Meenu Ki Chodai

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Meenu Ki Chodai

Post by jay » 04 Jan 2017 21:12

Meenu Ki Chudai

This the first story by me. Let me have my breif introduction to
you. I am a senior officer in a government organization in Nepal.
At present I am posted near a very beautiful city "Pokhra". I live
here with my wife and kids. I am 38 and my wife is 33 years. We
have three kids. I am from a muslim family. My cock is 8 inch
when fully erect and is circumsised. I am able to satisfy any
women and can fuck for about one hour continuously. My wife get
3 to 4 orgasm in my one attempt. My wife is sexually conservative
but I am broad minded as far as sex is concerned. I have sex
with several women in my life before as well as after marriage. I
promise to share my each sexual experiences one by one latter.
In this story I am narrating my experience with my neighbour
Meenu who is a very close friend of my wife.

I call her Meenu bhabhi. I make lingerie with her even in
presence of my wife. I always fantasise having sex with her. My
fantasy goes like fucking her cunt and some times group sex
with my Meenu bhabhi with my wife.

I got the opportunity to realize my fantasy with Meenu bhabhi last
month when I was in a tour. My wife was out of station for few
days. I got message from my head office that I should go
immediately to Kathmandu for an urgent official work. So, as my
wife was absent I went to her house to request her to take care
of my kids until I or my wife returns. On my request she replied
that her husband is at Kathmandu and is very sick. So if I do not
mind she wants to go to Kathmandu with me to meet her
husband. I agreed her request and booked two sheets in a
luxury deluxe night coach. The bus departed at 9.00 pm. After two
hours of the journey all lights in the bus was turned off and
almost all passengers were either silent or asleep. She was
sitting on my side seat and our body was touching to each
others body and I was feeling a great sexual sensation in my
body. Soon she became sleepy. Her head was rested on my
shoulder and her boobs were touching on my elbows. A great
sensation ran to me and my cock become hard. I started
pressing my elbows on her boob. She was sleeping which
...encouraged me to have some fun with her. I made crosses of
my hands and touched one of her breast with my hand. She was
still sleeping, which further ...encouraged me and I started slightly
pressing her breast with my hand, but she was still sleeping. I
started squeezing her boobs.

Encouraged by her silence I got harder inside my pant and finally
I inserted my one hand inside her blouse and squeezed her tit
very hard. She opened her eye and said "itne jor se mat dabaiye
bahut dukhta hai".

Immediately I kissed her lips and rubbed her vagina. She placed
her hand in between my thighs on my cock and started pressing

I uplifted her sari and immediately started fingering her clit but
she immediately covered her pussy and said " aise nahi koi
dekh lega".

Then she took out a bedsheet from her bag and covered her
body with it. Then I inserted my hand again in her blouse and
started massaging her breasts. She said in my year, "blouse ka
hook khol kar thik se malo, jyada maja ayega"

Then I opened the hooks of her blouse and started massaging
her nipples. She put her hand on my pant and unzipped my fly
and took out my cock. She bent on my thigh and took my erect
cock in her mouth. She sucked my lund for about half an hour
and I came in her mouth. We made fun for the whole night. At
around 4 am our bus reached its destination.

I asked her, "Meenu Bhabhi kisi lodge me chalte hain, thoda
aram karne ke bad apne husband ke pas chali jana".

She easily agreed to my request. We booked a room in a hotel.
She entered the toilet and shut down the door but immediately I
pushed the door and entered in the toilet. She asked," Kya hai
mujhe pesab karna hai bahar jao".

"Nahi darling tum muto mai tumhe mutte hue dekna chahta

She uplifted her sari and started peeing in front of me. What a
clear view of her pussy was ! I catched her and took to the bed
and pulled out her sari, removed her blouse, petticoat and finally
her bra. She was not wearing panty so now she was completely
nude in front of me. I started pressing her boobs and vagina.
"Pahle apnna kapda to utar do", she said.

I removed all my cloths. I bend on her in 69 position placing my
mouth on her pussy and my cock near her mouth. I parted her
labia apart with my fingers and inserted my tongue in her pink
hole. She was licking and sucking my cock. Both of us become
very much exited.

She asked me to put my cock in her cunt and fuck harder. I
immediately obeyed her and sat down between her thighs and
put my cock onto the pink hole of her pussy and pressed it
harder in side her hole. "ek baig itne jor se peloge to mera bur
phat jayega, jara pyar se dhire dhire chodo, mai koi bhag thode
hi rahi hun".

Meenu darling mai tumhe chodne ka sapna bahut dino se dekh
raha tha lekin darta tha ki kahin tum naraj na ho jao.

Nahi aisi bat nahi hai mai to khud tum se chodwane ko bahut
byakul rahti hun. Tumhari biwi ne bataya tha ki tum lagatar
ghanto tak bur me land dal kar hilate rahte ho. Tumhare ek bar
jharne tak wo char panch bar jhar jati hai. Mera pati to chodai ke
mamle me bimar hai, bur me lauda dala nahi ki jhar gaya. Mai to
tadapti rah jati hun. Tumhari biwi badi bhagyasali hai ke use tum
jaisa coddakad pati mila. Aaj mere bur ka pyas puri tarah mita

Ghabrao nahi aaj to mai tumhare bur ka o hal banaunga ki tum
jindagi bhar mujhe yad rakogi.

