu thappana maadhiri enakku thonalai. Deepavum idhayedhaan yosikkirannu enakku therinjapodhu, appadiye vaanathile naan parakkira maadhiri 'feel' panninen. Indha vishayama pala dhadavai yosanai panni paarthuttu, neenga rendu perum Salem poyirandhapodhu, naanum Deepavum theevirama yosichudhaan indha mudivukku… adhavadhu naanga rendu perum kalyanam pannikkalaamngra mudivukku… vandhoam. Naanum avalum, manasaiyum nesikkirom. Neenga ninaikkira maadhiri idhu nichayama 'just infatuation' illeppa. Please, ennai nambunga."

"Aaamam appa, naan solla vandhadhaiye dhaan Raviyum ippo sonnaan. In fact, naan adhukku mela oru padi poyi, kalyanam panninal Raviyodadhaan… ille, naan oru 'Convent'ley serndhu 'nun' ayiduven… aana, adhukku enakku manasule 'strength' irundhaalum, ennoda udambula irukkumannudhan theriyale. Yeanna, ennoda udambu ippo oru aaann thunaikku yeangga aarambichiduchu. Idhu thappunnu therinjalum kooda, ennaala idhai thavira vera vazhiyile yosikka mudiyala… neenga engalai mannikkanum."

Both Mani and Ratna were dumbfound; Ratna after shaking her head as if coming out of some dream started to talk: "Deepa, indha vishayathile konjam avasarappadama nee yosikkanum… yenna, idhanala romba kashttapadaporadhu needhan… idhu yenakku mattumdhaan puriyum… yenna…"

"Ratna!" Manian immediately intervened, "rombe emotionala ayidadhey… enna pesaromnu yosichu pesu…" and cautioned her to remain silent for a while.

Both Deepa and Ravi were perplexed at the sudden outburse of their father… why should he react so violently?

"Deepa, Ravi, neenga rendu perum vayasukku vandha pasanga… ippo ungalukku konjam pazhaya kadhaiya sollanum aana adhukku munnale neenga rendu perum yeppovavadhu idhai yosicheengala? Ennada, namakku ammavoda sideleyum appavoda sideleyum sondhakkarangaley illaiye… thaatha, paati appuram maama, maami, atthai, ippadi endha sondhamum veettukku varadheyillaiye? Yennnu theriyuma?"

"Ennanga, ennai 'silent'a irunnu sollittu, ippo neengale edhayo

pesarenngaley… venaanga… vidunga… mudhalle saapidunga. Appurama idhai patthi utkarndhu pesuvom…"

"Irumma Sumi, pasangalai yosikka vechchuttu saapidalaam… Naan sonna vishaiyaththai yosichikkitte neenga saapidunga… Saapadu eduththu vaiyumma, naan kaiya kazhuvittu varren."

Both Deepa and Ravi did not expect this turn of events… they were certainly aware that their parents would be dead against this idea. But, why did he asked this question about their relatives? Never had there been any relatives at their house, since their childhood. The frequent visitors were either appa's friends or amma's friends, either from the office or from the neighbourhood. Never even once the topic of their relatives was discussed at their home. 'They must have been orphaned at birth' thought Ravi.

They sat at the table and had dinner silently, each one had their own thoughts lingering in their mind. Deepa was very much worried… she could not even decided whether their love was right or wrong. The whole world feels 'incest' is a great sin, particularly more so within the siblings born of same parents. Their parents too would definitely have the same perspective. But what could be done to change it?

Ravi was thinking about some valid argument to make them accept their 'love' and help them to tie the knot. Neither of his parents was eating… they seemed to be transported to another world as they sat silently before their platter and their hands were just idling at their food…

Little did they know about their 'secret'!

Deepa and Ravi finished their dinner… Deepa addressed her father, "Appa, ennappa saapidaama appadiye ukkandhu enna yosanai pandreenga… ammavum saapidamale engeyo paathu ennamo yosikkiraanga. Sari, neega rendu perum seekiram saapittutu haalukku vaanga. Naan yennoda roomukku porren; neenga yosanaipannittu ennai koopidunga. Ravi, let them be alone… neeyum unnoda roomukku poyidu…"

"Hmm… Sari Deepa… engallukku konjam time kodu. Adhukku munnale oru unmayya sollu. Neeyum Raviyum endha alavukku poyirukkeenga? Manasu mattum dhaan parimaarikitteengala ille udambayuma?"

"Vandhu… innum naanga rendu perum 'ultimate' vishayathai parkkalaiye thavira, maththapadi oru purushanum pondatiyum pandra 'ellaa' (stressing on the word 'ellaa') vishayaththaiyum serndhu pannittom…" when she finished, she could sense a great tremour in the minds of her parents.

"Ravi, nijamaada?" his mother asked him impatiently. Ravi gathered up his guts and answered (rather lied), "Aamamma, innum rendu perum 'ultimate'a, konjam 'decent'aa sonna, 'udal uravu' thavira mattha yella vishayamum mudichittom. Podhumaa?" and he ran away to his room to hide his embarrassment.

Both Mani and Ratna could not digest this truth. They somehow 'finished' their dinner and Mani lit a cigarette and went to the balcony and stared at the night sky. Ratna silently cleaned the table, did the dishes and then as if walking in a trance approached Deepa's room. Deepa was sitting on her cot, in her nightgown, with a much worried look, deeply engrossed in her thoughts. While returning to her room, Sumy just peeped into Ravi's room; Ravi was in his shorts and lying on his cot, staring blankly at the ceiling. She could very well understand that they are somehow hatching a plan to make their parents accept the idea. Little do they know…

Ratna entered her bedroom, removed her saree, changed into a comfortable nightie and tied her hair with a rubberband and slowly sat on the cot. Mani entered the room and watched his wife deeply worried in her thoughts. He called her softly, "Sumi, yennada yosikkire? Namma pasanga rendu perukkum 'indha' maadhiri aasai yeppadi vandhadhunnu thaane? Adhudhaan yenakkum puriyaley. Enakku therinju Ravikko Deepukko ketta sagavasam irundhadhilley. Avanga friends yellam decent family; ivanga rendu perum padippiley kurainjadhilley. Internet-le kooda avanga arivu sambandhama padippu sambandhama 'search' panradhaitthaan naama rendu perum paarthirukkom. Oru naal kooda avanga 'adult' site ponamaadhiri therinjadhille. Aanaa avanga manasule ippadi oru ennam irukkumgradhai nammalale ninachhu paakavey mudiyalaiyedi. Idhukku kaaranatthai yosiccha yenakku orey oru vishayamdhaan…"
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Re: Twin sister's

