Story Section Rules - Read this before you Post

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Story Section Rules - Read this before you Post

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Story Section Rules - Read this before you Post

All General forum rules are valid here also.

1.) A story may consist of text

2.) Don't open a separate thread for every subsequent part of the same story.

3.) Don't post links to other site, if you have copied story from some other site, you can give credits to the original author.

4.) Child pornography and other explicit illegal material are strictly not allowed. If we found any member posting links to, or actively discussing child pornography or posting stories thereof will be banned without warning. Do not upload or post links to any files which may be against the law in any manner.

5.) Don't post a story or a message that creates any kind of religious or political controversy.

6.) Don't post or share your personal details here.

7.) Don't post copyright stories here, they will be deleted without any notice. Repeated violators will be get banned.

8.) If you need any help in creating index, feel free to contact Mods and admins. They will guide you.

Rules are pretty much clear. Still if you have doubt, open a thread in support section or PM any moderator.

Important -- Read this First

UA Content/Child Nudes, Religious, Political, Copyrighted Images not allowed.

Do not post Real life Fakes or Other website watermarked Images

Do not post or share Mail IDs / Mobile # / Other website links & Invites

Failing to above said rules will result in Warning, Ban , IP Ban

Rule Breakers Posts, Pics, Threads will be removed without any Warning

1. 1st Rule of story section is SEARCH BEFORE POSTING. Just copy paste the 1st line of the story which u are going to post and see if its already been posted in the forum or not, Please follow this rule always as we don't want to have same stories been posted again and again

2. If you are copy pasting stories from some other sites, Please do not give the same thread title as in the other site, Just give different thread title

3. Do not post too short stories, such story threads will be removed with out any warning, If you want to post short stories make a mega thread with all your short stories in single thread with a index in 1st page

4. Do not make a post which is very short or very long, Keep your posts medium sized, It helps the thread page size reasonable. Too shorter posts will be merged

5. Do not post stories in Parts, Instead Post and update all your story parts in a single mega thread

6. Do not insert other site links in between words in the post, If we find anyone doing it will result in warnings or a ban

7. pdf , txt format stories are allowed and must be posted only as attachments, Further the file format must be mentioned in thread title

8. Please Avoid Quote or Multi Quote option in stories section unless if its absolutely necessary

9. All basic rules of the forum applies to this section as well

10. **,Child,bestiality,political name Stories strictly not allowed

11. Incomplete Stories or Not updated stories for more then 180 days will be Locked/Junked/Pruned from the section, And if you want the threads back contact section moderators

12. Post your stories in correct language sections and give correct and matching thread prefix

13. If you are posting a story in Regional languages please try to give both Regional and English thread title

14. Do not request visitors to send their comments to your PM id, or do not share PM id's,phone numbers or any other personal information

15. Do not use FULL CAPS in thread title or in posts

16. Use Large and Color fonts only for story title, Avoid to use it for full story post as it will look so flashy for Story readers

17. Do not post Screenshot stories in images.

If you come across a single objectionable or violating post, please click the 'Report Bad Post' icon on the individual post and click send with your remarks. This will dispatch a note to moderators alerting them of the post, and they will check into it as soon as possible. If you believe a post deserves immediate removal, take a look at our Forum Leaders page and feel free to contact one of the Staff Members who are currently on-line.

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Re: Story Section Rules - Read this before you Post

Post by shubhs »

भाई हिंदी में भी पोस्ट कर दो ।
सबका साथ सबका विकास।
हिंदी हमारी राष्ट्रभाषा है, और इसका सम्मान हमारा कर्तव्य है।

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Re: Story Section Rules - Read this before you Post

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मस्त जानकारी है भाई मैं भी इसका अब पालन करूँगा 😆

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Meri gulam banne ki kahani

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Re: Story Section Rules - Read this before you Post

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Rishi2020 wrote:
03 Jun 2020 13:41


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