Hai . baten mat banao.. ab jara jor jor se mere bur ko chodo. Hai
huko apna land pure jor se.

I increased the speed of my cock in her cunt. It was moving in
her cunt like a piston moves in the cylinder.

Han.. aur .. jor dhakke maro. Mai ja
ra.a..a.a..a.hi..i..i..i..i hun..n..n..n. hai mere raja aj mere bur
garmi utar do. Mai bahut dino se pyasi hun.

I was fucking her as faster as I can, but steal she was begging
more and more.

Han.. n aur jore se chodo. Mera bur phad dalo. Chodo aur
chodo, chodte raho, hai hunko na, aur kas ke pelo apna land,
Han..n ..n pre land dal kar chodo. Hai mai

And she stoped moving her hip.

I was still fucking her. I lifted her legs up and placed them on my
shoulders and inserted my big cock in her cunt but it slipped out
as it was very slippery. I placed it on the opening of her ass hole
and pressed it immediately inside her ass. She cried very loudly
as my cock entered into her tight ass. Hai gand me mat hunko
bahut dukh raha hai.

Hai menu please ek bar ji bhar ke apna gand mar lene do. Mai
ne bahut kosis kiya lekin meri biwi mujhe apna gand nahi marne

Mujhe malum hai.

Kaya tum log aisi baten karti ho.

Han hum log aur bhi bahut kuch karte hai.

Acha pahle gand marne do phir baten karna.

And I increased the speed of fucking her ass. I fucked her as for
about fifteen minutes and came inside her ass.

Tum ko kaise malum ki mai apne biwi ka gand marna chahta
hun aur who mujhe apna gand nahi marne deti.

Ek din tum kahi bahar gaye the, mera pati bhi nahi tha. Mujhe
akele sone me dar lag raha tha is liye us ke kah kar mai sone ke
liye tumhare ghar agayee. Rat me uske hantho ka dabaw apne
chuchi par pakar mera nind khul gaya.

Are ye kya kar rahi ho?

Kuch nahi mai sonch rahi hu ki mera pati tumhe chodne ka
khwab kyo dekhta hai. Jab bhi wo mujhe chodta hai to aksar
tumhari baten karta rahata hai.

To kya dekha?

Abhi to sirf chunchi chuwa hai. Ab tumhara bur dekungee. Aur
usne mera petticoat kholna suru kar diya. Sari to mai pahle hi
khol kar soyee thee, aur pantie bhi nahi pahni thi. Phir usne
mera blouse aur bra bhi khol diya. Ab usne mere chunchiyo ko
bari bari se chusne aur masalne lagi. Mera ek chunchi us ke
muh men tha aur ek chunchi ko apne ek hanth se maslte ja rahi
thi. Ab dhire dhire uska hanth mere pet aur pendu ke raste se
phisalte huwe mere bur ke taraf badh rahe the. Thodi hi der men
us ka hanth mere bur ko masalne lahe. Mera bur jor jor se
kujlane laga. Mai apne bur ko jor jor se uske hantho par rgadne
lagi. Mai ne apna ek hath uske chunchi par rakh kar uske
chunchi ko masalna suru kiya aur dusre hanth ko petikot ke
upper se hi uske bur par rakh kar dabane lagee.

Us ne kaha "Are kapde ke upar se kya maja ayega jalim
masalna hai to kapde kol kar masalo".

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Re: Meenu Ki Chodai

Post by jay » 04 Jan 2017 21:14

Aur mai jaldi jaldi uska blose, bra aur paticot khol dala. Ab ham
dono bilkul nange ek dusre ke chunchiyo aur bur se kel rahe the.
Wo apne ungliyo se mera bur khod rahi thi aur mai apne
ungliyon se uska bur khod rahi thi.

Thodi der bad wo mujhe chit sulakar mere jangho ke bich baith
gayee aur jhuk kar mere bur ko apne jibh se chatne lagi. Mujhe
bada maja aa raha tha. Aaj se pahle kisi ne mera bur nahi chata
tha. Phir usne mujhe apna bur chatne ko kaha. Mujhe achaa to
nahi laga lekin uske jibh ne mere bur ko jo anand diya tha uske
badle mai uska bur chatne lagee.

Dono kaphi der tak 69 position me ek dusre ke bur chat te rahe.
Phir usne do lambe baigan lakar ek mere hanth me thahatee
huyee ek baigan ko mere bur me pelne lagee. Baigan itna mota
tha ki bur me uske ghusne ka kalpna mai nahi kar sakti thi.
Lekin mera bur uske jibh ke chatne se itna uttejit ho gayee thi ke
badi asani se wo mere bur me chala gaya. Apne hanth ke
baigan ko mai uske bur me ghusedne lagi. Phir ham dono kaphi
der tak ek dusre ke bur ko baigan se chdte rahe.