Postby jay » 21 Jun 2016 19:36

Before he finished, Ratna cut him off "Aiyoo solladheenga… yenakku ketkave ippo sangadamayirukku…"

In the meanwhile, desperately to discuss his plan with Deepa, Ravi slowly moved to Deepa's room and peeped inside. Deepa was still awake, and was sitting on the cort with her face between her knees. He called, "Deepa, vaa, ippove avanga roomukku poyi avanga rendu peraiyum eppadiyavadhu pesi sammadhikka vachiduvom. Illenna, avanga rendu perum 'velaiya' aarambichuduvanga. Appuram thoongiduvaanga. Idhai aarappodaama udanadiya 'decide' panniyaganum. Vaa." Deepa felt the same way, and they hand-in-hand went to their parents' room. When they reached the closed door, though they could not see their parents, they could hear their talk. Exactly at that moment Mani was telling 'Aanaa avanga manasule ippadi oru ennam irukkumgradhai nammalale ninachhu paakavey mudiyalaiyedi. Idhukku kaaranatthai yosiccha yenakku orey oru vishayamdhaan…'

They looked at each other. There must be some hidden meaning to this statement and they listened intently, their brows raised and still confused… what could be that?

"Neenga ninaikkiradhaiyedhaan naanum ivvalavu neramum yosichukkitturindhen. Adhey kaaranamdhaanu naanum andha mudivukku varalleynnalum adhuvaththan irukkanumnu ennoda manasukku padudhunga. Ippodhaan yenakke naama senja andha naalaiya thappu uraikkudhunga. Kadavul namakku ippa ippadi dhandanai tharrarronnu kooda thonudhunga." Ratna started to whisper…

Deepa and Ravi could not understand anything. What mistake their parents could have done long back to which the Almighty punishes them, and how their 'love' could be the punishment for it? In utter confusion, they stared at each other.

"Ille Ratna, idhay yean dhandanainnu sollare? Ippadiyum kooda yosikkalaamey… 'history repeats itself'…"

What does he mean 'history repeats itself'? Does it mean…? Ravi slowly turned to Deepa and he could easily read her mind that she too was thinking in the same lines.

"Aiyoo… podhunga, naama anubhaviccha kashtam nammoda pogattunga. Namma pasangalukkuma? Idhai eppadi avanga purinjikkaporaanga? Eppadi puriya vaikkaporom? Eppadinga naama idhai solla mudiyum? Sollittu avangalukku edhirppaiy kaata mudiyum? Vayatthai kalakkudhunga."

"Ille Ratna, naama ennikkavadhu avangalukku idhai sollithan aaganum. Aaana adhukku avasiyam irukkadhunnu naan ninaicchen. Aaana, 'Avan' (pointing his finger to the roof) vera maadhiri ninachittan. Adhudhaan ippadi oru thiruppam… ippo enna seiyallamnu sollu. Avangalukku theriyavaikkalaama illey adhai sollamaleye kadumaiya edhirppai kaattalaama? Yenna, en manasaatchiye ennai kutthi konnudumpola irukku. Idhu thappunnu en manasukku padalaye… pattirundhaa, annaikkey…"

"Adhey ninaippudhaan enakkum. Aaana, namakku thappilley aaana avangalukku thappunnu solla mudiyaama naan nijamaa thavikkirenga. Naama evvalavu kashtappattoam, konjama nanjamaa? Sondha bandhatthai yellam thooki erinjuttu, ungalukku naan, enakku neengaluma, kittathatta 20 varusham thaniya theevu madhiri vaazhndhuttu varrom."

Outside the room, Deepa and Ravi have come closer, their bodies brushing against each other, were still listening the conversation. Something was cooking up. They decided not to confront them but to wait for some more time.

"Namma appavum ammavum evvalavu manasodinji poyi namakku sabam koduthaanga. Aana namma rendu perum evvaluvu pidivaadhama indha vishaiyitthile konjamum vittu kodukkaama, kadaisiyile namma veettai vittu, sondhangalai vittu, oor maatthi oor vandhu, ippo thani theevu maadhiri vazhndhuttu varrom. Andha vaazhkkai namma pasangallukku venddaanga. Pesama edhuvum sollaama, mudinja varaikkum edhirppom. Namma edhirppai sariyana vazhiyile kaatinaal, avanga namma vazhikku varuvaangannu ninaikkiren. Appadi vandhuttaanganna, unga friend 'Madhavan' payyanukku Deepava kattikodhuduvom. Enna sollareenga?"

"Eppadi mudiyum? Namma paiyandhaan, 'Depavoda andha alavukku poyiten, naanga rendu perum ooakaliye thavira mattha ella velaiyum pannittomnu sollaraney; appadinna enna arthamnu unakku puriyaliya? Endha moonjiyoda Madhavanai naan poi sambandham pesa mudiyum? Adhoda ava 'nun' aayiduvennu vera merattara! Idhu sariya padalai. Orey vazhi…"

"Enna, sammadhamnu sollidaratha? Appadiye naama rendu perum sammadhamnu sonna, ooru olagam enna sollum? Namma friends nammalaipatthi enna ninaippaanga? Namma vishayamum serndhu therinjupoyi maanam poyidum. Thalai nimirndhu nadakka mudiyuma oorula?"

"Namma vishayatthai ninaichu parthiya? Naama andha naalle idhai patthiyellam yosicchoma? Illaiye? Adhey maadhiri nam pasanga pannittaanganna? Adhu mattum kevalam illaya?"

