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Re: Revelation

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Rudra's heart is cut asunder by her last statement. It's as if only her being 7 years older is the only reason she cannot love her brother. He has been listening to her with rapt attention, although what she has been saying is banal persuasions.

Anita notes the Pain in Rudra's eyes. "Rudra, what do you find interesting in as old a woman as I am," she begs.

Rudra is angry with himself for not finding a suitable response. He looks at her bare arms, her bust, and her calves. Her skin is smooth like a baby's. Her face has a youthful maturity, but she doesn't look like a 26 years old girl. The outsiders can't understand who is younger between the two. This is because Rudra has overgrown his age. His beard, his mustache, his chest-hair all grew very early.

"Look at your skin Anita, look at your calves, you arms. Your skin is soft and smooth like a 13 years old girl's."

"This flatter will give you nothing," she scolds.

Gradually, Anita makes her decision. It's for him, she thinks. I can't let my brother suffer. I'm not afraid of it. I will ask him few more questions. If he is okay with it, I will not hold it any more. I need his love.

"Incest makes people abnormal. You cannot stop it once you start. You have to live with it all your life. You are too young to make such a big decision."

Anita is serious in her discourse. She wants to make him an adult in a moment's dissertation, to, as if, caution him so that he can never blame her when he wants to.

"Everywhere in this world a man is adult when he is 18. They can be a minister, a lawmaker. They can vote. They are hanged if they kill at 18. So why can't I take my decision at 19?"

"Because you are to decide on something forbidden, something which society considers wrong, something which has no escape."

"Anita, what I fear most IS an escape from it, once I get it. Although it completely depends on you. If you are happy with Rajesh, it's okay with me. Even five minutes earlier, I haven't thought I would claim you as my girl. Now it's a possibility. You have brought it forward. Don't back down, Sis."

Rudra imploration touches Anita. She is a very sexy girl. She has never had an opportunity to explore the many possibilities that sex offers with Rajesh, the good Christian, who thinks it is indecent to look at a woman's sex. Rudra is a virile young man. He is so manly. A heat erupts from inside her body. She feels it in her earlobes, in the thin perspiration in the creases of her body, in her armpits.

"What if I'm old. I'm past menopause? Will not you then look for young girls? Will not you slide through the dark doors of brothels? If you are to be my man, you have to sacrifice your life. It'll be mine. I'll not be able to put up with a slight transgression. Don't play this gamble, baby."
Anita cries. Never has she felt such love in her heart? She feels she is not challenging her kid brother, but a man who has proposed her. She runs away, climbs up the stairs, kicks the door, and slumps herself onto her bed. She's whimpering, trying hard to swallow her sobs.

Rahul gets the import of the moment. 'I could make this promise when I was 12,' he thinks. He feels happy. He is not an edgy guy. He can wait for the hurricane to calm. He goes to his room, puts on a jeans and the bush shirt. His sister's pubic hair is in his pocket. He walks along the streets of the small town. Everything is nice. The autumn air, the sound of birds in their nests, the dim lights, passing cars, the trees, the moon is rising. The night is tender. Tonight he has a woman to love.
Tonight he is the happiest creature on God's material earth.

To be continue......
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Re: Revelation

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nice story

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