Karib ek ganta ke chodai ke bad ham alag hue aur ek dure ke
nangee banho men samakar so gaye.

Sone se pahle usne tumhare land aur codai ke tarike bade
chatkare ke sath sunai thi. Usi din se mai tum se codwane ke
liye pagal rahne lagi thi. Waise to usne mauka nikalkar tum se
mera bur cudwa dene ka wada kiya tha. Lekin jab bhi mai kahti
thi to bat tal jati thi. Aaj jakar tumse chodwaqnne ka mauka mila.

Kaisa laga to mera chodai.

Bhahut acha. Kya ek bar phir chodoge.

Kyon nahi, and I again fucked her.
You might have read my first story Meenu ki Chodai in this site.
Today I am continuing the fucking session with my neighbor
Meenu and the secrecy which she told about the enjoyment she
had with my wife

After the fucking session you read in the previous episode I
slept. When I got up Meenu was busy in her make-up after
bathing. She was wearing a red silk sari and matching
transparent blouse. The strips of her bra were clearly visible
from her blouse from the back side. As she was in front of the
mirror her back was towards me and I was able to she her
beautiful face only in the large mirror. Her make-up was almost
finished, she was giving final touch to her make-up by sticking a
lovely bindi on her fore head.

She was looking very much beautiful in the dress and the lovely
make-up she had on her face. I got up from the bed and caught
her from the back and kissed her chicks.

Darling, aj tum is lal sari me bahut sundar dikh rahi ho.


Han tumhare gore mukde par ye lal bindi, rasile honthon pe
gulabi lipstick, mang me sindur, upar se ye bade gale ki low cut
blouse me se jhankti hui chunchiyan, sari aur blouse ke bich ki
nangee pet aur kamar, tatha gudaj pendu ke upar gol dhondhi,
sab milakar tumhari jawani to kyamat gira rahi.

Itni tariff mat karo, chalo mere pati se mil kar ate hain.

Are ye kya kar rahi ho, raste me tumhari ye jawani dekh kar man
chale chokre utha lejayenge aur chod chod kar tumhare bur ka
bharta bana denge. Tum agar apne pati ke pas chli gayee to phir
mera kya hoga. Mere land ka pyas to abhi sant nahi huwa.

Do ghante tak to mera bur aur gand chod chuke phir bhi tumhare
land ka pyas nahi bujha.

Are nahi Meenu darling tumhara bur hin aisa hai ki ise jitna
chodo aur chodne ka man karta hai. Tum kal apne pati se mil
lena aaj to din bhar mai tumhare chunchiyon ko masalte hue
tumhara bur aur gand chodta rahunga.

Acha agar ab bhi tum me jan baki hai to aa jao maidan me, dekh
kya rahe ho.

And I cought her and pulled to the bed and started fondling her
boobs from her blouse. I placed my lips on her lips and rubbed
them very hard. She slightly opened her mouth and I inserted my
tongue in her mouth. She started sucking my tongue as it is my

I uplifted her sari and placed my finger on the opening of her
pussy. I rubbed her clit for some time and inserted my one finger
in her cunt. I started moving my finger in and out of her cunt. After
few minutes I inserted two then three fingers in her cunt.

She bent on my thigh and took my cock in her hand. The cum
from her cunt and my semen from the previous fucking were
dried on my cock. She took my cock in her mouth started sucking
it. I bent on her and placed my tongue on her clit and started
sucking and licking it. We sucked and licked each other for about
fifteen minutes. Then I inserted my hard cock in her cunt and
vigorously started fucking her cunt. Slowly I increased the speed
of my cock moving it rapidly in and out of her cunt. She was
moving her hip up in reply of every movement of my cock in her
cunt enabling it in deep penetration.

She was moaning in excitement. Ooooohhh aaaaaaaaaahhh..
Unnnnnn Are sale aur jor se chodo. Hannnn .nnn.nn..n aur
kaaaaas keeeeee meeeereee raaaajjjaaaa aur kaaass keee
chooodoooo hannnn aur hannnnn.

Sambhalo meri jan mai tumhare bur me pure jor se thel raha
hun apna land. Meeeereee puuureeee laaaannnnddd kooooo
aaaaapppne buuuur meeeennn leeelllllooo.

Huuuuunnkoooo auuuur jooor seeee hunnnnnko

Both of us were moaning in great excitement. Our body were
moving very fast. My cock was going in and out very rapidly in her

Meeenuuu daaaaarliiiinnnnggg mai jaaa raaahaaa huuunnnn
s..s..s..a..aaam..hhhh..aaaaa lllll..oooo.

Mmmmaaaaiiiii bhhhhhiiiiii jjjjjjaaaaa rrrraaaahhhhiiiii hunnnnnn
maaaarooooo daaahhhhaaakaaa mmeeeerreee rrrraaaaja.

I was fucking her so hard that I didn't have fucked so hard my
wife in my life.

My cock was moving very fast in her cunt.

And finaaly both of us cum at the same time. Her cunt was filled
with my cum. I rested my cock in her cunt for a long time. My cum
and her pussy juice were dripping out of her cunt and was
spreading on her thigh.