Outside, Deepa and Ravi sensed that though they understand something fishy about their parents – their marriage must have been a love marriage, against the wishes of 'their' parents – they could not fathom in what way that has any connection to the siblings' affair? Why should there be any reference to it at all now? That too, after almost 20 years? Ratna was screeching "Adhanaala? Avanga rendu perukittayum, 'naanum unga ammavum kooda appadithaan annan thangai, kalyanam pannikittomnu sollida poreengala? Kadavuley… idhu ennada periya sodhanai? Sollavum mudiyama sollaama irukkavum mudiyaama…"

"Yeandi kattharey? Pasanga kaadhula vuzhundhuda pogudhu. Idhai eppadi samaalikkiradhunnu enakku nijamave theriyalai. 20 varushatthukku munnale nee ennoda thangai; aana, enniku naan unnoda kazhuthile koyille vechu thaali katti kalyanam pannitteno, annillerndhu naama purushan pondaati aayittom; idhu namma rendu perukku mattumdhaan theriyum. Neeye ippo katthi oorraikkooti kaatti koduthuduve polirukku. Konjam yosanai panninaaal vazhi pirakkaamaya poyidum?"

Deepa and Ravi were stunned to hear it! Deepa and Ravi let out a deep sigh outside. At last, the cat was out of the bag! They could now understand why their parents were dead against their proposal. But, they knew that they would never make them accept but not in the lease expected this could be the reason. So, the siblings who were into incest, were already a result of an 'incestuous relationship'!

They were indeed happy to come know of their parents' relationship. They slowly retreated to their rooms. Deepa stood at the entrance of her room, and told Ravi "Nee unnoda roomkku poyi nimadhiya thoongu. Nichayama avanga idhukku otthukkuvaanga. Illenna namakkutthaan therinjiduchey, adhai vacche avangalai namma vazhikku kondu vandhudalaam. Ippo enakkum nimadhiya thookkam varum. Good night, Ravi."

"Aaamandi Deepa, annanukkum thangaikkum pirandha rendu pasanga, akka thambikkulla kaadhal. Enna oru adhisayamana vishayandi! Aaana, indha vishayam namakku therinja maadhiri kaatikkadhey. Avangala sollaraangalannu paarpom. Sonnal, namaku nammoda prachhinai solve aayidum. Sollaleynna appo naama andha 'trump card'ai sariya 'use' pannippom. Enna sollarey? Sari, poradhukku munnei nee enakku vazhakkama kodukkuradhai kodudee…"

"Poda alanjavanae, malayae kidaikapogudhu… chinna kallukku poyi ippadi parakkire… sari, vaa, hmmmmm…. Ippodhaikku idhu podhum. Poyi ennaiye ninaicchukkittu kaiyadikkaama nalla thoongu. Naalaikku pesikkalaam. Enakku avanga 'vishayama' theriyaadhu… Podhuma? Idhudhaan namakku 'trump' card! Okay. Good night!"

"Good Night, Deepa, en varungaala pondittiye, ille akkanne koopidattumma?"

They left for their cots and lied down peacefully, relieved that their parents had no choice but to allow them to marry.

Part 4 - A flashback

Mani (then 23) and Ratna (20), lived with their parents; Ratna was Mani's stepsister born to his father's second wife after the death of Mani's mother immediately after his delivery. Both the children grew up together, and Ratna's mother was quite equally affectionate towards them. Mani addressed her as 'amma' without any hesitation. As they belonged to a very rich 'mirasdar' family, they had everything they wanted. As years rolled on, when Mani joined college for his graduation, Ratna had finished her school and had grown into a pretty, fair, gorgeous woman with a petite body which would make any man drool. Those days, when Internet and CD/VCR were not in vogue, college students generally resorted to cheap magazines to quench their thirst in knowing about sex. One of Mani's friends had acquired a lot of such magazines and he used to lend them to Mani those books (hidden among his textbooks) to read at leisure. After dinner, when everyone had retired to bed, Mani found pleasure in reading those books in his room and masturbated.

Once when he was busy wanking, Ratna accidentally entered his room and noticed his mischief. Though she was embarrassed, she did not encounter him but curiously enough she wanted to know what and why he was doing that. Girls, in a traditional background and a conservative perspective, were strictly banned to play and to move freely with males. She had never seen a grown 'poolu' before; she was somehow desirous of seeing it again and to know more about the 'deeds'. Being curious, she gained access to Mani's 'books' one day when he was away at the College and started reading them one-by-one and she too mastered the art of 'masturbation' gradually. She could not control herself whenever they were alone at home; she desperately wanted to read more and know more about the secrets and to explore the pleasures hitherto unknown to her.

Mani returned home from the college one afternoon as he was ill. His amma had been to a relative's place and his father away at office, leaving Ratna alone at home who was reading a book 'stolen' from Mani's stock, as she did everyday. After sometime, he took some medicines and slept for a while. Noticing that he slept like a log, Ratna watchfully replaced the book, and took another which had a few pictures depicting the 'act' and returned to her room. She leafed through the book and was mesmerised to see the various poses of 'lovemaking' 'fellatio', 'cunnilingus', 'classic 69', etc., and realised that her koodhi needed some immediate attention. She silently closed the doors, lifted her skirt upto her stomach, pulled her panties aside and started playing with her itching koodhi. Gradually she became oblivious and was carried away with her ministrations and started to moan (though not loudly) when Mani woke up hearing some strange noise coming from Ratna's room. He wondered what she was doing or was she suffering from pain? He immediately ran to her room and opened the door. He was taken aback; his pretty sister was fingering her koodhi with one hand and with the other caressing her pert mulais with her eyes closed. Mani could not believe his eyes. His sister, who he thought was so innocent, childlike, and naïve, acted like a hungry slut. She was moaning and making strange sounds. She was blabbering "Aah, enna sugam… Hmm… En viralai vida yaaroda 'sunniyo' irundha… aiyooo…" (She was well versed with those technical terms of sunni, koodhi, poolu, pundai, etc., by reading those magazines) Hearing this, Mani was shocked; and, in spite of his illness, got quite turned on seeking his sister semi-nude, with open legs, and violently rocking hips and moving hands. He retreated to him room to handle his throbbing sunni and searched for the same magazine which Ratna was reading. When he could not find it, he became sure that Ratna had somehow gained access to those books and became furious. He selected one of those 'dirtiest' books and finished his 'job at hand' and cleaned himself. He thought for a while whether to encounter her for her 'misdeed', at least to the extent of 'stealing' his book. He decided to directly tackle her and went to her room. When he reached there, she had just finished 'cumming' and was lying like a statue, almost uncaring to cover herself. When she saw him staring at her, she could not recover and clumsily tried to gather her clothes to cover up. He confronted her with "Ratna, yendi ennoda book edhavadhu edutthiya? Nee ippadi panradhu appavukku therinja enna nadakkumnu yosichiya? Cheechee, idhellam enna oru ponnu panra kaariyama? Unakke asingamayille? Adhuvum naan veetile irukkumbodhey?"