She pushed me off her body and took my cock in her mouth and
licked it to dry, then she spread her legs and asked me to lick
her cunt. I licked her cunt and kissed her lips.

Maja aya bhabhi

Bahut, jitna tumhari biwi batati hai us se bhi jyada.

Kuch aisa jogad lagawo ki mai tumhe apne biwi ke samne chod
sakun. Mai tum dono ko ek sath chodna chahta hun. Agar tum
jogad laga sako to tumhe tumhare pati ke samne chodne ka
mera sapna pura ho jata. Please koi upay karo na taki wo khud
tumhara bur apne ungliyon se faila kar tumhare bur men mera
land dalwa de. Ya phir kisi aur se hin mere samne chodwa lo
taki tumhare bur men ghuste nikalte land ko mai dekh sakun.

Wapas chalo to koi na koi jogad sonchti hun. Mai bhi tumhe
apne samne tere biwi ko chudte hue dekna chahti hun. Sali
bada gand utha utha kar cudwati hai. Bur men guste nikalte land
ko dekhne men mujhe bhi bada maja ata hai.

Are tumne use kab chudwate hue deka hai.

Ek din mai gahr par akeli thi, tabhi mere ghar ka call bell baj
utha. Maine darwaja khola to samne mera ek bhahut purana boy
friend khada tha. Use dekte hi mujhe apna uske sath bitaye hue
din yad ane lage. Mai uske sath bitaye hasin palon me kho kar
rah gayee. Mujhe to hos tab aaya jab usne kaha, "are Meenu kya
mujhe andar aane ko nahi kahogi"

Are aajao na

Aur wo andar aagaya, mai use sidhe apne bed room me

Tum to pahle se bhi jyada khubsurat ho gayee ho.

Majak karte ho

Are nahi tumhari jawani to aur khil gayee hai. Lagta hai tumhara
pati tumhara bahut kyal rakta hai.

Tum fresh ho jao mai kuch khane ko lati hun.

Mai raste me kha kar aya hun, kuch kilana hi hai to ek bar apna
husn kila do na, mai bahut dino se tumhare liye tadap raha hun.

Aur usne mujhe apne bahon me jakad liya.

Are sabra karo jab tum aa hi gaye ho to ji bhar ke kar lena, abhi
koi aa gya to lene ke dene pad jayenge.

Jo bhi ho ab to mujh se bardast nahi ho raha hai, please ek bar
kar lene do, please.

Aur phir usne mere chunchiyo ko masalna suru kar diya. O mere
galon aur honthon ko bhi chumta ja raha tha. Usne dhire dhire
mere kapde kholna suru kar diya. Kuch hi der men mai uske
samne bikul nangee khadi thi. O mere chunchiyo ko aur mere
bur ko nihare ja raha tha. Phir usne mujhe apne banho me bhar
kar mere chunchiyon ko masalne laga. Mai uske kapdon ko ek
ek kar ke kholne lagi.

Jab ham dono bilkul nange hogaye to wo mujhe bistar par
khinch laya. Wo mere bur ko tatolne laga. Mai uske khade land
ko sahlane lagee.

Wo bahut jyada uttejit ho chukka tha, is liye bina waqt ganwae hi
mujhe leta kar mere bur me apna khada land dal kar chodne
laga. Bahut dino bad uska mota land mila tha is liye mai bhi
bade masti me us se cudwa rahi thi. Ham dono itne masti me
the ki ab hame kisi bat ka hos nahi tha. Uska land mere bur me
dana dan andar bahar ho raha tha. Mai apna chutad utha utha
kar us se cudwa hi rahi thi ke ek baig tumhari biwi mere bed
room me aa gayee. Bed room ka darwaja band karna ham bhul
gaye the.

Wo ghabra kar mujh se alag huwa aur apne nange badan ko
chupane laga.

Tumhari biwi mere chunchiyo par ghusa marti huee boli, "are
randi ye kya kar rahi ho, kaun hai ye jis se tum aise din dahade
cudwa rahi thi, aane do apne pati ko aaj mai tumhara durgat
banwati hun"

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Re: Meenu Ki Chodai

Post by jay » 04 Jan 2017 21:15

Please aisa mat karna tum jo kahogi mai manane ko taiyar hun, lekin mere pati ko ye sab mat batana Thik hai nahi bataungi, lekin is ke liye ek sart hai.
Mujhe manjur hai, apna sart batao. Sart ye hai ki tum mere aankho ke samne is se cudwawo, mai tumhare cudai ka khel dekna chahti hun.
Bas itni si bat ye to mai kar hi rahi thi.

Ab mere samne karo.

Aao mere raja mera bur iske samne chod kar deka do, ye Sali
bahut harami hai. Aksar blue film dekha karti hai, aur kayee bar
jiti jagti blue film dekhne ko kaha karti thi. Aaj ise ji bhar ke

Mera bat khatm hote hi usne phir se mujhe pakd kar bistar par
lita diya aur mere jangho ko paila kar mere bur me apna mota
land dal kar dana dan chodne laga. Tumhari biwi mere bagal
me baith kar mere cunchion ko masalne lagi. Wo jhuk jhuk kar
mere bur me uske land ko ghuste nikalte dekh rahi thi. Mere bur
me apne land se dhakka marte marte mere chodu yar ne
tumhare biwi ki ek chunchi ko pakad kar masal diya.

Are bhabhi tumhari chunchi to is se bhi jyada mast hai.

Abhi to kapde ke upar se chua hai nangee kar ke dekho aur
chuo to is Sali ka chunchi kabhi yad bhi nahi ayegi. Tum jo iske
pachason mardon se chudwayee huyee bur pe itne diwane
huwe ja rahe ho, jab meri bur dekhoge to ise chodne ke liye
pagal ho jaoge, kahti huyee tumhari biwi apna ek hanth apne
chunchi par aur ek sari ke upar se bur par rakh kar dabate hue
bol padi.

Jara inhen khol kar dikao na.

Mujhe chudwate hue dekh kar tumhari biwi bhi pure masti me aa
chuki thi. Usne phata phat apna sara kapda khol dala aur mere
chodu yar ka mota land mere bur se khinch kar apne bur ke taraf
karne lagi. Usne mere yar ka land itna jor se khincha tha ki wo
dard se chatpatate huwe mujh se alag ho kar tumhare biwi ko
patak kar uske upar chadhte hue ek hi dhakka me apna pura
land uske bur men ghusa diya. Aise jabasdast dhakke ke liye
tumhari biwi taiyar nahi thi atah wo dard ke mare jor se chilla
uthi. Gabda kar usne apna land wapas khinch liya. Is pe tumhari
biwi uski khlli udati bol padi, Are sale chodo na chhod kyon diya.

Phir usne apna land uske bur me pel kar jaldi jaldi dhakke
marne laga. Tumhare biwi ke bur men uska land badi teji ke
sath andar bahar ho raha tha. Apne bur men padte uske har
dhakke ke jwab men tumhari biwi badi teji se apna gand upar ke
taraf uchhal deti. Gand utha utha bkar wo badi masti me cudwa
rahithi. Uske bur me tabad tod uska land andar bahar aa jaa
raha tha. Tumhare biwi ke munh se bada ajib kism ki siskariyan
nikal rahi thi. Apne bur me uske land se dhakke marwati hui wo
mujhe apne upar kinch li aur mere ek chunchi ko apne muh me
lekar chusne lagi tatha apna hanth mere bur par rakh kar apne
ungliyon se mere bur ko khodne lagi. Ye sab dekh kar mera yar
aur masti me aa gaya aur tumhare biwi ke bur me aur jaldi jaldi
apna land andar bahar karne laga. Wo bhi gand uchal uchal kar
cudwati rahi.

Kaphi der ke lagatar chudai ke bad uska land tumhare biwi ke
bur me hin apna pani chodne laga. Is pe aur jyada mast ho kar
tumhari biwi us se aur jor se chipak gayee. Ab uske bur ne bhi
pani chodna suru kar diya. Dono kaphi der tak ek dusre se
hanphte huwe chipke rahe phir alag huwe. Ab tumhare biwi ne
apne bur ke agal bagal aur mere yar ke land ke agal bagal
phaile bur aur land ke mishreet pani ko chatkar saf karne ka
hukm mujhe dene lagi. Maine inkar kiya to phir mere pati se sab
kuch bata dene ka dhamki dene lagai. Jiske karan pahle uske
bur ko phir apne yar ke land ko chat chat kar mai saf karne lagi.
Jab mai apne yar ke land ko chat kar saf kar rahi thi tab tumhari
biwi mere bur ko phaila kar mere bur men apna jibh dal kar chat
rahi thi. Mere bur me chalte hue uske jibh ka asar mere bur par
hone laga. Mera bur jo pahle se hi tumhari biwi ke cudai ko dekh
dekh kar pagal ho chuki thi ab aur taw me agayee. Udhar mere
yar ke land par bhi mere munh ka asar hone laga. Uska land
phir se khada ho gaya.

Usne phir ek bar mere bur me apna land dal kar chodna suru
kiya. Tumhari biwi apna bur uske samne kar ke apne hin ungliyo
se phaila diya jis me usne apna jibh rgadte hue mere bur me
humach humach kar dakke marne laga. Tumhari biwi ab mera
gand sahla rahi thi. Usne mere gand men apna ungli andar
bahar karna suru kiya. Ye dekh kar mere yar ke man me na jane
kya aaya ki usne mere bur se apna land nikal kar mere gand me
pel diya. Ab wo mera gand mar raha tha aur jhuk kar tumhari
biwi mera bur chat rahi thi aur mera yar apne jibh se tumhare
biwi ka bur chat raha tha. Wo itne jor se mere gand me apna
land hunk raha tha ki lagata tha mera gand phat jayega aur mai
behosh ho jaungi. Mai gid gida kar us se apna land nikal lene ko
kahne lagee, jis se use mujh par daya aa gaya aur usne apna
land mere gand se khinch liya. Lekin uska land ab bhi pure taw
men tha is liye usne tumhare biwi ko kas ke pakadte hue uske
gand men apna land pel diya. Aur jor jor se tumhare biwi ka
gand marne laga. Tumhari biwi dard se chatpatati rahi lekin bina
daya kiye wo uska gand chodta raha. Ab uska land tumhare
biwi ke gand men sata sat andar bahar ho raha tha. Tumhari
biwi bhi ab masti men aa chuki thi aur apna chutad hila hila kar
apna gand marwa rahi thi. Karib das pandrah minanat tak
lagatar tumhare biwi ke gand men dhakka marte marte usne
uske gand men hin apna pani chod diya. Phir ham log apna
apna kapda pahan kar baith gaye aur baten karne lage tabhi
mere pati agaye.