She retaliated with "Mani, summa irudaa… nee andha maadhiri book padikkire naan padikka koodatha? Andha bookai padichittu nee enna pannuvennu enakku theriyaadha? Nee koodatthaan unn poolai kaiyyile pidichuttu aatuvey. Naane rendu moonu thadavai paarthirukken. Aana enna, naan adhaippatthi un kitte ketkalai. Nee kettuttey. Nwee veetile irukkumbodhu naan seyrena? Appo illaadhapodhu seyyalaama? Nee kooda naan veetile irukkumbodhudhaan, adhuvum naan paarkira madhiri seinjey. Ippo ennaangarey? Appatte solluviya? Sollikko. Naanum solluven… enakkku indha book engeyrndhu kidaicchadhu, adhaiyellaam yaaru padikkira, padicchittu enna panraannukooda naan solluven. Poodaa."

Mani was taken aback. He did not expect such a strategical defence from her. Spellbound by her retaliation, he decided to have a truce, kind of peace treaty, with her. He said, "Ratna, yendi ippadi kobama pesarey? Enakku nee panninadhu thappunnu pattadhaalethaan naan unnai ippadi ketten. Aana, nee sonnadhukku appuramatthaan idhellaam thappeyillainnu puriyaradhudi. Sari Ratna, enna mannicchudu, nee ippadi kettuporadhukku naaney oru kaaranamayittendi. Inimela naan indha maadhiri bookai padikka maatten. Veetukkum kondu vara maatten… aana idhellam namma rendu perukku mattum therinja vishayama irukkattum. Naan appakittey solla maatten. Neeyum, please, sollidadheydi. Appavum ammavum romba manasu kashttapaduvaanga. Romba sorrydi."

"Mani, aiyaiyo ivvaluvu varutthapadumbadiya naan ennada sollitten. Illeda, enakku idhellam padikkavum, thiruttu thanamaa ippadiyellam enakku naaney seinjikkiradhum nijamavey romba pidichirrukkuda… nee eppollaam 'adhai' pannuviyo, naan appoellam ozhinjirundhu unnaiye vedikkai paapen. Patthuttu, bathroomkku poyi ennoda koodhiyile viralai vittu aattippen. Ippo ennadaanna, nee rombavey kashttappattu vedhanaipadarey. Enakku idhellaam thappa padalayada. Rathiriyile appavum ammavum idhellam pannuvangannu enakku indha book padicchappurama theriya vandhadhu. Adhanaleyum sollaren. Eppadiyum naama therinjikkapora vishayamdhaney. Enna, konjam munnaleya therinjikittom. Avvalavudhan. Unakko ille enako vayasaagalaiya? Naama enna chinna pasangala? Viduviya?" Saying so, she came near him and patted him on his cheeks.

Mani asked her, "Ratna, nijamavey unakku en mela kobam illaiya? Unmaiya sollanumna, enakkum kooda innaikku unnai andha kolatthula paarthadhiley irundhu oru maadhiri irukkudi. Inimela naama rendu perum anna thangai ille; friends aayittoom. Sariya?"

"Chee poodaa. Adhukkaaga, neeyum naanum onnave andha bookaiyellam padicchittu orey samayathiley 'namakku naame' thittathile irangi, kaiyadikalaamnu solla variya?"

"Aamandi, idhile thappillainnu enakkum thonudhu. Unakku sammadhamna sollu. Naan ippove thayarthaan."
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Re: Twin sister's

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Thus started an affair, which they felt would yield no harm to either of them. They started playing with their privates, of course, not involving the other, just satisfying their lust with their own hands and letting the other watch while they are at it. This went on for a few days and gradually they fell into the incestuous trap and started playing with each other. They felt the need to touch, fondle, hug and play with each other; to cut a long story short, they realised that they could not live without the other. When they came to such a realisation, they decided to disclose their relationship to their parents. No wonder that this would have been viewed as the greatest sin and a taboo; but they dared to disclose it. And when they did, all hell broke loose. Neither side were ready for reconciliation. At last, they eloped and married in a nearby temple. Their parents' declared them dead and other family members declared them as outcasts but they never heeded. Mani succeeded in getting employment with an export company and she made a pretty, understanding housewife for him. They settled in a suburban town near Chennai. They led a very happy, contented life. Next year, Ratna gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, and had a small family. Even the friends and other neighbours never imagined that Mani and Ratna were brother and sister who could have married each other.

Ratna shook Mani out of his reverie and asked him what he was thinking. Mani replied, "vinai vidhaicchavan vinai aruppan thinai vidhaicchavan thinai aruppannu solluvangaley, adhey maadhiri ayidcchey namma kadhiayum. Naama renduperum andha naalley senjadhai namma pasangalum ippo namakku thiruppi seiyaraangaleynnu ninacchaley rombavum kalakkudhu namma panninadhu sariya thappaannu ippo yosikka veikkudhu Ratna… nee enna ninaikkirey?"

"Aiyoo Mani unakku innum andha kuttra manapanmai pogaliya? Naaney endhavidha kuttra manapanmaiyum illaama irukken. Nee ennadaanna… sari, adhai vidu, ippo idhukku enna theervu? Avanga ishttappadi vittudalaama? Ille nammala maadhiri avangalum veettai vittu odipoyi kalyanam pannika naamaley vazhi senju kodukkaradha? Enakku enna thonudhunna, eppadi naama senjadhu thappillainnu enakkum onakkum thonudho, namma pasanga panradhum thappillainnu en ninaikkakoodadhu? Adhoda, avanga nalla vaazhanumnu naama ninaikkirom. Indha vaazhkkaiyatthaan avanga rendu perum virumburangannu therinjappuram adhukku kurukkey nikkaradhu endha vidhatthula nyayam? Annikkum naandhaan unakku dhairyam solli, naama rendu perum serndhu vaazha oru vazhiyum sonnen. Neekooda konjam thayanginey. Annikki naama indha mudivukku varlleynna, neeyum naanum vera yaarayaavadhu kalyanam pannikkittu, poiyvaazhkkaidhaan vaazhnduttu iruppom giradhudhaanda nijam. Andha nilamai namma pasangalukku edhukku varanum? Avanga rendu perum nichayama sandhoshama, nammalai polavey vaazhndha podhum naan ninaikkiren. Pesama, namma rendu perum avangallukku namma vishayatthai patthi sollama 'sammadham' solliduvom. Aana, konja naal kazhichidhaan kalyanam; adhu varaikkum porutthukkanumnu sollidalaam. Suppose, avanga rendu perum idhu verum 'infatuation'dhan realise panninaanga thaanavey thellinjiduvaanga. Illeynna, 'deep love'aa irundhaa appurama kalyanam panniduvom. Emotional'a yosikkaama konjam practical'avum paruda, ennoda anbaana annanaana purushaney, illai illai, purushanaana annaney!" and he kissed him gently on his forehead.