Are bhabhi ye sab baten to mujhe aaj tak pata nahi tha.
Haramjadi mere samne sati sabitri bani rahti hai aur akele men
gair mard se apna bur hin nahi gand bhi chudwati hai.
Haramjadi ke gand me jab bhi mai apna land hunkne ka koshis
karta hun to gusse men pagal ho jati hai.

Us ke aur tumhare chudai aur gand marayee ki kahani sun sun
kar mera land phir se taiyar ho chukka hai. Aao ek bar apna
gand mar lene do.

She spread her leggs wide making space for me to thrust my
cock in her ass hole. I pushed my cock in her ass and started
fucking her ass with deep thrust. She was moving her hip to and
fro with every thrust of my cock in her ass.

She promised me to tell me more about the sexual enjoyment
they have together in many occasion. I will write them one by one
in next episodes for your enjoyment. This time I am telling you the
true sexual experience of Meenu
my darling neighbour in her words which she experienced with
my wife before a month. She narrated this experiance in the hotel
room in Kathmandu after our fucking session.

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Re: Meenu Ki Chodai

Post by jay » 04 Jan 2017 21:18

Jaisa ki mai tumhe pahle bhi bata chuki hun. Tumhari biwi meri
bahut achhi saheli hai. Ham dono ke bich kisi tarah ki secrecy
nahi hai. Ham apne apne chudai ki kahaniyan ek dusre se aksar
batate rahte hain. Ek dusre ki kahani sunte sunte kabhi kabhi
ham uttejit ho jaya karti hain aur ek dusre ke badan se chipak
kar ek dure ke guptangon ko sahlane, masalne aur chatne lagte

Ek din aise hi ham ek dusre ke sath mauj kar rahe the. Mai kaphi
der se us ke chut ko apne jibh se sahla aur chat rahi thi. Woh
mere bur men ungliyan pel rahi thi. Lekin hamari uttejna sant
hone ke bajay aur badhte ja raha tha. Hamen kisi jawan mard ke
mote tagde land ka jabardast jaroorat mahshus hone laga tha.
Usne koi tarkeeb nikalne ko kaha. Thodi der ke ray mashwara ke
bad ham Fewa Tal (a touristic place in Pokhra) ke taraf nikal
pade. Sham ka waqt tha. Is samay aksar manchle chokre tal par
ghumne aye ladkiyon aur auraton ko ghurte aur kabhi kabhi un
ke sath chedkhani karne ka dussahas karte paye jate hain.