"Aamam Ratna, idhudhaan sariyaana vazhinnu ippo enakku thonudhu. Naalaikku kaathaley naan office'kku leave podaren. Manasu vittu pasangaloda pesi, namma vishayatthai patthi romba vilaavariya sollama, nee sonna madhiriye sollidalaam. Ippo konjam nimadhiya feel panrendi. Unmayileye, needhaan ennaivida practical'a yosikkiredi. Naan sila samayatthile sila vishayangalle emotional'a yosichu kuzhambaren… Needhaan nijamave ennoda 'madhi mantri', friend, philosopher and guide, ellatthukkum mela ennoda 'pondaatti'."

"Ippo nee ennoda purushan sthaanatthukku vandhuttadaley, marupadiyum 'vaanga' 'ponga'nnudhaan koopidaporen. Saringa, naama konja neram thoongalam, vaanga," and she hugged him tightly. They slept peacefully in each other's arms.

Deepa got up early the next morning… she had a very erotic dream, in which Ravi was making wild and passionate love to her. She woke up feeling so randy and had an inevitable urge to quench her lust. She glanced at the clock which showed 4.10 and knowing what to do, she quietly walked to her parents' room and stood near the door which was closed as usual. She gently pushed to check whether it is bolted inside and found that it was not. She slowly opened the door a little and peeped inside. She found her mother, just dressed in her nightie which had risen well above her thighs, lying on her side tightly hugging her dad with her legs on his crotch. She saw her mother's clean-shaven pussy with dried up cum which was indicative of some 'action' previous night. She smiled; 'Appavum ammavum nicchayama raathiri summa irukkaley; eppadiyum innum kuranjadhu arai maniyavadhu ivanga ippadiye thoonguvaanga. Naan adhukkulley Raviya, illey avanoda sunniya ezhuppi ennoda koodhi arippai niruttha vazhi seyyaren' she thought to herself and gently closed the door as it was before. She tiptoed to Ravi's room and felt relieved to find the door unlocked from inside. She pushed open the door and swiftly moved inside and latched it. She went near the cot on which Ravi was lying eagle-spread. His Bermuda shorts had a bulge! She giggled to herself, 'Ravi, nee yaarai kanavula ooatthukkittu irukkey? Naanum kanavu kandadhaalathaan ippo inga ninnukittu irukken. Nee nicchayam kanavule ennaidhaan oakkireynnu ninaikkiren. Unnoda kanavai naan ippo nijamakka porren. Sariyana pokkirida nee'. She slowly approached him and his breathing was quite rapid. She ran her soft hands on his thighs and snaked inside the Bermuda shorts and cupped his balls under the shorts. Ravi was murmuring 'Deepa, nalla kaalai virichhu kaatudi… kundiya thooki kodu… appadithaan' though she could not hear it clearly. She called him gently, "Ravi… Kanavula oatthadhu podhumda… naan nerilaye inge unn edhire nikkiren. Vaada, seekirama namma rendu perum oakkalam… illenna oombattuma?" Ravi did not stir and did not even wake up from his slumber. She slowly untied the knot of his shorts and loosened it and slowly tugged it down. It was too difficult for her to remove it from his hips. She hooked her forefingers of both hands and slipped them inside the waistband and tugged it hard and it moved a little. She gradually succeeded in pulling it down upto his knees letting his sunni stand like a pole but as he did not open his knees, she could not pull it completely down. She left the shorts at the knee level, and slowly bent down and blew cold air on the rod-like sunni and kissed the tip which was glistening with his precum. She licked the precious, clear liquid and swirled the tip of her tongue around the cockhead and opened her lips a little and placed a passionate wet kiss on it. She rolled her tongue placing her lips just on the tip of the sunni and started licking the head. Ravi let out a deep moan… "Deepa… aaah" still asleep… and started humping his hips. Maybe, he was fucking her wild in his dream! Slowly, she took the sunni inch-by-inch inside her mouth, engulfing it with her wet mouth, slurping the entire length with her tongue. When it was half inside, she cupped his balls with her hand and gently caressed them and with the other hand, she massaged his kundi and fingered his kundiottai. Ravi's humping got wilder which resulted in thrusting his sunni deep inside her mouth. The whole of it was inside her mouth and she started sucking it in earnest, with the tongue rolling around it making slurping noise. "Hmmggh… mggglllgh… mmmm… mmppggll…" the noise almost filled the room. Ravi's humping grew more harder and he too was moaning and some guttural noise was emanating from him. "Aaah… aarggh… mmmhh aaah" Deepa sensed that Ravi was in the verge of cumming and she held the sunni with her hands and bobbed her head up and down the full length of the rod and sucked hard on the sunni closing her lips tightly around the base and swirling the tongue. She felt his sunni vibrate and the balls tighten up before he squirted his sweet and hot cum into her mouth. "Aaah Deepa naan kottaren… kaalai nalla viricchi vaangikko… aaah"… and Deepa swallowed every drop without letting it dribble out of her mouth. Once it stopped squirting, she sucked the last drop out of it and licked the head holding his kottai in her hand… and planted another wet kiss on its tip before letting the limp sunni out of her mouth. She lingered on its taste for a while and watched Ravi from the corner of her eyes. Ravi was still in the same pose, breathing heavily. Though she had her morning drink, she wanted something to feed her itching koodhi. She slowly climbed the bed and watched his face for a while and raising her skirt well above her hips, she placed her legs on Ravi's both sides and slowly moved little by little till I reached his head. Her dripping crotch was just directly above his head and slowly squatted on his mouth, aiming her koodhi directly on his nostrils. Ravi felt something heavy on his face and some sweet smell filling his nostrils. Suddenly he woke up to see a glistening koodhi directly on his face… he could not understand where he was or what was happening. He raised his hands and immediately felt silky smooth thighs on his sides and soft kundi just above his chest. He slowly asked "Deepa?" "Ravi, ennada kanavula nalla ooathhiya? Nalla naan kaalai virichhi kaatinena? Unnoda kanavu enakku eppadi theriyumnu muzhikkiriya? Nee kanavu kandalum, nijatthile naan ippodhan nalla unnoda poolai oombi, pooljuices vayiru mutta kudichchen. Neeyum ennoda koodhineerai 'morning drink' adhudhaan coffeennu nenaichchu kudida… nalla nakki nakki kudida ennoda poolandi!"