Ham dono wahan jane se pahle ek dusre ko kaphi achi tarah
saja sawanr di thi. Ham dono sari blouse me the. Ham ne bina
banh ka low-cut blouse pahan rakha tha, jis se hamari puri pet
aur kamr ka hissa nanga to tha hi, low cut blouse ke bade gale
se hamari chunchiyon ka kaphi hissa najar aa raha tha. Blouse
ke kapde itne mehin the ke us men se hamare bra ke silayee ka
ek ek dhaga saf saf najar aa raha tha. Sari bhi ham dono kamar
ke kaphi niche bandh rakhi thi, jis se hamari khubsurat pendu
aur dhondhi saf saf najar aa rahe the. Mai pure yakeen se kah
sakti hun ke hame is pose me dekh kar kisi mard ke land ko
hame chodne ke liye byakul ho jana to sadharan bat thi, ham
jaisi manchali ladkiyaon ka man bhi hamare chunchiyon se
khelne aur hamare chuton ko masale, ragadne aur chumne,
chatne ko pagal ho rahi hongi. Ham jhil ke kinare idhar se udhar
apne kamar ko matkate huwe kisi aise mard ke talas me ghum
rahe the jo hamare chuton ki garmi ko apne land se chod chod
kar sant kar sake. Abhi tak hamen koi aisa mard nahi diklayee
de raha tha. Sam hone ko tha. Ham maayoosh hone lage the ki
aaj koi hame chod kar hamare jawani ke aag ko sant karne wala
nahi milne wala hai. Ham jhil ke kinare ek ekant jagah par ek
dusre se sat kar baith gaye aur ek dure ke bur ko thap thapa kar
santwana de rahe the. Tabhi ek hasin jodi usi taraf aate huwe
dikhayee diye. Wo ham se kuch hi duri pe aa kar baith gaye.
Mard ka umar koi 40-45 sal ke as pas hoga aur us ke sath
aayee ladki ka umar 17-18 ke karib raha hoga. Dekhne me wo
dono bap beti lag rahe the. Ladki dekne me kaphi khubsurat thi.
Wo tight @jeans me kaphi sexy lag rahi thi. Mard sadhran
byaktitwa ka tha. Ham ne un ke upar koi khas dyan nahi diya. Un
ke hamare karib aa kar baith jane se hame kuch achha nahi lag
raha tha kyon ki ab ham ek dusre se na to khul kar chudai ki
baten hi kar sakte the aur na hi ek dure ke bdan ke sath
chedkhani kar ke anand hi utha sakte the. Is liye ham wahan se
jhil ke dusre kinare ke taraf jane ka sallah kar hi rahe the ki ladki
ke khil kila kar hasne ki awaj se ham un ke taraf akarshit ho
gaye. Wo mard jo dekne me us ladki ka bap jaisa lag raha tha,
wo hamare upasthiti ka dyan bhi na dete huwe us ladki ke
chunchiyo ke sath chedkhani kar raha tha. Yeh seen dekh kar
maine tumhare biwi ke chunchi par apne kehuni se dhakka
marte huwe udahar dekhne ka ishara kiya. Wo khud bhi pahle
se hi udhar dekh rahi thi. Un logon ne hamare taraf bilkul dyan
diye bina apne khel me lage rahe. Ab wo mard us ladki ko apne
goad men khich liya tha aur uske shirt ke andar apna hath dal
kar us ladki ki chunchiyon se khel raha tha. Wo ladki us ke goad
men bada ajib dhang se machal machal kar us se apni
chunchiyon ko masalwa rahi thi. Kuch der bad wo ladki uske
goad se utar kar uske bagal men baith gayee aur us mard ke
paint ka zipper kholne lagee. Ab us mard ka land us ke paint ke
bahar us ladki ke hath men jhul raha tha. Us ka land dekh kar
mera dam ghutne laga tha, uske yar ka size lagbhag 11 inch tha.
Ise dekh kar tumhari biwi aah bharte hue mere kano ke pas
apna muh lakar boli, " hai Meenu kitna lamba aur kaisa mota
land hai uska, ek bar hame milta to mai us ke land se apna bur
saf karwa leti, wo ladki to behosh ho jayegi jab wo apna pura
land uske nanhee si bur me dalega, is ke land se bur saf
karwane ke bad to ham ghode se bhi cudwa sakti hain, koi
jugad soncho is ke land se chudwane ka, aisa land maine aaj
tak nahi dekah hai".

Mai jaisa kah rahi hun waisa karte ja, wo khud hame chodne ko
pagal ho jayega.

Aur maine tumhare biwi ka sari ulat kar uske bur pe apna muh
rakh kar uske bur ko apne jibh se chatne lagee. Wo apne
hanthon se apna bur failaye huwe thee.

Hame is pose me dekh kar wo mard uth kar hamare taraf ane
laga aur hamare pas pahunchte hi us ne meri sari ko ulat kar
mere gand men apna ungli ghusa diya. Wo ladki tumhare biwi ki
chunchi pakadkar masalne lagee. Thodi der tak ham charon
aise hi masti lutte rahe phir us mard ne kaha, "agar tum log pura
maja lena chahti ho to hamare sath chalo".

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Re: Meenu Ki Chodai

Post by jay » 04 Jan 2017 21:20

Maine kaha, "tumhare sath to pahle se hi ye hai, ise chodne ke
bad kya tum ham dodno ki pyas bujha sakte ho".

Ajma kar dekho ek bar mujh se chudwane ke bad kisi aur ke
land se tumhari pyas nahi bujhegi. Tum dono ke liye mai akela
kaphi hun parantu agar tum log sambhal saki to mai tum dono
ke pyasi chut ke liye darjanon ladkon ka line lagwa dunga.
Hamare group men har umar ke ladke hain jin ke pas har size
ka land hai. Hamare group men 10 sal se lekar 60 sal tak ke
chudakkad mard hain, unke land ka size 4 inch se lekar 12 inch
lamba tak hai. Tum jis jis ko pasand krogi aur jab tak chahogi
we tumhe chodte rahenge. Hamare ladke choti se choti ladkiyon
ke chut se lekar bhudhi aurton ke phaile hue bhonsda tak ko puri
tarah santust karne ka chhamta rakhten hain.

Acha chalo ek bar ajma kar dekte hai ki tumhare aur tumhare
ladkon ke land men kitni taqut hai.

Aur wo hame ek sun san ilake me ek sun san makan ke andar
le gaya. Wahan pahunch kar usne kisi ko phone karke bola, "do
bada jandar bhabhiyan ayee hui hain, ye kaphi pyasi bhi lagti
hain in ke chut ka pyas bujhane ke liye apne group ke sath aa

Phone karne bad wo hame ek bed room ke andar le gaya. Bed
room men pahunchte hi us ke sath wali ladki mujhe apne
banhon men bhar kar mere chunchiyon ko masalne lagi. Jawab
men maine bhi us ke chuchiyo ko pakad kar jor se masal diya.
Usne mere kapdon ko kholna suru kiya. Pahle usne mera sari,
uske bad blouse tab bra khol kar mere badan se alag kiya. Mere
nagee chuchiyo ko bari bari se apne munh me lakar bachhon ke
tarah chusti huyee apne hanthon men unhe lekar masaltee hui
mere chunchiyon ka tariff karne lagee. Ab uska hanth mere
peticott ke jarban ko khinch rahi thi. Agle hi pal mera peticott
phisalte huwe mere janghon se nichi ke taraf sarak raha tha.
Agle pal mai bilkul nangee khadi thi. Ab wo mujhe palang par
sula kar mere bur par apna jibh ragadne lagee thi. Maine use
apna kapda bhi utar lene ko kaha to wo ek ek kar ke apni paint,
shirt, bra aur pantee utar dala. Us ki chunchiyan bada solid
parantu kaphi chote the. Usne apne chut pe uge balon ko sayad
aaj hi saf ki thi, jis se us ki choti aur chulbuli chut kaphi
khubsurat dikh rahi thi.

Mujhe to tumhare biwi ke sath apna bur chatwane aur us ke bur
ko chat te huwe us men unglee ghusedne ka adat pad chukka
tha. Is ke choti si saf suthri chut ko dekh kar mere munh men
pani bhar aaya. Main use chit lita kar uske upar is tarah se
chadhi ki meri bur us ke munh ke samne aa gaya aur mera
munh us ke chut ke pas tha. Maine us ke chut ko apne ungliyon
se phailaya aur us ke chut ke patle gulabi ched men apna jibh
ghuded kar chatne lagee. Wo bhi apne hantho se meri phuli hui
bur ko jor se chidor kar mere bur men apna jibh gused diya. Mai
apna jibh teji ke sath uske chut me aur wo apna jibh jaldi jaldi
mere bur me chalane lagi. Wo niche se apna chutad utha utha
kar apna chut mere munh par thel rahi thi. Mai uske chut men
jitna sambhaw tha utna andar tak apne jibh thel kar us ke chut
ko jor jor se chat te hue uske munh par apna bur jor jor se
dabane lagee. Wo mere bur men aur mai uske chut men apna
apna jibh ghused ek dusre ka bur chatne men bhide huwe the.

Udhar usi bade palang par wo mard tumhare biwi ko nanga kar
ke, aur khud bhi nanga hokar tumhare biwi ke sath bhida huwa
tha. Tumhari biwi uske land ko apne hanth men lekar apne jibh
se use chat rahi thi aur wo tumhare biwi ke bur men apna
unglee dal kar teji se andar bahar kar raha tha. Tumhari biwi
apna chutad hila hila kar apne bur men uska unglee dalwate
huwe uske 11 inch lambe launde ko apne jibh se chat rahi
thi.Wo kabhi kabhi uske land ke supare ko apne munh men
lakar chusne lagtee thee to kabhi us ke land par apna jibh ragad
rgad ke use chatne lagtee. Us ka unglee lagatar tumhare biwi ke
bur men andar bahar phisal rahe the.

Tumhare biwi ne use apne bur me land dal kar chodne ko kaha.
Wo tumhare biwi ko chit sulakar uske janghon ke bich baith
gaya. Tumhare biwi ne apne janghon ko mod kar phailate huwe
apne janghon ke bich uke liye jagah bana liya tha. Wo tumhare
biwi ke janghon ke bich baith kar apna sar uke bur par jhukate
huwe apne dono hanthon se us ke bur ko chidor kar us men
apna jibh ragadne laga. Wo tumhare biwi ka bur chat raha tha
aur tumahari biwi apna chudad uchal uchal kar us se apna bur
chatwa rahi thi. Uttejna ke mare tumhare biwi ke munh se
siskariyan nikalne lagi thi. Ab us ki uttejna itni badh gayee thi ki
us ka chutad hawa me utha kar lagatar apna bur uske munh
men thele ja rahi thi.

Tumhari biwi us se boli, "ab bardast nahi ho raha hai jibh nikal
kar ab mere bur men apna land ghused kar chod do, phir chaho
to chodne ke bad mera bur ji bahar ke chat lena".

Achcha sambahalo apna bur ab mai apna fauladi land tere bur
men dal raha hoon.

Apne hanthon se apne bur ko failate huwe tumhare biwi ne
kaha, "dalo mere bhole raja apne faladi land mere pyasi bur

Usne apne land ka phula huwa bada sa supra tumhare biwi ki
phaili huyee bur ke munh par rakh kar ek karara dhakka lagaya.
Us ke bur par usne itne jor ka dhakka mara tha ki ek hi dhakke
men uske mote land ka adha hisssa tumhare biwi ke gram bur
men ghus gaya. Us ke land ka motayee itna jyadah tha ki uttejna
ke mare land nigalne ko byakul tere biwi ke bur men jor ka jalan
hua jis se wo uiii maaaa kahati huyee apna gand aise sikoda ki
uska land uske bur ke bahar aa gaya.

Are gand kyon sikodi abhi abhi to bada ainth rahi thi land
dalwane ke liye, ab kya huwa meri bhabhi jan.

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