"Deepa, enna ivvalavu kaathaleye unakku arippu edukkudha? Mani enna aagudhu? Eppo ennoda roomukku nee vandhey? Evvalavu nerama en sunniya oombiney? Vera enna enna pannineydi?"

"Aamanda Ravi, naan kann vizhichhadhey oru arumaiyana kanavaaladhaan. Kanavile neeyum naanum nalla oathuttu unn sudukanjiya ennoda koodhiley roppi, ennoda mulaya kasakki sappura kanavu… adhuleyrundhu ennoda pundaila thanni vazhiya, naan nera ammavoda roomukku ponaa, anga avanga rendu perum thuni vilaginadhukooda theriyama, sunniyum pundaiyum theriya thoongaraanga. Unnoda roomukku vandha nee unnoda sunniya pulutthikkittu kanavula evalaiyo samaan podarey. Sari, kanavula pottadhu ennaithaaney? Ille vera endha sirukkiya? Solluda Ravi, unakku naan inga vandhadhu unn poolai oombinadhu edhuvum pidikkalaiya? Ippo mani anju!"

"Pidikkamaya ippo ennoda kaiyaaley unnoda kundiya amukki vittukittu irukken? Pidikkamaya unnoda koodhiya morndhu paakiren? Enna kelvi kekkarey? Sari, ippo enna pandradha utthesam? En poolu kanjiyum un koodhi thanniyum kottiyacchu. Mani vera anjayiduthu. Amma ezhundhu vara neram, gavanamirukkattum!"

"Avanga rendu perum muzhichikittalum, ippodhaikku enakku bayamillai. Yenna, adhukkulley naan ennoda roomukku poyi marupadiyum padutthuduvene… neeyum innum konja neram thoonguda, dhadiya!" and she giggled and kissed him lightly on his cheeks, tasting herself.

Ravi tied his Bermudas and adjusted his sunni in it and kissed her back. He lied on his back and told her to rush to her room and continue her dream!

Deepa went back to her room. She used the toiler to clean herself and instead of lying on the bed to continue her sleep, she brushed her teeth, washed her face, and went to the kitchen to brew the morning coffee. She wondered whether her mother would be surprised to see coffee ready when she got up. She boiled the milk, and once the coffee was brewed, she made herself a nice, refreshing, hot strong coffee for her. She took the cup and went to the living room and sat down on the sofa sipping her coffee. She realised some ruffling noise in her parents room and understood that her mother was up, and arranging her nightie and innergarments in a presentable way before coming out. She wished to encounter at their door but changed her mind. She continued to stare out of the window enjoying the morning breeze and chill. Ratna came out of their room and wished her 'good morning' with surprise. Deepa returned her wish and asked her, "Amma, neeyum appavum 'nalla' (stressing the word) thoongineengala? Ille, enga vishayatthai patthiye pesikittirundheengala? Unnoda kannellam sivandhurikkey. Sariya thoongaliya? Appa romba kovama irundhara? Enna mudivumma edutheenga? Kaariyathhai mudichhuttuthaana thoongineenga?" Though her query seemed to be very innocent, she giggled to herself at the hidden meaning to her question.
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Re: Twin sister's

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Ratna did not answer; however, she too understood that there is something hidden in her query. She silently walked towards the toilet to freshen up and went to the kitchen to fetch her cup of coffee. Deepa asked, "amma, appa innaikku office pogalaiya? Ravi melayo en melayo romba kovam + adhirchi irukkumnu enakku theriyum. Adhanaley innaikku office-kku mattam adichhittu konjam indha vishayatthai 'clear'a discuss pannanum. Innaikkey idhukku oru mudivum sollidanum, aama yenna, enakku idhile suspense thaangaley. Unakku ennamma thonudhu? Neeyum appavum samadhipeengalley? Enakku theriyum, nichayam samadhippeenga. Yenna, adhule oru periya vishayam adangiyirukku… naan ninaikkiradhu sarithane sollumma?"

"Deepa, enn ippadi avasarappadurey? Ippo naanga sarinnu sollittal, naalaikkey kalyanam pannikkira maadhiri parakkirey! Innum naanga theermanama oru muduvikkum varalley. Appa unmayileye romba adhirchhi adainju poyittarudi. Nicchayama naano appavo idhai edhirpaarkkaveyillai. Adhuvum engalay maadhiriye…" and stopped abruptly, realising that she was about to spill the beans.

Deepa immediately asked "'ungalai maadhiriye'nna ennamma enakku puriyaley. Enna adhu ungalai maadhiriye?"

Ratna "Adhu vandhu… vandhu… engalai maadhiriye neenga rendu perum love pandreengaleynnu solla vandhen. Yenna naanum appavum love pannithaan kalyanam pannindom. Adhaan…"

"Appa enna kaadhalukku edhiriya? Kadhalikkiradhu oru periya kutthama? Adhuvum neengalum kaadhal kalyanam pannindu nallathaaney irukkeenga. Ungalukku oru sattam engalukku oru sattama? Neenga senja thappilley… aana engalukku 'andha' thappai seiya thadaiya?" (Again, this time, she stressed the word 'andha' deliberately).

"Illedi, adhukku sollaley. Unga vayasu enna, innum padippu mudiyaley… ozhunga unga rendu perula oruttharukku kooda velaikku pora alavukku padikkaley. Kudumbam nadathhara pakkuvam innum varaley. Adhuddhaan mukkiyam. Adhoda, neenga rendu perum 'akka' 'thambi', adhuvum otti pirandha rettai pasangadi. Appadi irukkumbodhu, idhai eppadi engalala etthukka mudiyum. Orey kuzhappama irukku."

"Ethuppeengalo, enna pannuveengalo enakku theriyadhu. Naan pesa vendiyathellam nethhe pessitten. Ini neengathan decide pannanum. 'Positive'a irundha namma yellarukkumey nalladhu. Illenna, ungallukkum avamaanamdhan minjum. Nangalum ungalai edhuthikkittu kalyanam pannikkuvom. Nalla irukkadhu illey! Adhanala, chamathha 'sari'nnu solliduveenga illema?"

"Saridi, Deepa, ippo unmaiya solludi. Nijamave nee Raviyoda endha alavukku pazhagiyirukkey… adhavadhu, unga 'kadhal' verum manasalavuleya illenna… adhukkum mela poyi…" she could not complete, felling somewhat embarrassed.

"Yennamma, naanthaan appavey sollittenne… nijamavey naan Raviyoda konjam enna… adhigamavey nerungi pazhagitten. Enn udambula etthanai macchham irukku, engenge irukku, enna size'la irukkunnu avanukku nannavey theriyum; avvalavu yenn, 'anga' irukkira mayirai kooda Ravidhaan oru thadavai 'shave' panni vittaan. Podhuma ille unakku vera eppadi solluradhu? Naan avanodadhai… solla konjam vetkama irukkumma… neeye purinjikko."

Ratna closed her eyes and sighed, releasing a heavy breath. She reclined on the sofa, mumbling something… 'ammava pola ponnu…' which Deepa gathered well in time.

"Yennamma sollarey? 'ammava pola ponna'? appadinna, neeyum appavum kalyanathukku munnaleya engalai maadhiri nerungi pazhagiteengala? Adhanaladhaan unga kalyanam nadandhadha? Veetile oththukittaangala? Ille 'Oodi poyi' kalyanam pannitteengala? Ippo enga thaatha paati irundha evvalavu nalla irukkum? Avanga engallukku support pannuvanga thane? Enna, avangalum konjam pazhaya panjaangama 'aiyaiyo, akka thanmbikulla kaadhala? Cheechee asingam… kali mutthi poyidutthu'nnu polambuvaanga. Illey engalai veetai vitte thorathiduvaanga. Vetti kolaiyey pannina kooda aachariya padaruthukkilley!" Saying this, Deepa let out a loud laughter.

At that moment, Mani came out of their room and yelled at Deepa "Kaalangaathaley unakku vera topic kidaikkaliya? Idhai patthi naandhaan decide panni sollarennu sonnene, adhukkulla ammakitte enna 'argue' pannidu irukkey? Cheche, enna ponno enna pillaiyo, ellam naanga senja paavam."

Deepa, "adhu neenga pannina paavama ille punnyamangradhu enakku avasiyamilley. Enna mudivungradhudhan enakkum avanukkum, oh, sorry, kalyanam pannikkaporavan illaya, avarukkum avasiyam. Seekirama unga mudivai sollunga… naan poyi 'avarai' ezhuppanum." And left the room and moved towards Ravi's bedroom.

Both Mani and Ratna were stunned to hear their daughter's declaration. Mani said, "Ratna, office-kku phone panni naan innaikku vara maattennu sollidu. Neeyum seekirama breakfast panni mudichudu. Innaikkey idhukku oru mudivu sollidaren. Appodhaan indha pisasu ippadi pesaradhai thadukka mudiyum. Chellam koduthu kuttichuvarayitta unnoda ponnu. Payyano thholukku minji valandhu seiyya koodadhadhayellam seyyaran. Thalaividhi!" saying so, he slammed the toilet door and latched it from inside.

"Neenga enna mudivu senjaalum, engalukku saadhagama irukkumnudhaan naan ninaikkiren." Deepa replied and went to the kitchen to assist her mother in her daily chores. By the time hearing the commotion, Ravi too came out of his room to see what's going on. He found no one in the hall. He went to the kitchen. Ratna saw him and ignored him when he greeted her with a "good morning, ma!" He sensed tension hanging in the air. Deepa looked at him and winked; she asked him, Ravi, netthu raathiri nalla thoonginiya? Ille ennaiye ninacchittu irundhaiya? Naan nalla thonnginenda. Ammavum appavum kooda nalla thoonginaangannudhaan ninaikkiren. Nammalai patthi kavalaipattalum, adhukkaga avanga… avanga…" and she did not complete. Ratna turned and looked at Deepa questioningly and after seeing her, Deepa completed "avanga thoongama irukka mudiyuma? Ille saapidamathaan irukka mudiyuma? Edhu nadakkanumo adhu nadakkathaaney seiyum aana adhu nallapadiya, ellarum santhosapadumbadiyaa irundha nalladhu. Illaiya? Sarida Ravi, oh, I am sorry Ravi, inimey unnai 'vaada podaa'nnu mariyadhaiyillame koopida koodathu illey? Yennanga Ravi, brush panniyacha? Coffee kudikireengala?"

Ravi smiled and replied, "Innum illedi Deepa. Naan brush pannittu varren. Adhukkulle coffee ready pannudi. Kalyanam aagattum, nee appadi koopidalam. Ippodhaikku eppavum polave nee ennai 'vaada podaa'nney koopidudi. Naanthaan eppovum unnai 'vaadi podi'nnudhaan koopidaren. Sariyadi, chellam?"

"Sarida, seekirama vaa… coffee aaridapogudhu. Edhuvum sooda irukkaracheye saapidanum. Yennamma, sariya naan sollradhu? Aaripoyittal andha rusi kettudum. Sari, sari poo."

"Deepa, Ravi, neenga rendu perum adhigama vaayaada aarambichutteenga. Overaavey chellam kodutthu kettupoyi irukkeenga. Enna seiyaradhu. Enga thalaividhi appadi. Saridi Deepa, appavukkum Ravikkum serndhey coffee kalandhudu. Naan poyi kulicchuttu vandhurren. Appurama nee kulikka po. Solla marandhutten, appovoda office-kku phone panni avar innaikku office varamaatarnnu sollidariya?" and without waiting for her reply, Ratna moved out of the kitchen to her wardrobe to gather her clothes.

Deepa watched her select a saree, petticoat, bra and a towel and moved towards the bathroom. She went near her and asked her, "Amma, nee veetile irukkumbodhu panties poda maatiya? Panties edukkaliye? Adhudhaan ketten."

"Chee podee, amma kitte enna ketkaradhunnu vivasthaiyillai?"

"Idhule enna thappumma? Adhoda appavum veetile irukka poraar. Oruvelai appa solliyirukkalamonnu ketten."

"Appa enna 'solliyirukallamonnu' izhukkarey?"

"Illey, appa veetile irundha unnai panties podakkoodathunnu solliirupparonnu ketten. Yenna, Ravi enkitte appadithaan solli vacchirukkaan."

Ratna blushed and did not answer but shot a furious look at her daughter and said, "Idhu unakkey konjam overaa padalai idhu maadhiri ellam en kitte sollaradhukku? Podi, velaiya paaru. Naan kulikka porren."

"Sari po, badhil sollaama porriye, appave enakku purinji pocchu… payyanai polavey appaavum… illey illey appaavai polave payyan…" and giggled and went again to the kitchen to make coffer for Ravi and Mani.

Mani was all listening to this conversation and silently cursed his daughter for her talkativeness. He sat on the dining table and started reading the newspaper while waiting for his cup of coffee. Ravi too joined him soon. Deepa brought three cups of coffee, and she too joined them in the dining table. Both the father and the son sat silently facing each other sipping hot coffee. Ravi was intently starting at his dad hoping that he would talk something to him. But Mani totally ignored him and after finishing the coffee, he lighted a cigarette and walked to the balcony. Ravi went to him room and switched on the TV and started watching the morning news.

Around 9.00, they all assembled again at the dining table for their breakfast. Ravi was the first to ask: "Amma, neenga rendu perum enga vishayatthaipatthi discuss pannitteengannu theriyum. Aana yenna decided pannineengannu ippo naanga therinjikka aasaipadurom. Adhu edhuva irundhaalum please sollidunga. Ennala suspense thaangamudiyala. Deepa unakku edhaavadhu theriyuma? Appa neengalaavadhu pesunga?"

Mani cleared his throat and started talking. "Deepa, Ravi, nalla kettukkonga. Unga rendu peroda kaadhalala namma kudumbaththula evvalavu kuzhappam varumnu theriyuma? Nalla velai namakku relatives yaarum illai. Aana, namma 'family friends' nammalai patthi enna ninaippanga? Madhippum mariyadhaiyuma naama irukkom. Aana indha vishayathukku appuram enna aagumnu yosicheengal? Neenga unga mudiva matthikkonga. Neenga senja thappai naanum ammavum mannichhuttom. Aana, idhukku appurama ozhunga irukka paarunga. Konja naal kazhicchu, Deepavukku vera idathiley kalyanam pannidalam, nee unakku pidichcha maadhiri ponnu adhu yaara irundhalum naanga thadai solla maattom. Deepa, neeyumthaan, vera yaaravadhu unakku pidicchirundha sollu, nallapadiya kalyanam nadathidarom. Enakku idhukku mela very yosanai thonaley. Ammavum idhey mudivuleythaan irukka nalla yosichhu badhil sollunga."

"Appa, enna dhideernu ippadi oru gundai thooki podureenga?" Ravi asked.

"Neenga rendu perum yenga thalaiyila potta gundaividavaa idhu perisu? Adhaiye naanga thaangikkalai?" Ratna countered.

Deepa and Ravi stared at each other. They started to talk in unison… and Ravi let Deepa speak on his behalf too.

"Appa, neenga sollaradhai ennala ninaicchu paakavey romba aruvaruppa irukku. Naanum Raviyum endha alavukku pazhagi irukkomnu ungakitte sollitten. Adhai Ammakitte innumkooda detaila kaathaley sonnen. Adhukku appuramavum neenga ennai vera orutharai kalyanam pannikka sollradhu nallavey illai. Adhanaala, naan vera yaaraiyum kalyanam pannikka maatten. Ravikku eppaidyo theriyaadhu. Naan indha mudivila nicchayama urudhiya iruppen. Enakkum Ravikkum kalyanam nadantha sari, ille, naan pesaama naan padiccha convent'la irukkira Mother'tta solli naanum 'nun'aagiradhukkana erppadu senjuduven. Ennai patthina kavalaiyai vittutu, neenga rendu perum Ravikku vera yaaraiyavadhu kalyanam panni vacchudunga. Ravi, nee enna sollarey?"

"Excellent Deepa, naan enna solla vandheno, adhaiyethaan neeyum sollittey. Nee illamey naana? Neeyavadhu 'nun' ayiduve aana naan, nichayama 'none' aayiduven. Puriyale? Setthu poyiduven. Adhu nicchayam."

Ratna was too scared to digest what Ravi said. Mani retorted, "Sariyana kozhai… vaazha thuppilladhavanthaan ippadi pesi mirattuvan. Unnoda mirattulukkellam naanga maziya mattom Ravi. Adhudhaan unnoda mudivunna, adhai patthi engallukku kavalai ille."

"Appa, eppo ennoda uyirey ponalum neenga sammadhikka maatennu solliteengalo, appuram ungala nambi endha oru prayojanamum illai. Koodiya seekiram naan oru velaya thedikkittu Deepavai kalyanam senju unga kann munnadiye naanga nalla vaazhdu kattathaan porren. Unga friends, matthavanga enna solluvaangannu enakku kavalai illai. Deepa nichayama ennoda indha mudivukku support pannuvaannu ninaikkiren. Sollu Deepa, naan sollradhu thappa?"

"No darling, Ravi, nee sariyathaan sollirukka. Naanum velaikku try pannren. Koodiya seekiram namma kudumbam nadattharadhai ivanga paarkathaan poranga. Amaidhiya ippo saapidu… Amma, enakku innum oru thosais podu. Thottukka sambarum chutneyum vidu. Appa ungallukku thosais?"

After the breakfast, they returned to their rooms. Ravi made a few phone calls to his friends, and he asked a few of friends to meet him at the park in the evening. Deepa watched TV for some time.

Mani and Ratna were confused… they had no option but to yield to their demand; Ratna said, "Neenga raathiri enna sonneenga ippo enna senjeenga? Otthukkara maadhiri pesittu, 'konja naal kazhicchu kalyanathai pannikalam adhuvarai kaathirunga'nnu sollveengannu ninaichaal, ippadi kavuthutteengaley?"

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